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Does anyone know if DB's and Mali's have the same fit? I am wondering if anyone can provide a internal width measurement for a size 11 Mali, they aren't available locally so I am trying to figure out if they will fit. I am also interested in any online retailers that ship to Aus as the few I have found seem to only have dark brown suede or are out of stock. EDIT: My best fitting shoes read Japan 29 EU 46 US 11 on the label. Checking that against size charts is confusing...
I think most of their range is quite ugly but I really like the SuperClean's. I bought a pair of the brown kangaroo leather high's pictured below. Overall I loved them but they were too narrow for my feet so I returned them I think I paid around $220ish, for that price (if they fit you well) I think they are worth it but their usual $300 list price is a bit too much imo. Quality is good and the materials are great. I do question where they are made as a their website...
Hey guys, I am after some boots/clean casual shoes. Something between these I guess. For the brown ones a lighter brown would be nice and for the black something with a less chunky/grooved heel. Budget at this point is $200 and available locally as I don't really want to purchase online unless I have tried the shoe on to know how it fits. I am located in Brisbane and open to any suggestions including non boots. Just after something clean, simple and preferably unbranded....
Hey guys, my latest purchase. Kangaroo leather outter, calf skin lining, hand made and sewn to a leather welt like dress shoes. From the manufacturing pictures they look to be very good quality but will know soon enough as they should arrive early next week at the latest. Not mainstream available but didn't cost $300+ baller range so I thought I would post them up in this thread.
I actually prefer fused, this does seem to become an issue with cheaper shirts - I guess they use lesser adhesive or something but a couple of my cheaper fused collar shirts (OTR) have lost the fuse and the collar is terrible now, however my good shirts (made to measure) with a fused collar the collar is as crisp and defined as the day I got it. I can't stand a floppy/messy collar on work/dess shirts though unfused are fine with casual gear where a really crisp defined...
Quote: Originally Posted by NFDENIM You can find them Combined - http://www.cmbnd.com/?p=1658 Thanks a lot The store looks pretty good and has some non generic footlocker sneakers to boot. I will have to check it out soon. From what I gathered the washed jeans stretch out around an inch?
Hey guys, does anyone know if anywhere in Brisbane Australia carries Naked and Famous, I'd like to try the weird guy Lightweight Selvedge to see how the fit is.
I normally don't like LV but that messenger bag looks great! Out of my price range for a bag - hope the sale goes well.
Thanks. I am looking to get it all done in the next two days and an order placed for a trial shirt. Will let you know how it goes.
Hey again guys, Well I went and got myself a tailors measuring tape, are there any guides around on ideal fit and how to measure shirts, I am going to base the measurements off two shirts one that fits my shoulders and chest perfect and one that fits my waist great and then see how it turns out and modify from there. Looking to place my order in the next day or two as I want a fair few shirts for summer that actually fit well.
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