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Quite good. It's s super GR. As long as you have a decent connection and fast hands, you'll be OK. Never had issues with getting GRs before manually and will get this for a friend.
Hmm. I'm writing a bot for this sale as we speak. Figure If I can get Nikes within a tenth of a second, I somewhat stand a chance with you hooligans.
Non SF approve Prada trainers. lol.
Hello, This auction is a pre owned cardigan sweater from Cardigan by Lynne Hiriak in size small. You can search for the brand or go to their website at cardigannewyork.com and read their story. Their pieces usually retail for over $250. This piece comes from their earlier collection around 2008-2009 when the tag just say "Cardigan". The cardigan is in a flawless condition and comes from a smoke free home. I am the original owner. Measurements that may be useful: pit to...
Hello, Up for sale are three shirts, two from Epaulet New York, and one from Burkman Bros Shirt 1.....selling for $60. Epaulet x Liberty of London Paisley shirt in size small. I am the original owner and have only worn the shirt a couple of times. It is flawless. It comes from a smoke free home. The shirt is made from Liberty of London fabric in gorgeous paisley print. This one retailed at $175. Measurements that may be helpful: pit to pit: 19 in Sleeve length: 24...
The facial expression is too perfect. That needs to be his business card, preferably with some gaudy No Limit Records style background.
Thanks. Yeah, I sold a lot of the more playful stuff throughout the last few months. It was getting too much trying to dabble in other arenas. That biker jacket is probably the most casual outfit I have now. With the new job, I only have time for outfit pics on the weekends so I try to make the most of it.
It is from Thick as Thieves.Close up: [[SPOILER]] It came out a couple of years ago I believe. The weight is substantial, but it's not stiff like raw denim which is nice.Thanks, dudes!
Denim Walts:
Epaulet trainers again today. I've gone the minimalist route with my sneakers and sold all 30 or so pairs of them, kept two. These are getting worn quite a bit.
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