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I agree.
Those 5lab3s are grotesque.
True to size for my fire red from last year and white/cement from 2011.
I like both Sport Blues. I disliked the 3s at first, but they grew on me. Probably gonna cop both.
Super kind gesture. I'd take you up but I'll let someone who will wear it more often have a chance.Kudos to you, friend!
I don't have a coherent answer but my guess would be sometimes the machine skips or hiccups to cause that while forming the bolt. I don't think it would compromise the structure of the shirt. I have "imperfections" like that too, mostly if not all on linen and heavy cotton products on Epaulet items and other brands as well. I've worn the stuff a bunch of times and no problems after a couple of years.
Awesome, man. Can't make it to that side of town in time today. Will aim for next Saturday morning! Hopefully your dogs are there too!
Hey Mike, what are the hours for Santa Monica? Gonna need to try the new models of pants you have!
That's dope, man. I wanted to go to MJ's camp in high school, but couldn't. I only hope my kid would be into basketball like your son when I have him/her.
This is great stuff. I've always wondered when it is the right time to send a pair in for resoling. Would these pictures be a good indicator of that? I've heard you should consider when the sole becomes 'soft' due to thinning out, but personally not sure what that really means. Thanks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: