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Hello, Up for sale is a pre-owned Epaulet shirt in a brilliant camouflage pattern made from Japanese cotton. The shirt released several years ago and is no longer in production. I am selling it because I have outgrown the shirt. The shirt retailed at roughly $150. Epaulet shirts are meticulously crafted in the USA. Please visit their site: Epauletnewyork.com for more information on the brand. It is in perfect condition and have only been worn 3-4 times sparingly by...
Whoa. What is this?!And over 100 pairs. Impressive that you kept count and even more impressive of a collection. Would love to see pictures.
Hermes man been listening to rap music? What's hood, b?
He has a YouTube channel that talks about how to fight and pick up chicks too.I wonder how many customers actually use the service(s).
Haha. Yeah the money is great but you also don't have summer and winter breaks anymore. You can take vacations at work but that's really posting the emails and projects until you return College is a fun time where you can hit up the homies to come through at 2pm at Denny's, skip classes and all that.
All outlets ship with the exception of retro Jordans and such. Those need to be sold locally for 3 days or so. Of course by then all sizes are gone.I thought prices would be lower by now. The Flyknit Frees have been at $40-50 at outlets for months. Last time I was at mine, they had a full aisle of them in fsr.
Where are you from? UK or Canada? I only ask since we in the states don't refer to colleges and universities as 'uni'.When I was in college, almost everyone was bumming it...sweats, basketball shorts, sandals, etc. No one came to class with a suit, sport coat, tie, or anything close to menswear...not even the professors.I just wore hoodies, sweatshirts, jeans and sneakers. I was too focused on friends, girls, and getting good grades.I wouldn't spend good money on...
Hello, Up for sale is a lightly used "Kurtz" backpack from theMADLY. I am the original owner and bought it new from Barneys New York. The backpack is made from leather and suede. The backpack was used just a handful of times. It is in flawless condition. The pictures are of the actual backpack you are bidding for. It sells for nearly $700 new. More information about the brand and backpack can be found by going to the brand's website...
I'll use the picture with the tie and blazer then.I just wanted to post the jort picture for fun because Mike asked for it
You know it gets rocked on July 4th Not sure how many pics are allowed, but here's a couple to show different fabrics: jorts, chino, and sweat shorts:
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