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Thanks. He hasn't replied to my email yet. I'm sure he's swamped since he's a one man show. Probably should get help soon since I think the orders will only go up.
Anyone with batch of Aug 14 for cropped Jodphur boots got theirs or been shipped yet?
Depends on what you're looking for. If you're trying to find generic mall stuff, ie H&M, maybe. If you're looking for upper end brands ie Margiela, Lanvin, etc I doubt it. When I went to Thailand, there were only two stores that only carried lux kicks and prices were significantly higher than the U.S. This may not be a great comparison as I went to SEA as opposed to the part of Asia you're going to which is more developed.
How much were the tickets and did you have to buy them in advance? Thnx!
Wait. What? Lol.We are definitely getting turnt up.So far for day time activities, some of the guys want to do different things now. Some want to go on a boat ride and others want to go see the Heat.Will post pics!
I would rather play it safe than sorry. Plus my flight lands at 2pm and I can't check in until 4pm. What am I suppose to do in the mean time? lol.I guess I got used to living in SoCal where our public transportation sucks and need private transportation.Lyft and Uber will be used. Will try Lyft with all the coupons they sent. Lol.
I was told to avoid driving in South Beach as much as possible. With the gang being so many people deep I'm sure we will all split up. I already got the car as part of the flight package sadly. Maybe I can use it to go into actual Miami. Lol.
Coming from Los Angeles, I hope traffic can only be better than what I'm used to :$
Thanks, guys. Will consider all suggestions. Miami it is! First post updated with info. How difficult is driving around South Beach? I got a rental anyway so I can at least drive from the airport to the apartment. I would surely not be driving at night when alcohol would be had.
This is what I have so far. May end up doing airbnb if a lot of friends come through. List is still expanding. Getting a table is expensive! Story quoted me at $4k minimum, that's more than Vegas at fight night. Club crawl: http://pubcrawl-miami.com/ Nikki Beach for Sunday: http://www.nikkibeach.com/destinations/beach-clubs/miami-beach/venue/ Club we can buy pre sale tickets. Not bad at $30 each, if someone worth seeing. ...
New Posts  All Forums: