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Trainers again:
Just check your local Craigslist. They should be flooded with them. Production number was in the 400-500k. The bigger shoe store got 200-300 pairs. It was a major release.That's the best bet. A lot of these swagboys don't have cash to hold out for a long time so they cop and try to flip asap. I personally wouldn't go higher than $250. You may wait until a week or two though since folks who copped online still haven't got theirs. Price is always higher on the first weekend...
Yeah, man. If you don't mind some corny stuff to work out in, it can be a gold mine. I saw $4.99 t shirts the last time I went a couple of weeks ago. Not trying to mess with the outlets during the holidays though. Beasts is beasting out there, b.FNL be trolling with the shipping cost. I refuse with all excuses (except for the two pairs of black/red 11s that I was able to snuck in somehow).
Worst wait I had to endure on Nikestore. Waited 30 mins when I'm usually out within 5 mins. Got a size 9 though.Lots of people were eating. 3+ pairs with ease. I think resell is around $225-250. Not too bad considering it came out to $202 for me. That's retail and tax in Cali.
Favorite Rivets today:
Son...Nike's servers are garbage right now. Able to add to cart early on, but can't check out. Website crashed and continues to crash.
They've been used for quite a long time. It never went mainstream until people try to sell them.They still don't need to be used on GRs though IMO.
No more Twitter Link Only. No more captcha. It's a timer now just like FTL and Eastbay. A lot of error messages too.
I don't send them out unless they are required. Most places I've applied to didn't even have a place to upload a cover letter. At my last place, I worked with HR and they just toss the cover letters and get to the experience and education part on the resume.
Thanks, Frank. The wall is the only decent spot I found on campus that won't need a tripod.
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