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No more Twitter Link Only. No more captcha. It's a timer now just like FTL and Eastbay. A lot of error messages too.
I don't send them out unless they are required. Most places I've applied to didn't even have a place to upload a cover letter. At my last place, I worked with HR and they just toss the cover letters and get to the experience and education part on the resume.
Thanks, Frank. The wall is the only decent spot I found on campus that won't need a tripod.
Vass via Epaulet today:
It looks like Nike switched their layout up. Worst layout to date. I've been out of the loop, haven't bought anything since Concord low 11s. Major fail this morning for the DBs. I think they will relaunch. Curious to see how this layout works on a mass GR like the 6s next week.
Camo Walts: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, guys. The tartan prints are so tempting.
Dang. Seeing the thread for the first time. How and where do you cop?!
Yep. They always do raffle tickets for anything and everything. They stopped doing first come first serve since fights broke out and property damage occur.I won before but the line to pick up was still mad long. I always do the online route and wait 5 days to be shipped. The whol ordering process takes 5 mins or less for me.
Quite good. It's s super GR. As long as you have a decent connection and fast hands, you'll be OK. Never had issues with getting GRs before manually and will get this for a friend.
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