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That's awful. Have you tried calling again or ask to speak to a supervisor?I called eBay twice to have a negative feedback removed. They did both times. First was for an international buyer blaming me for customs fees on his side. The other was for a non paying buyer who messaged me saying he changed his mind a day after he won the auction. I had to open an unpaid claim so that ticked him off.
I usually give them 4 days to pay before taking action. I did noticed that you're able to open an unpaid claim a lot sooner, a couple days after I want to say?I honestly don't know why some people wait so long. There's been times when I had to open unpaid claims just to trigger the buyers to pay. These guys also have great feedback records but decide to wait over a week before finally paying.No worries, bud.Glad to be of help to the thread
Thanks for your feedback. The runner up did buy my item. I then called Ebay and after a 20 minute wait time, the rep said that it was OK for me to sell to the runner up since they paid. The original buyer no longer has the option to buy. I can wait until the end of the week and get my fees for the original auction reimbursed.My first time going this route so I wanted to give them a call too.
I personally have grown to dislike Aldens due to the higher prices. This is why I have sold all of my non-shell pairs. Many other great brands from England, especially given the VAT discount if you're outside the UK.
Question: I sold an item last week, and the winner (who has two feedback) has not paid yet. I sent an invoice and messaged him. No response. I did the second offer to the runner up today, (who has 17 feedback) as well as opened a claim with eBay so I can at least get fees reimbursed. If the runner up does accept my offer, or if the original buyer does pay...the other offer becomes expired automatically? Both buyers cannot buy the item, correct? Many thanks.
I've owned quite a few TOJ since its start, from lamb to horsehide to calf. Warmth is the same IMO. Calf is a lot heavier though and is not for everyone. Some of my friends sold their calf jackets because they were too heavy for their taste.
Bailey hat from several years back: [img]
It's so lame how pro buyer Ebay has become. When I first used eBay in 2003 before I had a bank account in high school, I would go buy a money order asap because I didn't want to get hit with a negative feedback as a late paying buyer.
Allen Edmonds are great while on sale. I wouldn't pay retail or over $250 for a non shell pair. I would like to throw Trickers into the mix. I've had their country lasted shoes and boots for years but recently gave the city lasted ones a try. Quality is great and closed channel as well. I would like to say maybe slightly below C and J handgrade for quality?
Has anyone been successful with offering the runner up an opportunity to buy via eBay if the winner flakes? Truth be told, I get a funny feeling when I see my auction being sniped at the last second by someone with less than 5 feedbacks and they don't pay for days to come, especially if it's a higher priced items. There's been a few times where they pay (like 8 days later) after I opened a claim on eBay so I can get my fees reimbursed. I've had a deadbeat once, offered...
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