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Been a while. Hope you gents had a wonderful xmas. Trainers:
I still think it's closer to 1M, which was how many pairs the black/red 11s were made. Watch for multiple restocks per the other 11s.NDC 'sold out' a couple hours ago and we know they hold some back to release throughout the year.Shoes are going to be a pain to keep clean though. When I got mine in the 10th grade, jean stains were on them within an hour.
Over 1M pairs were made. Cats still struck out tho.
Easy cop on the 11s today. Waited 3 mins before checking out on NDC.
These kids love to camp out for absolutely no reason, man.I'll try my luck online for those 11s.
Carmina bal boots via Epaulet:
That's good to here about STEM degree holders being sought after. I am in a similar situation as the OP. Would transitioning to a different field translate to a pay cut since you may not have the experience they want?
You bawlin, fam. Just pay da CL price and you good.
I wanted it but someone snatched it. Lol.
Mine arrive today too.
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