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Not related directly to Epaulet but if you have cuffs installed on the trousers, they can be undone too, right?
If anyone in LA area wants a DS pair of Laney 5s in size 9 for retail and tax, let me know!
Saw those shorts too. Too bad not my size
Agreed. Also reminds me of the Vandal highs from 2003-2004 that has hidden pattern underneath and folks distressed themselves. I used a knife to cut them up. Lol.
Eastbay was trolling. lol. And you are right. I've seen kids saying they wear size 8 to 11 or something ludicrous like that. I'm thinking did you forget to clip your toenails?Hype shifted back to Yeezy Foams now. I think shoes would've been a lot better if they had smoked or clear sole. But the glow in the dark sole is truly for the beasts.
Even retail is pushing it
I wish I can go back in a time machine so I can tell the 10th grade me to cop mad pairs at $50 a pop in 2001 or whenever those came out This has disaster and LOLZ written all over it because Eastbay Inc. is like the Wild Wild West, meaning you can get cart jacked and all. Nothing is certain unless you fully check out and get an email confirmation. Even after you add to cart, there will be a waiting time. Last time I got through was for Fire Red 3s, I think. Wait time...
I've never been able to cop anything on release day from the Eastbay group before. I'll try for lol knowing that I don't stand a chance.
Major restock on eastbay this Saturday: http://niketalk.com/t/590009/massive-restock-on-eastbay-4-19-no-gs-size#post_20329141 I would post actual pictures but I'm on mobile. Site will crash multiple times I think.
Man, upon a quick glance...I thought I had miss the EPLA hoody. Waiting for a heather gray one myself.
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