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This can fool me for the Epaulet SaMo rack set up! I'm jelly.I have a few friends that live in NJ and commute to NY because of the low rent. Lol.
Hey guys, I plan on traveling to either of the three cities mentioned for several days for leisure purposes in November. I am in Los Angeles if that matters. I've always been intrigued by Houston and Atlanta for their booming economies and relatively lower cost of living. A friend also suggested Miami because it's a fun place to visit. I looked at the cost and its not much higher so that's why I threw it in the mix. If any locals or anyone else can chime in about the...
Pretty bummed I couldn't make it to the LA event. Linen trousers and Vass, respectively.
Awesome. I can usually do weekends. Not sure about others. I'm not picky on places ether. I just don't care for uncooked meats and fish.
Damn. I actually just pictured this... Fok opening the passenger doors in slow motion while Future's DS2 plays. Dope as hell.
Damn. I was on the fence but will attend now. Need autographed pic of Chris and Syn.
Switched jobs/sectors twice in the last year, about 6-7 months a piece. Start working super early, before sun comes out. Don't wear nice clothes since I now require to get 'dirty' at times so a lot of raw denim and cheap shirts that are disposable.
Hey folks. Got a chance to wear one of my favorite Epaulet trousers today...just want to post pictures since I don't dress up much anymore. The orange hue always gets tons of compliments.
I'll add that to the list. Admittedly, I never explore Burbank much. A coworker of mine who moved from STL said there's a new soul food place in NoHo that originated from STL. She raved about it...had Sweeny or McSweeny in the name.I lived in Los Feliz, right on Russell Ave. Went to Franklin Elementary, and King Middle School. Was supposed to go to Marshall but moved to the valley (went to Kennedy in Granada Hills).
Definitely. A lot of places on Ventura too especially around the Woodland Hills area. My friend always says a lot of these LA transplants are like Michael Kors bags....cheap and pretentious. Lolz.I brought a to go box back from Gracias Madre and mom tried it. She loved it. Lol. She can go back with her friends. I think that place was once and done for me.Been addicted to Republique for brunch lately but the line can get so long.With so many members locally, someone should...
New Posts  All Forums: