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Yeah. I think Silverlake was named most hipster city by GQ couple years ago. The gentrification is worse than DTLA. A hipster coffeehouse would show up next to bodegas and laundrymat. Parking is next to impossible.I would much rather go to studio city, Hollywood and the west side. All are an easy 12 mile crawl. Damn. Now I want some good eats! Lol. Patiently waiting for the weekend.
Van Nuys isn't that bad. You're not going to find trouble unless you look for it.I lived in the Valley most of my life. I lived in the shittiest part which is Pacoima, in the late 90s to mid 2000s. We were in a gated community and never ran into problems. I went to get my BS and MS at Northridge so I roamed around the west valley for years. Encino is on that side of the valley.I'm in Burbank now. What school are you going to? Only university in the area is Woodbury.Try to...
Thanks, man. I see its on the west side too. Perfect. Will check out this weekend
What place is this? I may have missed it. Always down to add another place to add to the list for the rachetness.
Hello, This auction is for a pair of slightly used Joseph Cheaney Highgrove loafers in Mocha Brown suede. They are size 7.5 UK. They were bought by me, the original owner, from ShoeHealer.co.uk for over $430. They are on the original sole. When not worn, they have always had shoe trees inside, but no shoe trees will be included. They have never been worn in rain or foul weather. They come from a smoke-free home. The shoes are extremely well made (on part with Crockett &...
OK. Yeah, I saw that one. I was referring to non-leather. Basically, the same fabric as the original MA1, but with a more refined cut.
Was this for a leather jacket? I've been MIA for quite a bit.
Hey Mike, Would you guys consider making an MA1 jacket? I'm not sure how it fits in with your aesthetic, but it's a classic piece (which happens to be really popular with the streetwear scene right now). I've been trying to find a nice olive green or black one that is of a decent fit and it is incredibly hard to find.
A tailor can easily slim the legs.I take 31 or 32 and tailor what has to be done be it letting waist out or taking the butt in.
Haha. Been super busy lately, man. I hope you gents are doing well.
New Posts  All Forums: