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Side profile of the cropped joints:
You are trying to get me to spend my monies.You want me to buy so you would not be tempted yourself, haha :P
Happy holidays, folks! To those who have the Heirloom cardigans in stock 38, what is your physique? I'm 5'10" with 38" chest. Pretty much wear small in most things and some in medium. I'm eyeing a 38 but not sure if the sleeves will be a tad bit short. Thanks!
I turned 30 last month so I'm with you, bro. Going to the mall in the 90s was like a kid in a candy store. Everything made it to a sale.I loved the J Kidd with the bug eyes. Moms got them on sale, lol. My first pair of expensive kicks were the first Jumpmans for Eddie Jones. Joints were $100, felt like big man on campus in the 7th grade.Damn, the 11s are really easy to cop. My friend sent me a link to Champs this afternoon, had some sizes left..8.5, 9.5, 10, etc. I...
I don't think those are remastered. Just the usual 11 release during December that's been ongoing for the last several years.It seems everyone got them, even multiple pairs. The $220 and tax probably crossed the threshold for some, not to mention the huge production number.The 4s and 5s that Willy posted are the remastered ones. Still ugly shape. Sneakerheads still complaining about the mold, but obviously will still cop.Man...those Penny's and Pippens were my...
Moleskin Walts:
Another oldie here...Carmina boots from couple years back:
Old stuff here, but from this weekend. Schott jacket, I think it went on sale for an insane price at one point. Camo jacket today:
The cropped joints with N&F Stacked Guy.
Hey guys, Spent the last several days in Miami for my 30th bday. Brought my three Epaulet linen pants since I thought that was only appropriate.
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