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Hey all, I'm generally sufficient in answering generic HR questions. With this one, I'm somewhat stuck. What would you tell potential employers why you're shopping around for a new gig despite being with the current employer only less than a year? The truth would be: you don't fit the culture, boss is a jerk, etc. Because you're exploring other opportunities, it's given that you either want to make more money or look elsewhere because you're unhappy with the current...
You quoted me so I replied.I'm not as knowledgable on the various models as other members. The guy asked a question and I replied with what I know.
I made the post in reference to the black 1Ks I bought a couple of years ago. It's the only other 1K I have. Both are the same size and pushed against the wall.
A suit would be the best option IMO.You surely aren't thinking about going in debt and buying an outfit that mirror the stuff they carry, right?...Just for an interview for an entry level position.I would just work with what you have. Do research on the brands and be able to answer questions like "why you want to work here?", "what separates you from the others?", etc.At least that's how I would approach it. I don't own anything from those brands, but I surely appreciate...
It depends on the model. I have some 1K's I bought 2 years ago that are about .5 size bigger while the McCleans I bought last month had a narrower last and fit a bit tighter. Both are in the same size.
I used that all the time at my former employer.I wouldn't have a problem rounding up $78k to $80k personally. However, stretching it by $10k+ or so when you're under 6 figure is a far cry in my book.
I know what I'm worth but ethics is also important with me. I start at the new company tomorrow and aside from running a check on my history to ensure the information I provided about my education and experience are correct, I'm not sure about the income portion.However, the employer I just left did ask me for some kind of salary verification upon getting hired. This company is in clinical testing, one of the two largest players in the country. I would've been screwed had...
If you need to wear it ASAP and plan on getting a good use from it, then I wouldn't mind paying retail less the student discount. Personally though, since my wardrobe has the staple pieces already, I wouldn't buy unless it was deeply discounted, greater than 50%, which will come off season.
It's not some fresh pair of Nikes and Jordans you want to keep like they're out of the box, man.They will show signs of wears. They are work boots. Even my other dress and casual shoes/boots show signs/patinas that I grew to like, be it shell or calf.
It's going to scratch really easily since it's chromexcel. That's the beauty of it.It's also a pleasant surprise that the leather sole is pretty gripey, feels a bit rubberish.
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