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Got this at the Camarillo outlet yesterday for $40 and additional 20% off. They had tons of sizes. Nothing else was really worth buying/mentioning. 20% off hash wall, no decent discount on workout gear.
Thanks, Frank! Lots of good pics in the last page or two.
Hey all, I have about 4.5 years in my professional career in my current field. It is a a scientific role. I started a new job 6 months ago, working for a global player in the biotech arena. I work with incredibly gifted engineers from top schools around the country. The problem is that I do not particularly love my job, and actually loathe it. I never understood how someone can quit their job without having something lined up before until now, hehe. Everything is so...
Schott jacket:
How did you make the switch? Did you just apply for any entry positions and start from scratch or moved to a different department within the same firm?
Camel hair jacket. Love this jacket. Got it from Rob since he got too cut up for it.
They excite the fed.
shoes gone.
Ah I see. No F5ing, my friend. Page monitor and ATC.
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