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Sorry if this is inappropriate, but I mean no ill-will....I am selling my McClean boots in size 8.5 US for a pretty aggressive price, only worn once too. I don't think I'm violating any rules since it's not a vendor thread. If I am, please let me know. http://www.styleforum.net/t/422359/wolverine-1000-mile-mcclean-boots-quoddy-mocs-size-8-5-us
Hello, I have two items for sale in this listing: First is a pair of a very lightly used authentic men's Wolverine 1000 Mile "McClean" boots in size 8.5 US. I am the original owner, and bought them from Nordstrom about 2 months ago. You can visit Nordstrom's website and search for "wolverine 1000 mile mcclean". They sell for $355 and tax brand new. I have worn the boots one time to run errands in. They come with the shoe bags and everything in the pictures. Please...
Correct. It didn't work.Nonetheless, I made my first purchase. I already have double monks from Alfred Sargent that I really like. I wanted a single monk, and there was one in my size. It was a sign I guess. Now to go back to no copping.
The SF10 code is only good for non-sale items, correct? Just want to verify before I tender an item on sale.
Yeah. I kicked myself for that. Double monks are everywhere now. no nice singles much.
Any plans for single monks? I used to dislike them but now I want a pair. Lol.
rydenfan: those cargo pants came out great. Lots of great pics lately. Nothing new here, just recycled pieces...always wanted to try double monks with shorts, lol.
Nope. Prices are aggressive as is. Items usually sell out sooner than later at retail.
Dang, I wish nothing but the best for Matt! So many times I have stepped out of meetings to call him to place orders.
Just curious, what's their IG account?
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