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Another oldie here...Carmina boots from couple years back:
Old stuff here, but from this weekend. Schott jacket, I think it went on sale for an insane price at one point. Camo jacket today:
The cropped joints with N&F Stacked Guy.
Hey guys, Spent the last several days in Miami for my 30th bday. Brought my three Epaulet linen pants since I thought that was only appropriate.
Yeah, I know about the pants. All of my Walts have been tailored. Same with the rivets, my ducks definitely showed when I let out, but I'm not really picky. I guess somehow my chest grew from 37" to around 39" over the last year or so...how I don't know because I never intended to gain. My workout routine stayed the same
THIS. I can definitely appreciate good sales copy, and Mike is dope at it.My hat goes off to guys like Rob, Tricky, and company who can stay in top shape while having a wife and kids. I've been inspired by Rob to workout twice a day to keep the lbs from stacking, but it's hard as hell as you get older. Some pants are tight on the upper block. Some jackets are tight on shoulders and chest. Speaking of which...can Epaulet jackets be let out some?Hitting 30 in a week...
Wore the cropped boots for the first time today.
Hello, This auction is for a flawless pair of GQ x Gap Marc Mc Nairy wool camo pants. This is from collection 1 that debuted in 2012. I am the original owner, and bought it at retail price of $78 on the first day of the release. I have only worn it 2-3 times to run errands in. They have been in the closet since. They come from a smoke-free home. Please be PayPal verified. Measurements that may be helpful: waist: 15.5" thigh: 11" inseam: 30" leg opening: 7.5" Shipping...
Hello, Up for sale is a pair of Epaulet Tennis Trainer High sneakers in brown. I am the original owner and bought them from Epauletnewyork.com I have worn them once just for a couple of hours to run errands in. Sadly, they are a bit too small for me. This is why I am selling them. They retail for $225, and compete with sneakers double their price range. The leather is just as luxury as the Margiela and Lanvin sneakers I had. These sneakers are handmade in Portugal. For...
Hello, This is for a Tanner Goods belt in size 32. I am the original owner and bought it directly from their website. I wore it regularly for about a year. As you can see, the patina is gorgeous. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the belt. I have not worn it in a couple of years, and have been sitting in my closet. This is why I am selling it. It comes from a smoke-free home. Please be PayPal verified. All sales final. Los Angeles locals may pick up in...
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