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Hey Mike, Do you have plans on making white high top trainers with gum midsole? I ask because your OG GATs I got are still going strong. The gum midsole hides the dust really well where as regular white midsole looks beat up after several wears.
Hey Mike,If I'm a size 8 in the Barrie last, should I go with a size 8.5?This is something I'm looking for to replace my worn out "cheap" shoes to wear to see my clients in construction and farms.Thanks.
Hey Mike and fellas, Hope all is well! I'm eyeing a pair of the Women's Full Court. How would the sizing work? I know for Nike and other brands, the women sizing is 1.5 up from men's. I'm a size 8 in the Alden Barrie last, size 9 in most Nikes, and I don't recall at the moment what size I take in Epaulet sneakers. TIA!
I also have a square from Anton. I had met him via another platform and spoke on the phone with him for over an hour. I can tell he was really enthusiast about the line when he quit his well paying day time job to pursue it. Truth be told, I am not the biggest "clothing nerd" out there, but I can tell that the pocket square is beautifully made. I am a big fan of story telling so Anton's vision for his line speaks volume to me: allowing local artisans from around the...
Hey guys, I've never booked inclusive trips before. This trip would be for around November for my GF and I's birthdays. The only site I've been looking at is and filter for inclusive. After that I was going to use Orbitz, or Expedia to get the tickets since i use those two websites the most prior and had no issues with them. It's a 4 day trip. I would appreciate any input or suggestions you guys that have done a similar trip can give me. Thanks!
Haha. Fok asked me the same thing...he demanded I post more on here, but I don't actually post outfit pictures much anymore. I only posted in your thread anyway:foo:I'm officially unemployed for the week since I'm starting a new gig on Monday, was going to stop by your trunk show but timing didn't work out.I will definitely stop by your LA place if that's allowed. Will give you some goodies too...working on some products to get into the pet industry
Congrats, Mike. I was actually in SaMo last night in semi menswear attire at a chic restaurant with a friend. Of course nearly everyone else was in t's and hoodies...reminded me of our convo on how you were the only one in menswear on the block! If you need a baby sitter or dog sitter, give me a call, man! I love both equally
It's grey with the grey sole, as opposed to natural sole that jcurls posted.By first batch, I meant first batch of when grey became available couple months ago.
Copped these from the first batch, first time wearing today:
New pair from Epaulet. PS Mike...if you made this in the black/blue and black/red colorways a la Jordan 1s...they WILL sell. Just sayin'.
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