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Whoops. That's a typo. It should be 18.5-19". I don't check the thread much aside from PMs so I apologize for the delayed reply.
You can lurk from somewhere without signing in.Yeah. I remember ordering my first TOJ in October 2010 as a bday present for myself, bday is Nov 7th. Was quoted 4 weeks. Got jacket before my bday. I think price was$650 for lamb and $700 for calf at that point.Also, why is grailed guy a thief?
Hello, This auction is for a lot of 3 pre owned Epaulet shirts in size small. They are flawless. They come from a smoke free home. I am the original owner and bought all 3 from EpauletNewYork's website. Their shirts retail for $100+ a piece. I have worn the shirt 2-3 times each. Shirt 1: White denim shirt. Weight is beefy, and buttons are painted white. It will look excellent with wears as patina is made. Shirt 2: White and red gingham button down collar in seer sucker....
Hello, This is for a lot of two pairs of new with tags men's J. Crew pants in size 31 x 32. The colors are navy and green. They each retail for $98, as pictured. I am the original buyer, and bought them from a J. Crew retail store, not an outlet store. They come from a smoke free home. Measurements that may be useful: waist: 15.5" inseam from crotch: 30.5" leg opening: 7.5" All sales are final. Please be Paypal verified. Please add $20 for shipping via USPS Priority...
Finally got around to wearing the trainers today. They feel more cushioned than all 4 pairs of Margielas I had.
Hello, I am selling a pre owned pair of men's Allen Edmonds Singleton penny loafer for Ralph Lauren in black calf leather. I am the original owner, and ordered them from the Allen Edmonds headquarters in Wisconsin, USA. This pair is deemed as a second quality, which means there is a possibility of having superficial imperfections such as nicks and scratches. This pair appears free of those imperfections, which can be seen in the pictures. Note that they do not come...
Those pocket squares are probably the same size as Aladdin's flying rugs.He should've called them pocket rugs instead, way catchier too. Lol.I recall that guy having another account, GTR something. He had on the typical stuff that one with more money than taste would: Ferragamo belts, LV shoes, etc. I can be wrong if there's another guy with pocket rugs out there.
He has his niche. I think him and a few other 'teen stylists' got flown out to NY's fashion week as well.I only follow only a handful of folks, mostly friends and fellow SFers. It comes down to your page, you need to have good photography (like that guy does), and probably good advertising. I notice a lot of these kids do a shout out like "follow @____ for some dope fits". Even the most impeccably dressed dudes on here who just do the typical mirror selfies most likely...
Thanks, fellas. I don't know why the pants look a bit baggy in the picture. Leg opening is the typical 7.5".Kinda hard to do outfit pics now when I leave for work at 6AM. Haha. Had to do the shot when I got home.
Taking the burnt orange chinos out for the first wear today. The color is lovely for the fall. Shirt is also a white Epaulet denim shirt.
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