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I just would like to know the names of the magazines. I do not intend to reference the period. Simple trivia.
does anyone know of the mens fashion magazine published between 88 and 92?(please), and a monthly published in the 80's also. thanks
I remember reading an Australian men's fashion magazine from about 1988 thru 92 before it went out of print. I cannot remember the title. Does anyone know it? I also happened to come across a magazine from the 80's decade, a male fashion periodical also. The title eludes me also. I would appreciate it if anyone could offer the name of these titles.
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya I'm a big eyewear collector and i always dream of a world where the quality matches the design of Cutler & Gross' eyewear collection. The build and materials leave a lot to be desired, especially for their price point and NOT having their line produced by Luxottica. Luxoticca, the firm I meant to reference. Ta.
anyone know if Oliver Goldsmith, had his first name ripped off by the LA firm Peoples? They are now part of the Italian lunettes firm, that I think owns Ray Ban, Persol, and perhaps they are the private contractor or own the licences from most of the Euro ready-to-wear brands. Or I may be misguided.
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