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Anybody seen the tan with red/orange glen plaid anywhere yet?
Selling this pair of Cole Haan spectatos loafers from 2 summers ago. Worn only a handful of times to some special events. Soles are worn, but uppers are in great shape. Always been just a little big for me. Wish these had come in a wide size. Price is shipped to the US.
The Penfield tweed Kasson is SICK. What's the fit like? I'm a medium (with ~39 chest) in most everything (Gitman, etc), but do have a lot of outerwear in size small. Best to size down to a small?
Bummer. Looks like they don't order E widths.
These are great. What are these?
Almost talked me out of buying it! Hah
But I WANT stodgy... Haha
Definitely my only gripe with the Ludlow stuff... That lapel is just too "trendy." I had a herringbone Ludlow blazer with lapels that HAD to have been only 2". Thought I could get over it for the price, but alas it ended up in B&S here. I have a khaki suit of theirs in the Aldridge cut which is just a bit wider (still got the pants in the Ludlow fit though). I don't think they make any odd sportcoats in the Aldridge fit though unfortunately.
Have to say... I'm pretty bummed about missing the recent NRO code. I know they are knuckleheads (and I probably just got lucky), but last time I got my 8.5E suede chukkas in a week for a ridiculous price. It's worth a try at 25% off for something you'd be buying anyway.
^This. Someone posted a link to a European stockist that had it maybe a month ago, but I can't seem to find that post anymore.
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