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Pretty sweet. Harris Tweed at Unionmade.
Just tell him you want the sleeves trimmed up. I imagine it is constructed similarly to a sport coat, which is really no problem for a decent tailor.
I have a pair of the J Crew urban slim fit chinos and I'd say they are miles better than any of my three pairs of Alphas. The fabric is much more substantial and and the linings are much more polished.
Got the code to work on the olive green London Undercover umbrella. If you're trying to get a collab item, at least give it a try with the code.
Ordered the moss twill Walts today. About 20 minutes later, I got a shipping confirmation. Just wanted to say thanks a lot for getting them out so fast in the midst of a crisis. Certainly not what I was expecting. Looking forward to my third pair of Epaulet trousers.
Ouch. Makes my half canvassed, made in USA sack blazer at 25% off purchase last Friday sound a lot less exciting...
Ordered the Black Fleece green university stripe oxford. Gonna be bummed if this is really Browne's last season at the head. Also have a 3 button sack blazer coming to my local store. The guy said he'd still give me the 30% price when it came in. Asked a few pages back, but anyone care to comment on the 3 button sack blazer?
Think I'm going to give the Corporate 30% sale a go. Tried on the 2 button 1818 blazer tonight, but had them order me a 3 button. Hope it works out. Can't really beat a made in US, half-canvassed, classic blazer for $450 with tax can I? Is there a consensus on who makes these for them? Southwick?
Anybody seen the tan with red/orange glen plaid anywhere yet?
Selling this pair of Cole Haan spectatos loafers from 2 summers ago. Worn only a handful of times to some special events. Soles are worn, but uppers are in great shape. Always been just a little big for me. Wish these had come in a wide size. Price is shipped to the US.
New Posts  All Forums: