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It MIGHT break the bank, but I think I'm making it easier on myself by saying it will always be appropriate. Ha.
I've got the opportunity to purchase a HF suit from my recently opened Nordstrom Rack. Stopped in a few times to check the price on it for about 3 weeks now. Addison fit, confirmed to be from mainline (not the Ltd line), with HF for Nordstrom label, perfect size 38S, great Loro Piana Super 130's gray wool. Wondering what you guys thought of this for $699? Is it worth waiting for another drop? I don't yet own a gray suit and think this one would be great if the price is right.
For me, it really depends on the shoe. I think the snuff and tan suede chukkas both look great, but I ultimately decided that the tan would be more versatile and work with a wider variety of belts. I should note that I went into the store with every intention to purchase the chukkas in snuff.In the loafers, I much prefer the snuff or dark brown, thinking the tan suede on the loafers looked a bit odd for some reason. I went with snuff in these.
Any shorter/stockier guys wearing the Gios? Interested in a pair, but not sure they'll work for me. I'm 5'7" around 158#, built but not fat. Pretty big thighs. Are they just going to be too skinny for me?
Anyone ever had any suede Aldens sent back for restoration? Before and after pics maybe? I imagine I'll be sending my suede chukkas in very soon and just wondering what to expect for the uppers.
Selling this green hopsack Gitman. This was a Need Supply exclusive that is straight perfect, however I screwed up and threw it in the washing machine with a pen. It has two ink spots on it that are pictured both around 1.5" in diameter. One under the placket and one on the back around an armpit. Also, there is about 0.75" that has come unhemmed on the front right shoulder. I figured I'd give somebody a chance at it since it was going to drive me nuts enough that I just...
A solid 1.5" I think. Maybe they could just remove the first button all together and just leave three... Thanks for the reply.
First off, sorry to bump an old thread. I just took delivery of this linen jacket and am hoping you guys can help. It has the faux buttonholes, but I need them shortened. Wondering if it's going to show when they remove the faux holes. It's a really open weave linen. Pic:
So I know the conventional wisdom if you are an E width desiring a special pair that only comes in D is to size up one half size. I'm wondering how successful this is for folks. I have a ridiculous wide foot, an 8E in Trubalance. I've been thinking about the snuff suede loafers for my next pair, but I'm really starting to like the natural CXL colorways too. I want to make sure the width will really be there without being too long to wear comfortably. I'm afraid I'm going...
Selling a handful of beautiful Black Fleece by Thom Browne Brooks Brothers shirts in size BB2, which is more or less a medium w/ a 15.5" neck. All are a super luxe oxford cloth. I have a red/navy gingham, grayish-green university stripe, and solid green. The green is the most beautiful green oxford I've ever seen... Not that gross minty green that Ralph Lauren does. All are in great shape and have only been worn just a handful of times. These are NOT outlet/closeout...
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