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Added Adidas!
He did. I just got a short PM restating that the waist measurement for the 33" was 15.25". He's got a ton of RRL for sale so I know he's busy answering other PM's. I'll see if I can't get some more pictures or something.
There's a pair of slim bootcut RRL jeans in B&S right now I'm really looking to pick up, but I'm not convinced they are going to fit me right! They are a size 33 waist and the seller is saying the waist is only 15.25". This sounds like what I need, but I've never worn a size 33 in ANYTHING! I wear a 29 in APC NS and a 30 in J. Crew everything. Everything I've read before says RRL are vanity sized similar to APC so I want to know the deal before I buy. Any help?
Big drops on Brooks Brothers!
Drops across the board.
Adidas Samba Blk. Sz. 10 $40-->$35-->$30-->$25 These are in great shape. Only a handful of wears. Just too big for me. Clark's Wallabee Boots in Beeswax and Sand Suede Sz. 9.5M $35-->$30/pair Clearing out some shoes. These are both in decent shape, but not new by any means. The suede pair has some blue dye on the upper part. Both soles are broken in and a bit dirty. Suede pair comes with Archmold inserts. Lacoste Green Polo Sz. 2 $20!! Got this last August. Worn a few...
Just got this braided leather belt from J. Crew about a week ago. It's great with jeans, shorts, anything. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/Ne...belt/36221.jsp
Drop to $150!
Gant Rugger SOLD! Billy Reid jacket now only $125!!
Dropped to $180.
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