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Bump for addition of some sweet summer ties!
Drop on Adidas
Anyone know if they sell RRL at the Ralph Lauren in Charlotte's South Park Mall before I make the drive?
Dodo, Also kind of depends on your neck size if you plan to button it up with a tie or something on occasion. A medium corresponds to a 15.5 neck. I believe a large is for 16.5.
Drop to $140!
Added Adidas!
He did. I just got a short PM restating that the waist measurement for the 33" was 15.25". He's got a ton of RRL for sale so I know he's busy answering other PM's. I'll see if I can't get some more pictures or something.
There's a pair of slim bootcut RRL jeans in B&S right now I'm really looking to pick up, but I'm not convinced they are going to fit me right! They are a size 33 waist and the seller is saying the waist is only 15.25". This sounds like what I need, but I've never worn a size 33 in ANYTHING! I wear a 29 in APC NS and a 30 in J. Crew everything. Everything I've read before says RRL are vanity sized similar to APC so I want to know the deal before I buy. Any help?
Big drops on Brooks Brothers!
Drops across the board.
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