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J. Crew Factory stuff definitely is of lesser quality. It is stuff especially made for their outlet stores. I don't know how else to explain it other than it is a bit "cheesier" than J. Crew proper items. Sizing is worse, less details, etc. The only thing I usually find wearable at the outlets is the 100% wool sweaters.
Hey there. Trying to get rid of these pants I bought on sale over the July 4th weekend. Tried to convince myself I fit into them, but ultimately decided it was just best not to mess them up with tailoring. I'll probably try to pick up a 33" if these go. Just want to recover my loss first. These are a fantastic pair of chinos in a perfect heavier twill. Made in the USA. Pics are from Blue Owl Workshop where I purchased them. Measurements are as follows: 31" waist, 10"...
Help me fund a medium! $50
Dropped to $55.
Anyone have a 20% off coupon code from a recent catalog? PM me please??
Thanks for the bump. It is a great piece. I'll probably get a medium in this if someone picks this up. Do I hear $60?
Up for sale is a great basic sweatshirt by Jack Spade. It is size Small. Bought new for $120. Worn this a couple of times with just a handful of washes. Decided it may be just a hair too small for me. Looking for $SOLD. P2P: 20.5"
Anybody know the deal on the traditional line stuff at the outlet stores? I found a pair of burgundy Graysons in my size at the outlet in NC that seem just perfect for over $100 off the price anywhere else. Is it too good to be true? Seemed like first quality to me...
That was a glitch in the webstore allowing an extra 30% off of 30% off and a coupon code for another 10% on top of all that. They caught on pretty quick and it was fixed within a few hours. Sorry!
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