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Quote: Originally Posted by dmash Which ones are you getting? I just picked up the grey Rudy in super 120s. Those! No one else buy size 30! Haha
Looking forward to picking up some of those gray summer wool pants in the Rudy fit after my Gant return goes through. A good menswear staple always beats silly impulse sale buys. I should have known.
My two picks would be Gitman over in the B&S forums (most can be had for sub-$100) or the Jack Robie stuff, which is just a hair above $100.
Drop of Billy Reid and Steven Alan.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr.orange So you placed your order in time for the 70% discount (including NYLONSUMMER) and it got cancelled? Sadly, I don't think there's any hope for anyone boss. Ordered two Gant MB shirts and a pair of navy Rugger chinos on Thursday morning getting the double 30% and the extra 10%. Got a shipping confirmation on Friday!
Drop on Gant. Buy my stuff so I can buy MORE stuff.
Added Gant Rugger!
Adidas now $25!
Bump. Dropped the Gitman tie. Consolidated my old thread into this one and posted some absolutely, completely, and totally ridiculous final drops on those items.
Works much better untucked. It has a kind of casual vibe/feel in the fabric that isn't really appropriate dressed up with a tie or tucked in (relative to something like Gitman which I think is great for both). Anyone have a p2p measurement on their rugby in a size medium?
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