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Definitely do a bit more research around these parts. For now, check out Gitman Vintage and Steven Alan. If your a college student on a limited budget like most are, look at RL Rugby and J. Crew.
Isn't there a Barney's in Boston? I could totally be making that up though...
I actually picked up 3 custom shirts from biasedcut.com using the exact measurements on my Regent Custom fits except with a slightly shorter sleeve. I think they turned out very nice for a similar price.
Up for sale are two great summer shirts. The first is the basic pink University oxford from Ralph Lauren Rugby and the second is a J. Crew Factory store shirt in pink gingham. Both are size medium. Both have been worn and washed minimally. $25 for the Rugby $15 for the J. Crew **RUGBY OXFORD SOLD**
Ah. Interestng. Mine was immediately switched to aknowledged. Good luck!
The first time I saw that picture I didn't notice anything funny about it. That tells me it is a pretty sweet trick and definitely something I'd consider as a "10+ pair." I think different colors or leathers would be a little obnoxious, but this is so subtle to me that it works.
Yes. I just went through a return with them and it was kind of a mess. Once you log your return on the website and receive an "acknowledged," you are free to ship it back making sure to inlude the Return # on the box on a printout of it inside. I waited a couple of days too for word from them until I looked again and figured out I could just go ahead and send it back. I returned two pieces of my three piece order, but got refunded for all of it. Pretty cool until my...
Bought this jacket on sale back last summer during the end of season sale and it just never worked out for me as much as I tried. It is a size medium, but will work better for someone that is a 40-42 chest and on the shorter side (5'8"ish and below). Retailed for $595. Details below. The jacket is a great heavy waxed cotton twill with some absolutely fantastic details. Full chambray lining. I unfortunately wrote my name inside the jacket and got the sleeves shortened a...
I recently got some olive Left Field chinos from Blue Owl, which are now shamefully posted in my signature. They are a really fantastic heavy twill, made in USA, but I got the wrong size on sale so that's why they are for sale... They are wider at the ankle than I'd like, but with some tapering they'd be perfect. I"ll probably try to grab the correct size if I can get rid of the ones I've got. Check them out for sure. They are the only decent olive chinos I've found after...
Hey there. Selling a pair of Tory Leather belts. Great quality. Made in the USA. Both are size 32. One is a horse bit belt in brown ("Oakbark"). This one is in great condition. Hardly worn. The other is a 3/4" bridle leather belt in burgundy ("Havana"). The buckle on this one is replaceable. This one has been worn a good amount of times, but looks better with age. $15 EACH $25 FOR THE PAIR!
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