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Looking forward to picking up some of those gray summer wool pants in the Rudy fit after my Gant return goes through. A good menswear staple always beats silly impulse sale buys. I should have known.
My two picks would be Gitman over in the B&S forums (most can be had for sub-$100) or the Jack Robie stuff, which is just a hair above $100.
Drop of Billy Reid and Steven Alan.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr.orange So you placed your order in time for the 70% discount (including NYLONSUMMER) and it got cancelled? Sadly, I don't think there's any hope for anyone boss. Ordered two Gant MB shirts and a pair of navy Rugger chinos on Thursday morning getting the double 30% and the extra 10%. Got a shipping confirmation on Friday!
Drop on Gant. Buy my stuff so I can buy MORE stuff.
Added Gant Rugger!
Adidas now $25!
Bump. Dropped the Gitman tie. Consolidated my old thread into this one and posted some absolutely, completely, and totally ridiculous final drops on those items.
Works much better untucked. It has a kind of casual vibe/feel in the fabric that isn't really appropriate dressed up with a tie or tucked in (relative to something like Gitman which I think is great for both). Anyone have a p2p measurement on their rugby in a size medium?
Drop on Adidas! GO MAVERICKS!
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