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I may be wrong, but I think I heard this line is replacing Polo Jeans Co. Can someone else confirm?
Before everyone starts hating, remember who this line is for... It's for teens that are starting to grow out of American Eagle and Abercrombie. It's a very accessible line so the younger guys can start figuring out what they like and what works for them. I'd venture to say most of us here in the SW&D forum are 21-35, not who this line is intended for. No need to bash it. Just understand what it is and appreciate it for who it is for. If you don't think it's for you, don't...
This summer I've pretty much only been wearing my braided leather belt from J Crew and my hoof pick belt from Leatherman Ltd. via Hickorees. Both are great belts and can't be beat for around $60.
Up for sale are three custom fit polos in salmon, black, and orange (not a loud orange). They are all size medium. I'll do $12 each and $30 for the set (all 3). All are in decent shape, but have been worn and washed.
Aaaaand copped. The pictures on Revolve Clothing and and Urban Outfitters showed a lot more detail. Looked too good to pass up, even though I should probably think twice about it since it's on Revolve and UO! Haha. I kid. Kind of.
Poor man's EG/WWM pullover anorak for $70??\
No... That's the lighter pinpoint oxford. I'm looking for the heavier chambray green oxford. Anyone?? I'll be contacting Context and Gitman on Monday to see if they can help.
Just tumbled the hell out of that pic. Very nice indeed.
I recently picked up some Slim Bootcuts in a great wash for summer. I'm normally and straight/tapered leg guy, but they were too good looking to pass up. I got them tapered a bit from the inseam to not muck with the selvedge outseam too much if I wanted to cuff them. My question is... How would you go about distressing the new seam to look like the old? As in... make the inseam from the knee down match the original one from the crotch to thigh? I'm sure no one else in the...
AGH! I'd been checking out that new FW11 green chambray oxford on Context for the last two days and finally went to pull the trigger... Sold out in medium! Any of you guys get it?? Anyone know who else might be stocking it this season? Preferably stateside?
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