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Got mine from American Apparel for $15. Not the most beautiful piece in the world, but has a classic look and durable.
I don't believe any of it is. Most of their corporate offices and all that are in Sweden.
I'm a huge Rugger nut, but if it is indeed $1000 that is just stupid. It's a beautiful jacket at $300, but at a grand... Give me one of those classic Golden Bears from Unionmade and I'm set.
I LOVE my Epaulet trousers and am not trying to hijack the thread, but for another good option try is Howard Yount stuff. Very similar quality and build.
Really need some quick help here. I'm looking at two madras shirts from SS2011 on final sale right now. I haven't bought any shirts from J. Crew in awhile... just shorts and some of their third party stuff. What's the chest measurements on a medium? Tried doing the chat with a specialist thing. She helped a bit, but could only give me a chest circumference of 45" for a medium, which seemed a little big. I'm a medium in Gitman Vintage. Should I go small on these??
I ended up finding the green/gray Japanese chambray oxford from Context at Penelopes. Still have a small and large left I believe.
Yup. If I was you I'd be taking advantage of the student discounts at RL Rugby and J. Crew and their constant sales. Pick up the basics. Oxford shirts. Chinos. Nothing trendy. Fill in holes with Gap. Gap has decent denim sometimes for $20. And pick up a pair of Clarks desert boots. Not $50, but a hell of a good looking shoe that can be worn with literally anything everyday.
Aaaaaand that olive will be sold out in 3...2...
I'm sure this has been addressed, but any word on a restock of navy rivet chinos? Size 31?
Up for sale are two pairs of Mountain Khakis Teton Twill Pants in size 30" hemmed to a 28" inseam. They are very TTS and measure 14.5" across the back waist band. I have a pair in very light olive and a washed stone. Great for hiking and working outside. Very similar to Carhartt. I don't have much $$ invested in these, just need the space so they are going CHEAP! Pants are both $15 each and $25 for BOTH. Next is a pair of Teton Twill Shorts in the same light olive. They...
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