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Up for sale is a set of 4 J. Crew Factory gingham shirts. The pink, brown, and black are all small gingham patterns and are size medium. The purple is a larger gingham pattern in a size small. All 4 for $30. $12 each.
A handful of AWESOME ties... Had these in MC for a few days, but I think some of these will appeal more to the SW&D dudes. Great looking repp stripe from J. Press. Only worn a handful of times. Brown, sky blue, and navy. 8.5cm width. The flash makes the brown look lighter than it is. Actually a very rich dark brown. Perfect year round. Will ship for $35-->$30. Next up in a great piece from The Windmill Club. Made in USA. From last FW2010. 2.5" width. Navy with light...
These things are NICE. Just got mine back from the tailor with a 1.75" cuff. Don't sleep on these if you need some gray summer-weight wools.
Whats the back of waist measurement and thigh?Also... that $1200 deerskin down vest on the website is SECKS.EDIT: Had to Tumblr it... Took a screen shot and cropped it. Genius.
I have one of the older 'slub tees' I think. You can see what I'm talking about on Context's sale stuff. Might be a bit different from the newer pocket tees and v-necks I've seen out lately. The shirt and body are pretty decent, but the neck has stretched so much and is always quite... bacon-y. Looks like a crappy t-shirt, not something you spent $35/each for.
Has anyone gotten some of the new heavyweight army surplus type t-shirts yet? Thinking about picking one up in gray and olive. Got some Velva Sheens last year and they sucked. I was hoping they'd be a little more rugged. Really disappointed in them. Hope these may fit the bill.
Ordered the navy overdye today from Barneys. Wish I would have picked it up earlier to save a few bucks though. The blackwatch plaid is next on my hit list. God I love these shirts.
Go with a Schott. Better quality, cheaper, and by a company that has been doing it forever. They have a slim fit one too in all different colors.
I live in the mountains of NC and find that my Schott peacoat and Barbour Bedale are two great options when it gets below freezing. A liner for a Barbour isn't a bad idea, but I find a nice sweater under it a perfectly suitable alternative.
Selling a great batwing bowtie from The Windmill Club from last FW season. Only 6 of these were made IIRC. This is a great dark khaki, black, and red that looks awesome with some twill khakis and a black blazer. Don't think I've even worn it. Would also be interested in trading for other high quality bowties. $45 Last is a really cool wool tartan necktie from Martin & Osa. 2.25" $20 $55 for BOTH! PM's are best!
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