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Yeah dude. Not offending me. You'll waste a lot of time chasing the holy grail with tailoring. Buy your clothes and wear them.
Yeah. White. Gray university stripe. Red. Red university stripe w/ white club collar. FW11 Green chambray. Blue university stripe. Blue oxford. FW11 navy overdye.
Haha. They are both red. And yes I know you still have me beat, but I'm gaining fast.
This is getting out of hand.... Navy overdye in the back got here today... Thinking a plain gray oxford next... Or gray chambray...
For real. Me too. I keep having to tell myself it's a spring jacket. Not a fall jacket. Don't convince me otherwise...I think part of the charm of the original was the orange collar and cuffs... Without that, I'll be keeping my 2 benjamins on this one.
Yes. I think comparing Rugby to Chaps is a bit over the top as well. That's like refusing to shop at J. Crew since J. Crew is for poor people. Rugby fits a niche and has always done some absolutely stunning sport coats that may or may not fit your tastes. Either way, they are definitely investment worthy pieces. Anyway... I think making the RRL stuff available online isn't going to be a huge deal really. Most people still aren't going to pay (or are able to pay) full...
I picked up a ton of stuff at the beginning of the SS sale. You obviously won't find the varsity jacket on sale, but most shirts, pants, sweaters, etc. will probably still be there.
Heh... Typically BB customer service where I'm from. Go in there in a wifebeater and cut-off jeans shorts asking about a $1200 suit and they fawn all over you. Go in there asking about a $70 shirt and they act like you're wasting their time. I asked if they had any blue university stripe oxfords in the slim fit and they sales guy told me "I don't think we make one. That's a bit of an oxymoron don't you think?" I was like uhh... you make one. Check the website.I think you...
My washed slim bootcuts stetch out like 1.5" after 2 or 3 wears. I have to wash and dry them all the time... Kinda sucks. I know better for next time.
I think the sand suede and blue suede would make a great pair for just about any situation with any pair of pants. The Beeswax to me looks a little dated to me right now... As in like 2006 dated. I'm currently rocking the sand suede, but have had the taupe suede in the past. Definitely like the sand color better.
New Posts  All Forums: