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I'm looking for a new pair of dark jeans for FW and was thinking about tacking on an order next time jimmyfingers opens it up. Wasn't really looking at RRL, but for 50% off, seems like a deal. I'm a shorter, stocky guy with big thighs. I need about a 16" back of waist measure (size 30 in APC NS), an 11.5" leg, and a smaller leg opening, preferably like 7.5" to 7.75". What do you guys recommend? Low straights? What size? I'm guessing I probably can't squeeze into the Slim...
APC New Standard. Bought new from the APC website last year. Someone convinced me I had to get a 29 when I really needed a 30. Waist measures 15.5". Inseam has been hemmed (and soaked to shrink) to 27". I'm 5'7" and these hit right at the ankle on me. Anybody taller than that they will not work for. Soaked twice in Woolite Dark. Minimal fading. Most prominent is on my wallet pocket. Crotch area has some slight fraying from my huge ass thighs. Plenty of wear left in them...
A traditional regimental stripe from Lands' End. 2.75" width. Will sell for $15.
I really like Penelope's ( They ship free on orders over $150, which most GV shirts are starting to command. Also Need Supply has the 15% SF discount, which is great too. Between those two and Barney's website, I can find most anything I'm looking for.BOO fits the smaller shouldered guys. Gitman fits more of a broader shoulder type dude. Depends on your weight to height really. I'm 5'7" and not quite 160#. The medium is SPOT on.
Anybody know how the Gant by MB sweaters fit this season? Specifically the burgundy and navy block stripe? Trying to decide between a small and medium.
Up for sale is a Steven Alan red buffalo check flannel. Bought on Gilt early last winter for $79. Worn like twice. Just a bit too small for me to wear as I'd like to. P2P is 20". Tagged Sz. M. Must note that the buttons are on the opposite side than usual. I don't know if this is typical of Steven Alan or not. I don't own anything else by him. PM's are best.
I have last year's. Pretty nice piece. As stated before, the colors are excellent. Can't go wrong with either (if you have access to last season's). I would say that they do actually run small though. I have to get a small in the button up shirts. Ordered a small in the fairisle, but wish I could have gotten a medium. All of the sizes sold out relatively quickly and I had to kind of snipe the website to catch a return in a small. Better act fast on the new one.
Haha. Thanks. Will keep it bookmarked.
Wow. Will someone please buy that shooting shirt, wear it once, hate it, then sell it to me for like $150?
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