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The J. Crew one looks a little more authentic to my eye, which makes me like it a lot better.
I think moleskin is probably a better bet if you are after casual, though the flannels are pretty sweet. I'm a senior in college and can get away with wearing my brown moleskins to class without anyone saying "Oh, wow, you dressed up today." Get me? Very corduroy like in the way they can be dressed up or down.
Really? That's disappointing. Did you try it? I'm a medium in Gitman and have a Gant Rugger oxford popover in a medium. Think I'd be a small? Think I need to forget about it?
Somebody convince me to go through with this thing... How else could I wear it? Over a henley... Over an oxford as kind of a shacket?
I don't know much about their jeans, but I wear a 30 in their shorts and wear a 30 in their dress/suit pants too. Still get them tapered just a bit. I'm probably more of a true 33" waist, but wear a 32" in most everything. Dockers Waders, Epaulet chinos, Levi's 501s, etc.
They are watching Gant do it successfully. Even the Bastian stuff is MIC.
Sz, 10. Around 8.5/10 condition.
Thanks! Strange though... Medium was unavailable about 2 days ago.
Didn't see a post for this. Thought this guy deserves some serious recognition for a really cool Fall collection. I'll be picking up these beauties soon: The new rugby with the corduroy collars are pretty sweet too: Cool new selvedge Levi's collection too in STF. Anybody else love this stuff as much as I do??
SECKS.Looking forward to the navy canvas rivet chinos I ordered this morning! The navy wool Rudy's are definitely next.
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