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Just got my medium gray flannel. Literally fits the same as all my others. I'll measure tonight and edit this post. Anyone got measurements on the blackwatch yard dyed in medium or large? Wondering if I really need to size up on that one.
Just looking for the basic grey oxford in a size medium. Gitman Vintage only please. Will offer $85.
Check out the new burgundy New Balance 1400 they just picked up at J. Crew. Pretty nice looking shoe I think. $130. Made in USA.
Anybody got a leg opening measurement on the original thin fits in a 32? I tried some on the other day at the shop. Fit really well in the thigh and seat, but couldn't really tell what the leg opening was like because of the long inseam stacking up on my short frame. Didn't really think to inspect it much more while I was there.
Fairly sure they are the same. Even the one on the Barnery's site listed as wool and dry clean only is more than likely the one above.
Might want to place an order pending the measurement on those low straight one washes you have left over.
I've got a medium coming in the mail to me this week. I'll give you the details when it arrives. If it doesn't fit me (I didn't realize when I ordered that this one fit smaller also), would you like first dibs on it before I return it? I got it for $165... a bit cheaper than I've seen it anywhere else.
So the current season blackwatch shirt fits slimmer? Any more details on this before I shell out for one?
Had to get a small to fit the chest. Sleeves were about 4 inches too long, even in the small. (I'm a perfect medium in Gitman.) I also really much prefer blackwatch with some navy in it too. The Gant only had green and black. Just didn't feel like it was worth $185 to me. Might pick it up it makes it to the sale for half off.
Thanks for that. Just picked up their last medium in that shirt. Glad I didn't get it at Barney's for another $20. Tried the Gant by MB blackwatch pullover, but sending that back for the Gitman blackwatch. I don't know why I thought I'd be happy with anything other than the Gitman!
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