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Link for Billy Reid Private Sale
Just a little more generous than I was used to with Epaulet (Rudy's), but still very modern. Similar to Howard Yount stuff. Very classic. The leg opening was originally about 8.5". I got them tapered beginning at mid-thigh down to 8" with little break.
No love? Got the trousers and they are GORGEOUS in person. Just ordered the Rugby for $99 on the private sale.
I got the burgundy New Balance 1400s for like $97 after the discount. Looking forward to these.
Just got my LVC 1947 501XX in the one wash. Got a size 32. Little tight. Doesn't look like they make a 33. Do these stretch in the waist?
Found mine on yourlume as well. I second all of this. I have a size small. I'm a medium in Gitman Vintage. Probably should have gotten an XS for a more modern fit, but I think I'm happy with the small so far for a more classic jacket.
Which one? OR
I've got 2 pairs of Rugby corduroys from last year, one a deep wine burgundy and the other a deep forest green. I really don't want the colors to fade any, but I need to clean them. Do I need to dry clean or have any of you done the washed machine? Delicate, cold cycle? Woolite Darks?
Just got my medium gray flannel. Literally fits the same as all my others. I'll measure tonight and edit this post. Anyone got measurements on the blackwatch yard dyed in medium or large? Wondering if I really need to size up on that one.
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