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Selling a pair of genuine Ray Ban Clubmasters. Got these for my birthday a few years ago, but they've just been sitting around. I tend to gravitate to tortiseshell frames. Great condition. Worn a handful of times. Will ship for $85. Includes case (however snap has broken off case).
Anybody know of a good, cheap online source for replacement red brick EVA soles? I see Mark McNairy sells them on his site, but they are a little more expensive than I would have thought ($48).
Just got the word from a full-time personal shopper at one of the stores who did some homework for me. They are not making the blue jacket this season. If anyone hears anything different, let us know! I really wanted that thing!!
Yeah. Sounded pretty sketchy. That's why I was wondering. Literally the only two J. Crew pieces I've been interested in in over a year.
Went to J. Crew this weekend to preorder the blue rain jacket and the polka dot shorts to lock in free shipping and the student discount. I was told they weren't even sure if they were going to end up making those two pieces and they use preorders to judge demand. Said the rain jacket wouldn't be out until June if it did indeed come out. Any more knowledgeable employees know the details on that?
I don't know for sure anymore, but I know at one point he was using a Brooks Brothers shirt factory in Garland, NC. I've seen some of his samples for sale there.
Can anybody comment on sizing? I'm an 8.5E in Allen Edmonds and a 8E in the Alden 403. Can I squeeze a wide foot into his navy suede chukkas?
I doubt it, but does anybody know if they'll allow the student discount with the new online store?
Selling a pair of great USA made Left Field twill chinos in a military olive. They are professionally hemmed to a 28" inseam and cleanly tapered to a 7.75" ankle. They are a size 33, but are VERY true to size. I wear a 32 in Dockers Alphas and LVC, and a 30 in J. Crew. Back of waist measures 15.75". A great pair of pants for any season. Retail was $150 + shipping. I'll ship for $60.
Well. While I've got a handful of J. Crew shirts filling some voids, I've got to recommend Gitman Vintage, though that probably comes as no surprise if you've been around the forums a little while. Gitman works best for broad shoulder types. I'm a short, stocky guy and a medium looks like it was poured over me. They are the very best fabrics in a classic, but slim cut. You'll be wearing them in 2020 and they won't look out of date. Our Legacy gets some love here too, as...
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