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My blue/white stripe from Unionmade fits just like all the other oxfords I own (gray, blue, etc.)
It is a cool watch, but check out Hamilton watches too for a similar look/price.
If I have to buy that buffalo check Gitman in the middle of July to make sure I get one, that's what I'll do.
This is very helpful. Thanks. Just would like to hear from maybe one more source on this. I'm interested in the 1967 505 Joey wash at TBS (since the price is killer). I'd love to know I won't have to end up exchanging across the pond. I'm a 32 in the 1947 501 Rough rinse. Will a 33 in the 505 do? I have pretty decent sized thighs. Is the 505 fit not something I should be considering?
Care to comment on the fit? I see J. Crew recommends sizing up. I wear a small in J. Crew shirts and a medium in Gitman. 38-39" jacket size.
I've been thinking about the Nanamica too. Anybody have any experience with it? Any insiders think it might make it to the first round of sales? (I'm thinking probably not unfortunately...)
Haha. Fair enough. Cheers zen master.
I keep seeing people posting stuff like this, but I legitimately do not get it. Can someone just please explain? That would be more helpful to me than just rolling your eyes. Thanks.
I'm a founding member, but have only have three orders to my name, all sale items, in the last year. Would they "revoke" my founding member status for something like this? Hah. I can't see any sale stuff.
Man I can't wait to get mine next week.Great pic though they won't be that clean for long!
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