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[[SPOILER]] Uncle Nutsy is just AWESOME!
Dr Jones for me today while running errands
[[SPOILER]] I can offer my personal opinion which is send them back.
[[SPOILER]] Aw that stinks! As others have said, I would not accept paying full price for these. Not sure if you will be happy getting a discount or just returning them for exchange/refund. As stated above, please keep the forum up to date with the outcome and good luck dealing with the merchant, hope they exceed your expectations in addressing this.
[[SPOILER]] Would really like to see better pics of the brass eyelets when you get them. Maybe laced up as someone else said.Thanks and they look great!
What size are you? Digging the suede
Good one! I definitely laughed out loud at that!I do have a Brit working for me here. A guy that doesn't flinch in the face of adversity and has more stories than I ever will. He asked to leave, where I've been given a cordial invitation to GTFO. Seriously...I was asked nicely.
Enjoying my last few weeks in Buenos Aires. What was supposed to be a couple of years ago here for me ended up being six months. Things are kinda' strained here with the current political climate. Speaking of climate...EP shorts from a couple of years ago. After surviving the polar vortex last year I'm AOK with taking a pass on winter this year except for a quick ski trip
Hi, Since these are unsanforized, would be helpful to know if they have been soaked, and, if so, what the current measurements are. Thanks
Anyone aware of a list to get on for a ravello LWB? Thanks
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