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I'm passing on mine. Can't remember if I ordered a 8.5d or 9.0d.
Starting to think the same way. I've known for years that when you buy a pair of Alden's, you need to take the time to inspect them carefully before putting any wear on them. Having them make such a major change to the Ryden boot without communicating this to their customers comes across as a BIG F U. I love the shell boots and shoes from them that I currently own but think it's about time to move on to something else....that being said, when is the Alt Wein shell boot...
Thanks Mike!
And damnit on the edge....I'm kind of torn on what I'm going to do....
Hey Mike, I paid as soon as I saw the email and was charged the full price with no credit from the original deposit.
anyone remember what we put down for a deposit on these?
damn...i didn't even look at the pics, just sent the $$$ while in a meeting.
Don't post a lot but have been on this thread for years. A miserable morning in a Rio airport lounge (miserable because of traveling my ass off for work/personal since last Wednesday while running a fever for four days). Anyway, enough whining. EP jacket, EP shirt and a pair of Alden's picked up from EP years ago. You can't tell from the photo but the jacket is far past retirement age. It's the navy hopsack and I've worn and abused the crap out of it. Definitely a staple...
Mike, Appreciate the update on the Ryden boot you gave a week or so back...any word on the alt wine #8 boot that was ordered shortly after the Ryden? Thanks
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