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betterYou don't want to appear greedy, perhaps just partner up with the guy on ebay selling the Ravello boots for what....$3200?
oh well...Mike, let me know if someone has buyer's remorse.
wow. i thought i was pretty fast with this but apparently missed out
Kidding me? already sold out?
Corrected. Rarely drink Chardonnay save for white burg's but it's a warm eve. And sorry for no spoiler. Having issues from my iPad.
Damn Rob. That's just awesome!
Oxford trousers from awhile back. Awesome summer pant. Another hotel elevator shot. Hair swoop courtesy of a power nap immediately after a shower.
And in keeping with a wine and elevator theme....hopsack jacket, EP trousers, EP shirt (Alden's and Sid Mashburn tie). Sorry for the poor pic.
Rob: I have the same shirt and the same handgun. Both are "killer". As for boots, wasn't interested until alt Wein with antique edge came up. I'm in for that.
Awesome Vass Frank.
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