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Went with the brown to match the Innsbruck. Now I can toss my other belt since it split like crazy. Still tried to get wear out of it.
Navy Hopsack Blazer and Carmina chukkas. Ended up buying two pair of the chukkas since I screwed up on sizing the first time ATL airport F terminal Delta lounge
Man I love Sourh Africa, been there a few times and always have a blast enjoy!
Yup. I have that boot from Frans Boone. It's awesome
That's just awesome
Wow. Good looking shoes
Bored in the Delta lounge at EZE. Picked up the suede Alden chukkas from EP some time ago
[[SPOILER]] Nice to see you posting in here again Rob
Below the equator...in Argentina on biz and have been rocking my Doyle here
"Sorry guys, I'm still waiting on the Odd/Extended sizes of the Chambray. I'm heading out West tomorrow to chew bubblegum and kick ass on things..." And I'm all outta' bubblegum
New Posts  All Forums: