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[[SPOILER]] Nice to see you posting in here again Rob
Below the equator...in Argentina on biz and have been rocking my Doyle here
"Sorry guys, I'm still waiting on the Odd/Extended sizes of the Chambray. I'm heading out West tomorrow to chew bubblegum and kick ass on things..." And I'm all outta' bubblegum
saw the bulldog cufflinks and was in such a rush to checkout didn't realize they were french bulldog cufflinks...they were $35. If anyone wants them, let me know.
damn...those boots!
Big fan of Billy Reid, these are all too small for me though, good luck with the sale
just got world that the alden innsbruck indy came in. pretty happy about that. BTW, does anyone remember what the pricing was on these? for the life of me, I can't...surfing from my iPhone on international roaming so not investing too much time searching. also ordered a second pair of the carmina suede chukkas. ordered the first pair a bit too small but barely wearable with no socks. ordered a second pair one full size larger. regardless, you guys should jump on...
Thanks. This is my third trip down here. I will be spending most of the remaining year and 1Q of 2015. Will see how I feel after that much time. If I still like it, then will relocate for a coupe of years. Checking out some of the street markets tomorrow.
If anyone has the L.B.M. Chinolino in a 38 that wants to get rid of it, let me know. I regret sitting on that one. Anyway, nice winter day in Buenos Aires so snapped a street pic on the maiden voyage for these
ready to see the snuff trainers.
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