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Yup...good eye. I need to give wrist time to other watches, have a few others but for some reason, this is on my wrist most of the time.
Chopping some firewood this morning in EP Indy's and EP moleskin over shirt from several years ago
My heart goes out to all of those in Paris. I flew out of CDG just a couple of hours before the attacks began. Would have been in the city that night had Air France had available seats on the Saturday flight. Some pics from the last couple of weeks. Several don't actually show the EP gear that was being worn but thought they were cool pics. Hope you guys don't mind. First few are from a bike tour of west Texas that me and my best friend made two weeks ago. My lovely...
For those of you that have the recent moleskin rivets, do you dry-clean or cold wash? Thanks
My thoughts alMy thoughts also...love that jacket!
Looking for some input here. I just received a pair of snuff suede WT boots from Brick+Mortar. Would like to get the eyelet/speedhook hardware changed out to brass. I filled out the contact info on Randy The Cobbler's website this morning but not sure if there is someone else recommended for this type of work? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
Hey Guys, Waiting to hear back from SKM on whether the one spot is still open on the GMTO Linderick boot. If so, will need some assistance with sizing. On the Brannock, I'm about a 9.25. I wear Alden Plaza lasted boots at a 9D and they fit very well. I have some Alden Barrie boots at 8.5D and 9D that also fit well and Alden shoes on Barrie, 8.5D. The fit on these is pretty close to being spot on. Thanks
Just found this thread. Can't wait to see the mods your having done @inn8chiro
[[SPOILER]] Those look awesome
Sorry to have missed out on that LS shortwing. Have been on the hunt for that shoe
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