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Guess I should of added what I'm thinking in my post. As tight as the 40 was, I'm thinking of jumping up two sizes.
For those with the waffle knit sweater sizing issue, are you sizing up one or two?
Yeah. I have a couple of these awesome sweaters and the waffle knit definitely made up small. Damnit.
This is a big YES...hoping for good news on both of these soon
Loved my 36mm Explorer when I had it. Apparently, it belongs to my wife now.
Mike, I'm good on the price for the alterations on the pants. I made the decision to keep them due to being an awesome fabric. BTW, the inner sewn in tag said 34, the outer, paper tag sewn into the waist said 32. The inner tag was the correct size. As far as I'm concerned, case closed and I recognize shouldn't even have posted here, but sent you a PM instead just to let you know for future quality control. Case closed, nothing to see here, move along
no...hem was $15 each. The pair I received that was the wrong size was an additional $50. Total for three pair for hemming and one alteration was $95
About my post earlier with the wrong sized britches; I did not reach out to Mike or anyone else at EP. Existing customers know with certainty that it would have been made right had I done so. Just wanted to make that clear to anyone new to EP checking out this thread.
Anyone get the wrong size in the latest FF walts? Ordered three pair in waist size 32 and the field mouse came in size 34. Cost $65 to get all of the alterations done. Had it only been a simple hem job, I would go the cheap places (and argue to mark each leg individually instead of doing just one leg and replicating for the other) but when I need more skillful work done, tend to go to places that have full tailoring ability and pay more. Though for about 30seconds on...
Anyway...got notification that my EFF Walt order is shipping out. Hopefully the rest of you gents got the email also
New Posts  All Forums: