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[[SPOILER]] nice git up right here.
yeah, had to grab a couple of them
[[SPOILER]] Have flown to Italy twice in the past three weeks and wore the same pants for travel on every flight....comfy and looks great
[[SPOILER]] aww shitsky....tied up all day and just now looking. would have been all over this
Haven't worn the EP Ravello Brixton's in awhile and think this is the first time wearing the pants. EP olive twill from several years ago
Global Entry is very much worth it. I travel a fair bit and it's fantastic for coming back into the states. Precheck is great for domestic travel.
Curious, what makes you guys think the combat boots are good travel boots?
No spoiler due to awesomeness of the pant. Wore mine the other day while out with the wife for cocktails
What winter?
I've always liked these...
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