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yeah, have both of the ones pictured...sorry for the crappy ad...was working on ipad in an airport.
Two pair of rivets for sale, both are NWT, cut on the original rivet pattern, waist size 32 and are zip fly. First up is the legendary gray speckled donegal tweed. Inseam on these is 30.5" The EFF price was $175. For sale for $140, shipped USPS to the lower 48. Second pair is the Ends For Friends Rivet Chino Linen & Lightweight - END 98 Supreme Natural Indigo Linen. These have a 32" inseam. Original price was $150. For sale for $120, shipped USPS to the lower...
For sale are two Epaulet Marcello Jackets from a few years ago. I don't think I wore either jacket more than twice and both are fantastic summer staple pieces. Per Epaulet: Epaulet Description: "The Epaulet Marcello jacket is our rendition of a Neapolitan style unstructured sport coat. It features minimal shoulder padding, partial canvassing and a quarter lining. Together, these features allow the jacket to sit flush against the body without being restrictive, so...
A few Epaulet shirts for sale. None have been worn, one is NWT, others are NWOT. The brown check is size Medium and $80 The navy gingham shirt is from a EFF and was called lawn something or another due to it's lightweight. Love the shirt but too small. Size Medium $80 The tattersall was just received from the March EFF. Beautiful summer pattern but apparently I screwed up and ordered a short sleeve instead of long sleeves. Size Large. Price on this was $110. For...
so....the officer chino shorts in khaki were delivered yesterday. Tried them on and they were too big and planned on returning them on Saturday. When I got in from work today, my dear wife had them on the drying rack after giving them a cold wash thinking she was doing a good thing. Guess they will be on B&S in a day or so, or whenever I get around to posting them. Really thought the 32 would work for me and apparently, so did my wife!
Is there a post somewhere with accurate measurements of the different denim cuts? Thanks
[[SPOILER]] nice git up right here.
yeah, had to grab a couple of them
[[SPOILER]] Have flown to Italy twice in the past three weeks and wore the same pants for travel on every flight....comfy and looks great
[[SPOILER]] aww shitsky....tied up all day and just now looking. would have been all over this
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