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At the airport waiting for my flight back to the states. Ready to be home for the holidays!
I've wondered the same thing for several years.
Thanks @budapest12. That's what my searching has shown but thought I would throw the question out there anyway.
Question for you guys that stay abreast of who has what (and yes, know it's a long shot). I just ordered the chamois cap toe shoe from leffot. What I would rather have is a shoe out of the same material, plaza last short wing. Does such a beast exist and if so, who has that make up? Thanks!
[[SPOILER]] That is some nice stuff there!
Uh oh. Called them rivets but they have a zipper.
Rarely post any sort of pics here much less add anything of value. I have lurked damn near daily for a few years though. Anyway, have worked my ass off this week between Brazil and Argentina. In hotel elevator on way down to pool for more of what's in the glass. Poor consolation for being away from friends and family over Thanksgiving. However, when home the previous week I found these rivets in a plastic tub in our storage. Haven't worn them for a couple of years. My...
Thanks for the comments on the long sleeve tees guys. Guess the only thing to do is have two different sizes...just in case!
Can anyone else comment on sizing for the long sleeve tees? I have a medium being shipped to my home but I'm out of the states until close to Christmas. Considering having my wife return the medium when it arrives and going ahead and ordering the large. By the way, was home last week and wore the track pants for the first time. Those things are awesome!
Have a pair of those waiting for me at home which I'm slowly working my way their right now. Landed in the states a few hours ago and two more hours for my layover. Looking forward to chilling in these this weekend.
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