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ready to see the snuff trainers.
Well, at the moment, my clothing is spread out between Chicago (thought I was done there but will be soon), Houston, N. Florida, Indiana and Buenos Aires...My better half and I have allowed our personal life to be more complicated than it needs to be and my work life has me all over the place. I'm actually hoping to to call Argentina home for a year or two but working out the details on that.Those that travel for work understand...it's better in theory than in practice.
Great scores
I've had the same thoughts about the last 38R Seersucker sports coat they have...don't need it but if goes to crazy mark down territory I'm on it
X2. Not at all the color I was expecting but when I opened the package I thought.."yeah, that will work.."What an awesome sale though on some great trousers. If the blackwatch would have been in my size, would have not hesitated a minute. Considering I'm now over the 100 pair mark on Epaulet trousers (yeah, I know...) I certainly don't need them but dayum', they are nice.For those of you on the fence about anything, jump on the tweeds if they are available in your size. ...
I'm down for this as well. Thinking I may try to get two pair, one with the cargo pockets. Although I've been traveling below the equator, like you, I prefer to get them before summer is over in the US.
I'm in Houston now and when I saw the hoodies earlier today I thought yeah right...it's hot as hell now and staying like this for awhile. Then, this afternoon, found out I need to be in Buenos Aires for a bit where it's winter so jumped on the faded indigo.
Very nice wj4
[[SPOILER]] Have the same jacket. Love it
[[SPOILER]] Never tire of seeing a good looking bulldog
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