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I have a question about this suit: NEW 1818 Fitzgerald Charcoal Gray Wool Suit. Made in USA. Two Button Single Vent. Tagged 42R. P2P 22.5, Sh 18, Sl 24.5, L 30.25. Flat front pants are 36-28.5 with 5 inches to let out if cuffs are removed. $295. Here are the two pictures you posted: http://s692.photobucket.com/albums/vv284/advantagecp/Suits/?action=view¤t=z4526.jpg http://s692.photobucket.com/albums/vv284/advantagecp/Suits/?action=view¤t=z4527.jpg If you...
That's a horseshit excuse used by people who are too lazy to put in the work. The LSAT is extremely learnable, but it takes hard work and most people don't want to do it.
Ok, well unfortunately in this economy the only schools that would open you up to all of those markets are Yale, Harvard, Stanford. So, these are the school I would avoid in the Top 20, with explanations for each:Wash U: Great school, they give out a ton of scholly money, but they're a midwestern powerhouse with not much placement outside unless you're in the tippy top of your class.Vanderbilt: Usually I recommend Vanderbilt to a lot of people with grades for the lower top...
As usual, it depends on the school. Top quarter at my lower T14 had no problem finding a market paying job. In fact top 1/3rd or so had great results, middle 1/3rd had middling results and the lower 1/3rd struggled. But virtually everyone found a job, maybe not paying 160k but still paying, by the time they graduated. But at 90% of law schools yes, this is the case.
Ok, then I think this is a good question to ask before giving more advice: Where do you most want to live, where would you not mind living, and where (if anywhere, usually people say midwest, or the south) do you absolutely NOT want to live?
Not to mention that the LSAT has more predictive value in terms of first year law school grades than any other quantifiable factor a law student may bring to the table, including GPA.http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1184302
At full price. Read more carefully.
Listen to this man, he knows. I wouldn't attend a school that's not T14 + UT, UCLA, Vandy and maybe BU at all, unless you're going completely free and don't mind losing 3 years of your life and possibly ending up unemployed. As LB said, look at Emory, look at Notre Dame, look at other schools in that range. These are fairly prestigious schools that are getting destroyed in this economy. There is a HUGE dropoff in hiring outside of the Top 17 or so, just look at the...
Oh man, you hate that the feast of all saints has been perverted? What I really hate is that christmas has destroyed the wonderful festival of Saturnalia, with its gaudy ornaments and crucifixes (who wants to see a dude on a torture instrument...really!) and easter has changed the absolutely wonderful holiday of Oester into a silly story about a person becoming a zombie. How ludicrous!
Look, the number one thing you can do to make yourself more attractive (well, number two, number one would be to acquire a ton of cash) to younger women is to stay in good shape. It will make you look younger, and women like a good looking guy as much as men do. If you're about to spend a ton of money on a nice wardrobe, don't. Get a gym membership, and if you don't know anything about working out, get a personal trainer. The truth is that if your clothes are well tailored...
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