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Hey everyone, I'll be moving to Germany in May-June. I'm really excited to start adding some neat European articles to my closet. Does Anyone have any tips on good thrift stores or ways to search and find them? Also interested in the best areas to shop in general as well. I'll be in the south western Mannheim area FYI. Thanks!
I'm at Osan right now, send me a PM and i can go down there and get his info for you.
First time submission but these hot korean nights have me ready Navy Linen suit Pastel Pink Hugo Boss Penguin Tie Vintage Pocket Square Medium Brown Cole Haan Wingtips (unseen)
I like the Gucci jacket a lot it is unorthodox and I am a younger progressive forum member. I would think twice if I was going to a black tie event with my bosses (40+ crowd).
How do you know that its going to be MTM? Based of price point? Are there some questions that I can ask to identify if a suit is going to be MTM or completely bespoke?I'm ok with MTM for this first one but in the future I'd like a completely bespoke suit as well.
I stopped by Hanh's today and they quoted me for 550,00 for a standard 2btn navy suit. This is using a korean made 130s fabric. I didn't have time for a fitting but i think i'm going to do it and start my first bespoke process next weekend.
Sorry I couldn't make it out. Looks like it was a great time. Where's the pics?!!
i'll likely need directions to unipair or coffee bar k, likely from iteawon station. or some sort of coordinate that i can enter into google maps would work too.
so to speak....
I'd be in but since I don't work in Seoul, so Saturdays are better for me. If its a Friday I could make drinks but would probably be too late for dinner.
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