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I'm with you on this PoP. I've never bought the 'break in the line' argument. When the jacket is closed the belt is invisible. If it's open then as you say there is already a very obvious break at the shirt/trousers boundary. A belt may serve to emphasise that if the colour stands out a lot from the trousers, but that's all. I prefer side adjusters, but if I don't wear a belt it's not to avoid breaking any line of the suit.
When I worked for Mt Buller that was the standard ski instructor joke. And if you were an instructor it was an examiner joke. Very adaptable
Looking possible, won't know for sure until closer to the day but I'll keep it on the radar.
Sorry, but utter rubbish.
Depends. If your jacket and pants are cut such that you don't see white shirt through the front quarters whenever you move, then I think it's ok. With many modern cut dinner suits with low rise pants and very open quarters that won't be the case though, and you need a waist covering to preserve the integrity of the look IMHO.
Hi all, Just a heads up about an interesting-sounding style event coming up in Melbourne fashion week, sponsored by our friends at Beggar Man Thief. I'm going, a few tickets left still.  
Hi all, For any non-members of the WFS Expert Network who want to come along to the networking event tonight, the details are: Venue Sinclair Knight Merz Level 16, 452 Flinders St, Melbourne, 3000 Time 18:00-20:00 $20 for non-members, free for members and you can join at the event and get free access to all the quarterly networking events for 2014. Hope to see some new faces there!
Forgot to mention that anyone who intends to go should rsvp to expertnetwork@wearforsuccess.org.au so that our kind hosts at SKM know how many to cater for. Members will have those details on their invites but mentioning here for anyone new coming along.
So who's coming along to the WFS networking event tomorrow night? Surely all the guys who are members at least (free food and booze! ) Pink Socks, Checky, fxh, Coxsackie? Ernersto, CD, others whos handles I can't recall off the top of my head! The more the merrier for events like this, and for members this is what you joined for, so get your money's worth! Hope to see a lot of you there!
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