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i really like this look and it's one I've done for 'fancier' functions, only using my french navy suit rather than charcoal. I think the silver grenadine with white shirt looks awesome with almost any dark suit.
My wife will be more than satisfied with that description :-)
What happens at DTK stays at DTK.
For those interested, a couple of shots from Dressed to Kill last week. [[SPOILER]]
Pleased to report that my first experience of Bancroft's as drycleaners for quality suiting appears to have been all positive. Haven't examined the suit in minute detail as yet but it appears the stains are all gone without drama (this was a PJohnson that got a reasonable amount of beer spilled on it) and the lapel roll is intact. FWIW Nick Bancroft assured me that they never press lapels flat unless explicitly asked to. Thanks to everyone who provided advice in relation...
Retune in your area perhaps?
I wouldn't be able to sit through it, would just make me mad.I understand the point Nye is trying to make, but I really don't see there's much to be gained by 'debating' someone who's answer to everything (literally, everything) is 'what the bible said'. In Ham's world anything and everything that disagrees with his literal interpretation of the bible is just flat out wrong. Evidence etc be damned. My head would explode within minutes.
Personally I find DB implies levels of formality incompatible with those materials, but maybe that's just me.
Thanks JM, I think that might be the same one I found in Henry Bucks (where it's slightly cheaper), which was the only one I could find locally. I think it's overpriced and I don't like it that much as it's very thick and bulky. Thanks for the heads up though. I've decided to stick with my current tie for the Bond event tomorrow and will look at getting something that I really like afterwards. Quite possibly I'll look at getting Sam Hober to make me one exactly as I want it.
Was going to check that out tomorrow perhaps, with the same expectation of knit ties and pocket squares. The only R&B stuff I own! They'll likely all be gone by then though, with the SF vultures descending upon it
New Posts  All Forums: