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Apologies if I missed earlier discussion of this but surely not in the same price bracket as PJ?
I'm afraid you have a very different definition of perfect than me.
No Martin Barre otherwise I might have been tempted by Tull. And Yes with no Anderson or Wakeman, don't know. Although complete performances of Fragile and Close to the Edge does sound awesome if potentially insomnia-curing.Clothing related: We're really keen to get a few more people along to the Suitably Connected networking event at Oscar Hunt on Thursday, so if all the SF folk that are coming could try to bring along one colleague or friend who would be interested we...
Hi guys,Just a reminder about the event coming up at Oscar Hunt next week.Gin, wine, food, awesome surroundings and great networking opportunities.Hope all the Melbourne crew will come along if they possibly can. Please ensure that you rsvp as below (do it now!) and if you can find someone to bring along and introduce to Suitably Connected then that would be terrific.
Sounds like a Young Nationals Saturday night rave.
He's here 'til Thursday.. Try the beef.
Even better this is on sale:
Hi Melbourne guys, and anyone else who will be in Melbourne on July 3rd! The networking group in support of the Wear for Success charity are holding their next event on that date, and it will be the launch of the rebranding of the group as 'Suitably Connected'. We're hoping for a really great turnout to kick off the 2014/15 networking event calendar so can you all please do your best to rock along and pass on the attached invitation to anyone you know who's interested in...
TM Lewin might be worth a look. Have a long cut, sell separate jackets and pants and the pants come unfinished. As long as you like the strong British silhouette they're decent value (half canvassed and reasonable fabrics).
Melbourne mafia: pencil in July 3rd for an upcoming event that is likely to have some broad appeal for those (one or two) of you interested in clothes and booze. More details to follow.
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