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Lol, thanks PG :-) Little embarrassing that I was wearing the same crappy online MTM jacket I had on at the drinks meet, but fortunately its fit issues aren't too obvious if I walk fast enough. Where were you having lunch, somewhere near Mr Mason? Plan to be rather better attired tonight for my 10th anniversary dinner - PJohnson and Sam Hober :-)
http://www.pediwear.co.uk if you don't mind the wait.
Once they get to 50% off they begin to approach good value.
Their suits are great value basics on sale, at least have been online, but as far as I know they're half canvassed, not full (I have two of them).
I'd add my vote to the suggestions of using ebay.co.uk, and also suggest that you consider Aquascutum trenches as well as the ubiquitous Burberry. I picked up a brand new one off ebay for a fraction of what they would cost here (if you could get them) and personally I think they're better than Burberry. As far as I can tell most of the Aquascutum and Burberry stuff you see on ebay.co.uk (at least the NWT stuff) has been picked up by the seller at one of the factory outlets...
No worries, but take what I said about the process with a grain of salt. They *aren't* full bespoke with a basted fitting, I'm pretty certain (certainly not at their starting prices anyway) and my recollection of them being somewhere between normal offshore MTM and bespoke may have been based on a lack of knowledge at the time and me assuming that a 'fitting' was more than just the post-make check for alterations as done by PJohnson and most other MTM operations. I found...
Actually I thought spalla camicia was a very soft unstructured shoulder (literally a 'shirt shoulder'). The ruffling you are talking about though is generally called a Neapolitan shoulder I believe.
I talked to them a fair bit before deciding to go to PJohnson. They sound good but they are a little dearer than PJohnson and there was more direct experience on the forum with the latter so I decided it was less risky. Pinstripe's process sounded interesting though unless I misunderstood it, sort of half way between MTM and bespoke. Sounded like they had a proper fitting part way through the making (rather than just a post-make 'fitting' where any alterations are...
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