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Studio Suits. Wasn't hugely impressed with the linen jacket I got from them, but that was completely unstructured at my request (and possibly not normally so) and so probably not a good example. They seem to get a decent wrap from people on places like AAAC so figured they' might be worth another go. I also now have good fitting jackets to use as a basis for the measurements, which I didn't have back when I did the first one.
Yeah when you hit the J Crew site it looks like they sign you up for emails about upcoming international delivery locations, so they clearly are looking further afield both online and with stores. Perhaps something will happen soon enough for them to be a more practical option. In the meantime I'm thinking of giving my cheapo Indian MTM mob another go and let them loose on a tweed jacket. For about $100 or so not a huge risk!
Thanks Selvaggio, I'll check them out but judging by the Hackett prices in the UK from their website I suspect DJ would have them in PJohnson territory!I've discovered the J Crew Ludlow cut jackets since my original post, which appear to be decently slim cut with soft shoulders without being too fashion tragic (slightly short, but possibly not fatally so). Anyone have experience with the quality of J Crew stuff? Seems like as usual they're overpriced at full retail but on...
Anyone have pointers towards a decent maker of contemporary soft-shouldered, slim fit tweed jackets? The recent Melbourne preview of winter has got me thinking along those lines and some searching the past few days hasn't turned up a whole lot of obvious options. My PJohnson budget has all been consumed for now so getting one made by them isn't really an option, and Herringbone don't have anything in their current collection at least. Thanks for any info.
Personally I think it is, yes, but then I'm a fan of coats and prefer to layer up to keep warm in winter rather than worrying about the suit being much warmer. If you prefer not to wear heavy coats or your legs tend to get cold then flannel may well be a good option for you.
Thanks to everyone who gave some insight. I will of course verify what I can with Christian. It would be a real shame if they've gone fused as it would make me reluctant (justifiably or not) to spend the sort of money they want (even on sale). A decent OTR fit might outweigh that in the end though. More FWP.
PJohnson Loro Piana 4 seasons glen check?
Probably hard to believe but I finally got my first chance to check out Herringbone properly today, previously I'd only ever tried on a couple of jackets at their popup sales. As it turns out, their Osaka cut suits fit me by far the best of any OTR suit I've tried previously, not to the standard of my PJohnsons naturally but as close as I could reasonably expect given my fit issues. For some reason I was under the impression that the Osakas had been consigned to history...
I've used Tailor Store online MTM for chinos and been pretty happy with them. http://www.tailorstore.com
Sure it's not just a checklist, but I'm not seeing the shortfalls in execution that you apparently are, other than the aforementioned trouser length which I'd not seen at the time of the original posting. I'd be interested to know what you think they are.
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