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Lewin did post a response in the thread after a load of people weighed in following my original comments. To their credit they pointed out that they'd listened to previous criticism (also me among others) about forcing people on to their Australian site and had allowed people back on the UK site. So their rationale was that you had the choice to pay their inflated Myer and Oz website prices and get supposed benefits in 'special deals for the Australian market' or continue...
That sucks. I accidentally started a bit of a s^&tstorm on the Lewin facebook page by pointing out that same behaviour when they launched at Myer, Oz website prices almost doubled overnight.Will be interesting to see if things at J.Crew stay that way, as I purchased a Merino v neck off the Oz Lewin site yesterday for less than I could get it on the UK site, as prices of at least some things seem to be back at parity with the UK site and the free shipping then wins out.
Agony isn't it Four is my PJohnson limit for now, and I think we double up on the same Loro Piana Four Seasons grey glen check and light navy sharkskins from what I've seen in your pictures. From there we diverge and narrowly escape finger pointing and mumbling, lucky we live in different cities. Excellent taste you have though I must say .
The Mayfair.
Yes indeed. It would be funny if not for the serious harm that is coming from Joe Public increasingly getting their 'information' from such idiots (and many of them having high rating radio talkback shows..).Obstyle: got my new leather bag from Herring the other day, very nice soft waxy leather and decent looking hardware. Hopefully it holds up well. For $200 delivered I didn't see anything close to it in quality in my (admittedly brief and depressing) local investigations.
Bugger, it won't?
And if peak lapels are an option then T.M. Lewin are probably worth a look in that price range, half canvassed and you could check size at Myer then buy direct more cheaply (I have no qualms with stores like that).
Comparing pics it seems likely that these are rebadged Kemptons for Herring for GBP20 less than they charge for the Kemptons: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=6&shoeid=464
Yeah those Pimlicos are a great option I think. Once my cheapo Aquila brown suede chukkas (only bought because they were half price) bite the dust I think I'll be looking at a pair of Pimlicos.
My problems with Pernac were two-fold: firstly any alteration to the house style is a hit or miss affair as the proprietor - while a nice guy who tries hard - has little or no tailoring training, and their house style is nothing to write home about; secondly their quoted manufacturing tolerance was plus or minus 1cm so a possible variation of up to 2cm between one suit and the next for critical dimensions, which to my mind defeated the purpose of MTM almost entirely.
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