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Well the burgundy 'official' tie only came about because I noticed that many members including myself happened to end up buying one at one of the R&B sales, so it was an opportunistic declaration rather than a case of strong advocacy for a burgundy tie
Afraid I'd have to vote for hidden personally. Doubt I'd wear something with it visible unless it was extremely subtle. Of course depending on the tie I may never wear it anyway Perhaps to maximise potential wearers it could be something like a special edition of the classic navy grenadine or similar staple (although I assume embroidery on a grenadine is probably not possible?).
Can't help much but if you're in to coffee try Epic Espresso on Hay St. Perth is a bit of a coffee desert but Epic are great.
And I think my flag is fused, not even half-canvassed. And the edges don't appear to be hand rolled to me. Disappointing.
And in Singapore (in Uniqlo's case), which I hope to check out in about 6 weeks!
Thanks Jimbo. Tom warned me that I might end up wearing it all the time and he could be right!On Pinstripe, try searching for Raftopoulos. I also talked to Jason (correction, Nick) some time ago before I went the PJohnson route, and he comes across well enough. However at that time he told me they had a MTO service - certainly it was an offshore operation of some sort, not their inhouse bespoke - starting around the $1500 mark, so something doesn't quite add up. Probably...
Guilty. PJohnson mako cotton, Herring Shakespeares and R&B navy/red stripe knit.
Karl Stefanovic was apparently in PJohnson but I didn't see any pictures of him. Rove is often pretty well put together (and often not..).
From the brief photo selection I saw only Adam Hills seemed to have made a decent effort.
Thanks CD, might have to see if the city store has any. Do you recall anything about the styles/fabrics?
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