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Probably hard to believe but I finally got my first chance to check out Herringbone properly today, previously I'd only ever tried on a couple of jackets at their popup sales. As it turns out, their Osaka cut suits fit me by far the best of any OTR suit I've tried previously, not to the standard of my PJohnsons naturally but as close as I could reasonably expect given my fit issues. For some reason I was under the impression that the Osakas had been consigned to history...
I've used Tailor Store online MTM for chinos and been pretty happy with them. http://www.tailorstore.com
Sure it's not just a checklist, but I'm not seeing the shortfalls in execution that you apparently are, other than the aforementioned trouser length which I'd not seen at the time of the original posting. I'd be interested to know what you think they are.
Ah, just saw a full length in another gallery, and yes not sure what he was thinking with that pants length. Missed that before as I was too busy checking out his wife.
Didn't see any pictures of Brad's pants to be able to comment, but not sure how Michel's rig is elevated above Brad's, with flap pockets and two buttons on his jacket. In terms of classic black tie I don't see any missteps in Mr Pitt's ensemble (satin peak, bow tie, cummerbund, studs) other than perhaps sleeve length.
Brad Pitt gets it right as usual. George mostly gets it right (2 button jacket with both done up, really George?) and generally a far higher standard than normal for the entertainment industry this year, at least in this sample. http://www.theage.com.au/photogallery/executive-style/mens-style-oscars-2012-20120227-1txgt.html?selectedImage=0
Ha, thanks Checky. That cheapo linen jacket seems to be a magnet for getting spotted, probably because it's what I wore to the Melbourne drinks meet so it's recognisable. Hopefully its place in my rotation will be filled by the jacket from the PJohnson cotton suit that should hopefully arrive this week :-) I was heading off to start the weekend at The Boatbuilder's Yard I think, which is quite cool as it turns out.
Nice Jason. I'll be in Mallorca in July in case you need a personal emissary to talk with them further :-)
Since you mention tie bars, anyone have pointers to a plain, unobtrusive silver or titanium one with a spring mechanism that isn't too bulky? I don't like the idea of the 'hairpin'-like ones that slide on as I'd be worried about long term damage or snags, and all the spring ones I've seen so far are like a cm or more deep at the deepest point and I expect will sit awkwardly.
I'm sure others of us appreciate it too. I've not bothered with the waywrn threads for ages now, but it's nice to see locally relevant examples of what people are wearing.
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