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Guilty. PJohnson mako cotton, Herring Shakespeares and R&B navy/red stripe knit.
Karl Stefanovic was apparently in PJohnson but I didn't see any pictures of him. Rove is often pretty well put together (and often not..).
From the brief photo selection I saw only Adam Hills seemed to have made a decent effort.
Thanks CD, might have to see if the city store has any. Do you recall anything about the styles/fabrics?
Big Sock would clearly be masters of the cover up.
Am I committing heresy if I ask who my supposed doppleganger is? More importantly, is he considered stylish?
Much as I'd like to take this credit - and I did consider my obligations as decree-er of the official tie - the knit I was wearing was actually brown, not the burgundy :-)
If you give up on trying to fit in to it then I might be interested in having a look :-)
Yep, great to see/meet everyone, thanks for organising PS!
Hopefully one of the others rock up between you and I arriving, otherwise it's likely to look like a meeting of the PJohnson Navy Suit Club. I'll be the one who isn't 6 foot and blond.
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