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Industrie can be surprisingly good for slim fit stuff if you're not looking for quality that will last a lifetime (which I seldom am in casual stuff). Of course they also have large quantities of rubbish..How much were the merinos? I'd be interested to compare them to the Lewin ones which I've been pretty happy with. Were these v-neck or crew?
If they'd had the burgundy option when I bought mine I would have been seriously tempted I think.
Hmm, did they have many of those Canalis? Any idea of the model?
Good call.Damn SF, sale day 2 and no pocket squares left at all other than teal ones that clearly no-one (including me) knew what to do with.
I'll take a pair off your hands Appolyon
Anyone know of an alterationist in Melbourne who does a decent job with knitwear? I only recently discovered that they existed at all.
I'm shocked.
What was his basis for this assertion?
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