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Hmm, did they have many of those Canalis? Any idea of the model?
Good call.Damn SF, sale day 2 and no pocket squares left at all other than teal ones that clearly no-one (including me) knew what to do with.
I'll take a pair off your hands Appolyon
Anyone know of an alterationist in Melbourne who does a decent job with knitwear? I only recently discovered that they existed at all.
I'm shocked.
What was his basis for this assertion?
Many moons back someone requested a photo of the PJohnson midnight blue dinner suit I commissioned. I'm never likely to get around to taking a specific photo, but I was sent the one below by a friend from a recent event, so I thought I'd post it. Excuse the poor lighting and dubious looking drink. [[SPOILER]]
Just wierd if you ask me. The clash of styles, formality and weather-appropriateness just makes zero sense to my eye. Makes it a costume.
Reminds me of a sighting the other day in (wintry) Melbourne CBD. Orange driving shoes, no socks, tailored shorts, with formal shirt, tie and jacket. I'm hoping not someone here...
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