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I picked up one of those Uniqlo navy linen jackets on my way through Singapore to Europe and I love it, especially for the princely sum of S$120 or whatever I paid for it (half price sale).
Surprising (at least to me) when wandering around Milan a week or so ago (and indeed everywhere else in Italy so far) I've seen very few men wearing brown shoes with business dress, almost exclusively black. I had always been led to believe brown was more common in Italy than black, and that was my recollection from previous visits (not that I took that much notice). Perhaps this is a recent anglophile trend in Italian menswear.
Yet more evidence of the sense of entitlement that exists both in Australian society as a whole and most particularly in traditional retail.
Joe Black is one of those I believe.
Quick update while I have some internet access. Arrived in Milan today, no sleep on the 12 hour flight from Singapore which left around midnight local time so tired and grumpy, especially since it's pissing down in Milan at the moment! I will recover somewhat once I find the nearest open bar (that's coffee in Italy, for anyone who doesn't already know). Hoping to implement some shopping suggestions from the forum at some point. On the plus side, visited my first Uniqlo in...
Thanks for all the suggestions guys, most appreciated. I plan to have no room for sample pope socks though, I'm afraid
Ok, so over the coming weeks I will be in Milan, Barcelona and London amongst other places. I have a list underway, but what might I have forgotten to put on there that I should be thinking of buying?
Edit: question already answered.
Depends on the oxford. The white Thomas Mason oxford I got the shirt for my dinner suit made in is anything but informal.
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