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Actually a lot of their early stuff is pretty good, in my opinion. And The Edge is a somewhat underrated (or overrated in some circles) and innovative guitar player. Bono might get annoying at times but there's no denying the causes he champions are in general worthy ones.
Brief greetings from Paris! Bought nothing in London, bought nothing here so far, probably not likely to at this rate. But at least the weather is improving. #lousytourist #poorshopper Also thanks to @Coxsackie for the kind words some while back, although I'm not certain he didn't have me confused with someone else.
Hi guys,For any non-members of Suitably Connected that are planning to come along tonight we've just realised that the event page on the website linked below doesn't give the event time. It starts at 6pm and goes to 8pm. If you arrive after 6:30 the building security will prevent entry, so either get there before that or if you know you could be later PM me and I'll give you instructions on how to get in after that time.Look forward to seeing many of you there tonight.
Hi guys, I know a lot of the Melbourne crew are coming along to the Suitably Connected networking event on Wednesday, but for those of you still undecided this is a reminder that there's still time to be involved! And, I finally get to post a link to the event from the new SC website!: http://www.suitablyconnected.org/news/tastes-good---holgate-brewhouse-tasting-in-august-2014 There's actually no real problem with rocking along on the night, but preferably rsvp as per...
Yep I'll be going. I've been holding off reminding people about it (and people who are already Suitably Connected members will know of course) as the new SC website is about to go live and I'll finally have links I can easily point people to!It should be a great event, and I'd encourage everyone who is coming to try to bring along one other friend/colleague who they think might be interested in Suitably Connected, as the lifeblood of any networking group is getting more...
Coming in to a knowledgeable forum and making sweeping statements of dubious accuracy is probably not the best advert for your business, if that was your intent.
Copping my first Suit Shop purchases, looking forward to seeing how they come out compared to PJ. Seen and heard mostly good things so hopeful.
Apologies if I missed earlier discussion of this but surely not in the same price bracket as PJ?
I'm afraid you have a very different definition of perfect than me.
No Martin Barre otherwise I might have been tempted by Tull. And Yes with no Anderson or Wakeman, don't know. Although complete performances of Fragile and Close to the Edge does sound awesome if potentially insomnia-curing.Clothing related: We're really keen to get a few more people along to the Suitably Connected networking event at Oscar Hunt on Thursday, so if all the SF folk that are coming could try to bring along one colleague or friend who would be interested we...
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