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As did Connery in Dr No, a first for Craig's Bond though I think.
So it looks like Skyfall has Bond stepping it up with a midnight blue dinner suit!carouselLightbox[pp_gal]/2/
Mr Foster probably never went to Italy :-)
Many seem to do just that, successfully. Returning Lewin goods to the UK with the moniker 'returned UK goods' as they advise seems to avoid any problems with customs. Italian customs probably functions at a whole different level of process than UK customs, though :-)
Last I checked you can still use 'Australia' as a discount code to get free shipping, obviously to the exclusion of any other codes which is why I suspect they changed from default free shipping to this method.
Oh and that sheerwater is for Edifice which I believe is made for the Japanese market. My aquascutum is one of those and the fit is much more slim (in a good way) than regular aquascutum, probably more like a Burberry Prorsum.
My view is that raglan sleeves are preferable on a trench, not just because they're 'traditional' but because they sit better over a variety of jackets with potentially differing shoulder treatments, or no jacket at all, which can move your effective shoulder point. With a set in sleeve if the shoulder point doesn't match closely enough with what's underneath they can sit strangely.
Let me get this straight Gerry. You saw actual shoes but you didn't buy them?
I size down on the Lewin knitwear and it fits me very well generally (aside from arms which are always too long for me on any knitwear), but that's just me. Certainly if I went for my 'normal' size they would be too loose. I assume yours aren't a 'small' size then, but if they are I might be interested in taking them off your hands.
Don't forget the pear tree.
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