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I size down on the Lewin knitwear and it fits me very well generally (aside from arms which are always too long for me on any knitwear), but that's just me. Certainly if I went for my 'normal' size they would be too loose. I assume yours aren't a 'small' size then, but if they are I might be interested in taking them off your hands.
Don't forget the pear tree.
Rolling on the floor f^&*ing, the next level of hysteria.
It's like repeatedly going to the fridge expecting to see something interesting in there to eat that wasn't there 10 minutes earlier.
Why, why, why do I waste my time wandering through Myer and DJ men's departments every few months. Short memory..
Lots of function rooms in Melbourne will give you the space free, just have a minimum purchase charge that goes along with it for catering, probably starting around $1k for small spaces.
Probably worth checking out Tailor Store who will do MTM slim fit chinos for about $60-odd if I recall. Particularly if you struggle to find your size OTR.
Nice post fxh. My only addition would be to note that in Italy - where summer climate can be very similar to ours much of the time - you will see many (if not most) men still in suits or other sorts of jackets, certainly if the outfit includes a tie. As someone else mentioned, appropriate fabrics are an alternative to simply ditching the jacket when hot. I certainly agree that if you are jacketless with a tie you need to avoid looking like you just left your suit jacket on...
Yeah personally I've never understood the love for PAs on some parts of SF.
I'd suggest part of the versatility of burgundy is that it *does* go with black, and thus the only colour shoes other than black that you can wear with black pants (if you're so inclined). Assuming the burgundy is dark enough of course.
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