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Yet another mainstream article promoting the flawed notion that super numbers in fabric relate directly to 'quality'. And giving dubious advice like starting at a minimum of 110 for a bespoke suit..
Harvey once again demonstrates how completely clueless he is.
Guido sighting! Passed him crossing over William Street on Little Collins. There was a glance in my direction so he probably recognised a PJohnson cut Noticed him too late to see what he was wearing, will have to check his blog to find out lol.
While the coffee doesn't surprise me, the remark does. Or maybe it shouldn't. Certainly in Italy you will see a lot of brown and other non-black shoes in a lot of places, and they look great. But equally in some parts you will see almost nothing but black, Milan being a case in point from recent personal experience. Personally I prefer shades of brown to black in a lot of cases, I just find it more interesting, but black shoes will always be a staple in a formal wardrobe...
I think you can use 'Australia' as a discount code and get the shipping free still.
Last I checked they did have jumpers in Melb but that was a while ago. Best value was still from Oz online store with free delivery. The Lewin ties are pretty decent for the price and they have 3 for GBP60-odd offers on the UK website every now and then which makes them great value.
I'd probably suggest giving Tailor Store a try for fully MTM chinos in the $60-70 range if I recall. Not a huge loss if they don't work and if they do then you're set for future pairs.
I'm assuming that's what was happening when I was in Europe recently where they often asked me if I wanted to pay in Australian dollars or the local currency. I always said local, which I knew would be the cheaper option with my card. No doubt DCC slugs you a conversion fee plus gives you a lousy exchange rate or something?
Looks great Gerry. I've contemplated a birds eye or nail head several times and one is definitely in my future somewhere! I'm a big fan of subtle pattern or texture that looks solid from a distance but has the extra interest up close.
Actually scrap all that, the Tom Ford in Quantum of Solace was apparently midnight blue. Just not as obvious as the one in the Skyfall poster.
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