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Don't feed the trolls Gerry :-)
Not in the least, it's extremely common when illustrating something generic like aspects of suit construction.
They might use the same makers in the Netherlands (or not, the pictures could come from anywhere), but the process is decidedly inferior. If your custom suit doesn't fit you need to 'get it altered at your expense and record the changes so we can get it perfect next time?' Seriously?Edit. As blah noted above, photos used by many so most likely just stock. Should have read further down the thread before replying :-)
Gym work is often relevant when it comes to fit, though. People (myself included for a while) tended to think I had broad shoulders, but in fact all the 'doorway' width of my shoulders is largely deltoid mass, and the actual shoulder measurement of my skeleton is relatively narrow for my chest size. Hence most of my jacket fit problems, as you want the shoulder seam to be around the pivot point of your shoulder joint, or at least I do for the sort of fit and shoulder...
An unfortunate choice of phrase.
Personally I like a rich burgundy with the one shirt I have with purple-ish stripes. The unofficial oz-SF tie might go well. :-)
Yet another mainstream article promoting the flawed notion that super numbers in fabric relate directly to 'quality'. And giving dubious advice like starting at a minimum of 110 for a bespoke suit.. http://www.theage.com.au/executive-style/style/blogs/stitched-up/tailormade-style-20120726-22u0o.html
Harvey once again demonstrates how completely clueless he is. http://www.theage.com.au/business/gerry-harvey-sick-of-internet-spin-20120831-255ax.html
Guido sighting! Passed him crossing over William Street on Little Collins. There was a glance in my direction so he probably recognised a PJohnson cut Noticed him too late to see what he was wearing, will have to check his blog to find out lol.
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