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And herein lies the reason that I doubt I'll ever be in the market for baller driving shoes. My 30 euro ones I won't mind binning when the time comes (which is likely to be fairly quickly, those rubber studs aren't that durable and they won't wear evenly) but I'm not flush enough to be chucking out $400 Tods or even $200 O&Js every few seasons :-)
+1 Pernac are not in the same league as PJ.
I got a very cheap ($60) linen unstructured coat from them ages ago (wore it to the first Melbourne SF meet up if anyone remembers) and it's not terrible, and for the price actually pretty good. Main issue is with fit more than anything, so a second attempt with adjustments would probably be a whole lot better. Certainly a cheap and low-risk option for casual stuff.
Get PJohnson to make you one that would be better quality and cheaper as well as fitting you perfectly, if you're in that ballpark!
I don't know about the particular pair of shoes referenced, but there does seem to be common misconception that non-1880 Loakes are all corrected grain and/or glued sole. This is not the case, there are many shoes in their other ranges that are full calf, goodyear welted and even sometimes made in England. No doubt the overall quality of the 1880 shoes is probably higher, but there are some very well constructed shoes in the Shoemaker and Designer ranges too.
Since we're not yet graced with an MJ Bale outlet in Melbourne, can anyone who has seen both comment on how their SU2 tapered cut compares to Herringbone's Osaka? From the look and measurements they appear similar, are they?
Nothing from Calibre is worth full retail. Or even close to it. Don't know of an outlet though, sorry.
Probably worth seeing if the new Lewin store in King St carries any of their range, they should be decent for the price.
Yet another train wreck of a Brownlow from what I've seen. Half the blokes thought they were going to a funeral, the other half to senior prom. And a new low of a FIH tie paired with a wing collar, or perhaps he was the butler. Gary Ablett's decent form from last year didn't carry over, unfortunately.
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