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Nothing from Calibre is worth full retail. Or even close to it. Don't know of an outlet though, sorry.
Probably worth seeing if the new Lewin store in King St carries any of their range, they should be decent for the price.
Yet another train wreck of a Brownlow from what I've seen. Half the blokes thought they were going to a funeral, the other half to senior prom. And a new low of a FIH tie paired with a wing collar, or perhaps he was the butler. Gary Ablett's decent form from last year didn't carry over, unfortunately.
Sorry I couldn't make it this time, sounds like it was fun. So is Appolyon back in town?
Surely chamo would be de rigeur?
So I wander in to Myer for a laugh with the thought to check out the TM Lewin section and see if they have any of the new 'casual collection' in store. You know, the one that just launched to much fanfare, that they've been emailing everybody under the sun about and have plastered all over their Australian website. The one you might think their sales droid might have at least *heard of*. Nope. Blank, uncomprehending looks.
Michael Pascoe calls out DJs on this dishonesty http://www.theage.com.au/business/djs-only-has-itself-to-blame-20120920-268ub.html
You certainly can't get the same quality that a good commercial roaster can, but you'll likely surpass a lot of cheap commercial beans, certainly in freshness if nothing else. And freshness is the biggest quality variable.The actual beans can tend to be rather over-emphasised in the process too. Variations in the brewing process in many cases completely swamp bean subtleties.(Enough coffee gasbagging from me. Oh and Geoffrey I hope you realised my original comment was...
This is an excellent way of getting in to home roasting, did that for quite a while. Biggest downside is the small quantities you can do at one time and the chaff that goes everywhere, so you end up standing outside carefully watching a popcorn maker rather a lot.
My degrees are in Engineering, so maths, physics and chemistry mainly.
New Posts  All Forums: