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Michael Pascoe calls out DJs on this dishonesty http://www.theage.com.au/business/djs-only-has-itself-to-blame-20120920-268ub.html
You certainly can't get the same quality that a good commercial roaster can, but you'll likely surpass a lot of cheap commercial beans, certainly in freshness if nothing else. And freshness is the biggest quality variable.The actual beans can tend to be rather over-emphasised in the process too. Variations in the brewing process in many cases completely swamp bean subtleties.(Enough coffee gasbagging from me. Oh and Geoffrey I hope you realised my original comment was...
This is an excellent way of getting in to home roasting, did that for quite a while. Biggest downside is the small quantities you can do at one time and the chaff that goes everywhere, so you end up standing outside carefully watching a popcorn maker rather a lot.
My degrees are in Engineering, so maths, physics and chemistry mainly.
Combined with the aforementioned perfected method for freezing/thawing. Most attempts won't be as successful but GF's may well be, I don't know. Earlier well-designed studies I've seen have been less neutral on the effects, too. FWIW I'm a scientist by training, so I do follow the evidence. Bottom line is it's possible to freeze freshly roasted beans and thaw and use them later with (subjectively) no perceivable effect, but why risk it (unless you're travelling to the...
If you have perfected a method for freezing and, particularly, thawing beans without the slightest condensation then you might not do much harm, but you'd be doing well. I'd never recommend it unless there was no option to purchase fresh beans as needed. Each to their own though. I'm much more of a coffee snob than a clothes snob
Unfortunately you killed the credibility of your post right there Although the taxi driver thing came close lol.
QFT.Analysis at this level will of course be beyond the mainstream media, politicians, and especially the likes of Harvey.
A fully floating high quality horse-hair canvas combined with a luxurious super 130 fabric would allow TBM's attire to mold itself superbly to the contours of the car's bodywork, leaving no visible indentedness. Had he been wearing some fused chinese rubbish the car would be a write-off.
Love Rhodes & Beckett's advertising. Their 'up to 50% off' (the 50 in huge letters) sale has a few ties at that discount level, everything else on much smaller discounts as far as I can see. It always staggers me when marketing people don't seem to recognise the ill will they generate by poor expectation management.
New Posts  All Forums: