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Mayer's an underrated guitarist, too.
There's a slight possibility I might be interested. Haven't had a chance to get to the store and check out the fit as yet though. Will let you know if I decide to give them a try!
Have you checked out the Herring Mayfair CD? have one with me usually whenever I'm in town so you could check it out if you were interested. It looks similar to one of the others you posted that you were interested in, and considerably less expensive. Still got a webbing strap, but I never use that so didn't bother me.
Just the angle Jason or is the gorge quite high on those lapels? Looks nice overall!
Thanks TBM! I'd heard MJB were opening a store but didn't realise it was that close. Hard to go past the results and the overall experience of commissioning from PJ, but it would be nice to be able to get less expensive beater suits that fitted half decently!
That's great! I might have to get serious about trying one. So far Herringbone Osaka cut are the only OTR jackets I've found that fit me decently, and they're just overpriced when not on sale I believe. And I've yet to see anything decent on sale. So given it appears that MJB have a very similar cut in their line-up they're sounding like a good option. I'll have to grit my teeth and set foot in DJ again and check them out.. :-)
Siting near the corner of Spencer and Collins Street around 6pm tonight? Navy suit, light shirt, brown shoes and tie, yellow pocket square, beard :-) Anyone?
Well they only cost me $120 a pop, have a tough functional life and are expected to lose function potentially long before they 'wear out' aesthetically :-) Good to know that Tod's last decently though.
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