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Doh. Yes Brisbane, should learn to read. So I'm out :-)
I can probably do the 23rd.
+1 I'm a fan, probably the single biggest contribution that Styleforum made to how I liked to dress when I discovered it. Hadn't really ever noticed cutaway collars prior to that, and I've not tied a half-windsor in a long long time.
Sometimes, possibly many times, I wish I'd remained ignorant in this and many other areas... Ignorance may not be entirely bliss, but it's generally less expensive :-)
My only contribution to this, only because I'm sick of reading the same thing over and over with the point being missed. DR is wrong, as was made clear much earlier on. Who wins may not be affected but HOW MUCH THE WINNER HAS TO PAY most definitely can be, due to the way some bidders behave.
I was booked to do it but have been rehabilitating a hip problem for the past few months and am still way off running that distance. Disappointed as I thought it was a great event last year.Michael: I have a 5yo girl.
This chemise or shift of the 1830s has elbow-length sleeves and is worn under a corset and petticoats.
Thanks for all the No Sweat tips guys. I'll give it another go. I don't tend to sweat excessively in general but I've certainly noticed that a consequence of better fitting shirts and jackets with higher armholes tends to be more sweating caused by fabric contact and of course more potential damage as a result.
I recall some gents on here have mentioned that they use No Sweat successfully, I was wondering if they have any tips? I tried it last week for the first time, and despite heeding the warnings and cleaning and drying the skin as much as I possibly could it still stung quite a lot and irritated a few patches of skin for quite a few days after. I assume this isn't par for the course, so is there some trick to getting the skin dry enough for this not to happen, or am I...
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