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Phew. Close call for us!
You've got to laugh. http://www.theage.com.au/technology/technology-news/djs-online-frenzy-ends-in-meltdown-20121120-29nou.html
I picked up some decent linen shorts from Zara in Barcelona, might be worth checking if the local stores carry them.
The best martini I ever had was - I believe - made with Martin Miller, so I'm intending to get some in to the cabinet to confirm this.
Doh. Yes Brisbane, should learn to read. So I'm out :-)
I can probably do the 23rd.
+1 I'm a fan, probably the single biggest contribution that Styleforum made to how I liked to dress when I discovered it. Hadn't really ever noticed cutaway collars prior to that, and I've not tied a half-windsor in a long long time.
Sometimes, possibly many times, I wish I'd remained ignorant in this and many other areas... Ignorance may not be entirely bliss, but it's generally less expensive :-)
My only contribution to this, only because I'm sick of reading the same thing over and over with the point being missed. DR is wrong, as was made clear much earlier on. Who wins may not be affected but HOW MUCH THE WINNER HAS TO PAY most definitely can be, due to the way some bidders behave.
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