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Dipped my toes in the MJ Bale pool with the Marcsen jacket they have on sale. Great value at the price, although I possibly shouldn't have got them to do the sleeve alterations, they seem expensive. What's the going rate at places like Katrina's these days? Haven't had any alterations in a while. Might also need to look at different buttons down the track to minimise the orphaned suit jacket look.
I'm keen but not normally in town on Thursdays. However I might be able to come in anyway so put me as a tentative.
Their unstructured jackets were also very nice. Less structure generally means better fit on me and these were pretty spot on.
Finally got around to putting my head in to M.J. Bale's new Melbourne store, and lo their jacket cuts fit me at least as well as the HB Osaka cut did! Quite happy to have a decent OTR option available to me now. Chatted with Paulo for quite a while and he seems both nice and knowledgeable.
I have one of their long sleeve henleys and almost bought a long sleeve polo I was looking at in their London store. I like them but they're made from a very lightweight cotton with quite a different feel to traditional polo pique cottons, which may or may not appeal to you.
+1 This place used to be for grown ups.
Phew. Close call for us!
You've got to laugh. http://www.theage.com.au/technology/technology-news/djs-online-frenzy-ends-in-meltdown-20121120-29nou.html
I picked up some decent linen shorts from Zara in Barcelona, might be worth checking if the local stores carry them.
The best martini I ever had was - I believe - made with Martin Miller, so I'm intending to get some in to the cabinet to confirm this.
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