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Probably the only inspiration that could come from that movie. Even bored on a plane I gave up on it.
I have one from M J Bale that I quite like. Cotton wears pretty hot so for a warm weather casual cotton jacket I'd always go unlined (or buggy lined) I think.
So Clooney gets married, daytime, in a dinner suit. With notch lapels. I recall when he used to seem to know what he was doing.
Yes I'd tend to agree, and certainly hope that's the case as my first SS commission is a very light grey wool/linen suit which I hope to be able to wear as semi-casual separates as well. Looking forward to getting it!
IMHO it's *the* combo, but of course that's a matter of opinion. In terms of black tie etiquette, it is in no way controversial. Black and midnight blue are equally 'correct', and peak is considered the more formal of the two correct lapel options over shawl.
True, and I flip flop on this. My previous dinner suit was shawl and there is the fact that people associate shawl intrinsically with a dinner suit. But this time around I opted to try the most 'formal' version.
Fxh and I are as one on this. Except I prefer peak and midnight blue :-)Still trying to find a batwing bowtie. London nada. Paris nada. Syracuse (unsurprisingly) nada. Rome is my last hope. How hard is it to get a bowtie from the 60s after all..
Actually yes I forgot when I wrote this that they recently changed their cuts, generally for the worse. The collars got smaller and the 'slim' fit lost the darts and was generally less well fitting (for me) than previously. Hopefully this may be temporary attempt at trend-following that will cease at some point. That aside they're still pretty good, and I've not yet tried the updated 'fitted' cut to see if that now works better for me than before.
I prefer Lewin to CT at that price point. They (generally) have unfused collars and cuffs (CT are always fused as far as I can tell) and the cut seems a bit better, at least for me.
New Posts  All Forums: