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Sheer heresy Foxy! :-)
I can help with coffee in Paris :-)
Not normally, never asked if they can. Seem to recall discussions about this previously that concluded they (and most everyone) couldn't, but could be mistaken.
I always get a toe plate anyway, otherwise I wear down the front edge too fast. So nails either way.
Never mind me, I can look after myself. Look after my suit!! :-)
At least until we all got the living shit beaten out of us.
Looks like I have the same jacket GN :-) And yes the slightly high button point is my main gripe with it.
Any Melbourne guys and their friends or colleagues who'd like to catch the acclaimed movie 'Gone Girl' tonight should rock along to the Kino cinema after work and help support the fight against cancer at the same time. If anyone is interested you need to get there by 6pm latest, and look for the table in the foyer 'manned' by the lovely Gerri and Sally. Tickets are $25 and you get the choice of a choc top or popcorn included with your entry. Funds raised support Peter...
Lol, no. I'm not built anything like Mr Craig. And whilst I do have one short sleeve shirt somewhat along those lines I tend to stick with t-shirts and polos for short sleeve wear or roll up casual long sleeves. I've become a big fan of Uniqlo's polos actually. The cut of some models is almost as nice as the Sunspel I have. Naturally a different level of quality but they look nice and I can replace them 3 or 4 times for the cost of a Sunspel..
Yes it's certainly not a look that everyone can pull off.
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