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And a membership, but still a bargain!
I think Appolyon and fxh are both attempting to be there.Anyone else who would like to go just a reminder that you need to rsvp to the emaiil in the invitation so that they have numbers for catering.Hope to see you there!
Hi guys,Just a note to anyone who was considering going along to the event next Thursday 15th that you need to rsvp to the email on the invitation so we have accurate numbers for catering purposes.Thanks!
If you don't mind the english silhouette a la R&B then you should probably also look at TM Lewin both on Collins St and their concession within Myer. For a less structured more italian style it's hard to go past MJ Bale for OTR in that price range (although only their 2 for $1k or sale suits generally get down to that), other than seeing what Azzaro have in stock. But in a couple of hours you'll be struggling, trying to buy a 'good' suit is not something that should be...
Thanks, it's great to see members enthusiastic about something like this. I see it as assisting a vital step in getting disenfranchised people back on their feet. It's great and obviously essential to get people off the streets etc, but unless they can take the next step and get a job and start to feel good about themselves they are always at risk of being permanently marginalised. Not that everyone the charity assists is at that end of the spectrum, but I see it as an...
Preferably rsvp direct to the email on the invitation. Might be worth mentioning you're a new member looking to join just to assist them in differentiating existing members' replies. Otherwise if you prefer you can PM me your details (full name, company name and an email should do) and I'll pass them on.Oh and don't anyone be put off by the 'middle to senior executive' thing, there are plenty of young guys involved. Our committee chair is 28 I think.Thanks!
It's actually affiliated with Dress for Success, which is the female counterpart (presumably a 'competitor' to FFW).Hope to see you there TBM!
Attention all Melbourne members! There has been some discussion in the past in this thread about a great charity called Wear for Success, which assists disadvantaged men in presenting themselves appropriately in seeking and holding down a job. As some of you already know I'm on the committee of a sub-group of WFS called the Wear for Success Expert Network, which is a business networking group set up in support of the WFS charity and aimed at middle to senior level...
I'm not a good source for sizing info really, as I wear orthotics and have limited expectations for fit and comfort compared to most people on here I expect. I don't really care about differences between lasts etc, in most cases accommodating the orthotics will override anything else, and I don't expect dress shoes to feel like running shoes. However I can say that the Pimlicos feel pretty much the same as any of the other Loakes I've worn (most of which have been standard...
I have the Pimlicos and would recommend them, for what it's worth.
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