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Attention all Melbourne members! There has been some discussion in the past in this thread about a great charity called Wear for Success, which assists disadvantaged men in presenting themselves appropriately in seeking and holding down a job. As some of you already know I'm on the committee of a sub-group of WFS called the Wear for Success Expert Network, which is a business networking group set up in support of the WFS charity and aimed at middle to senior level...
I'm not a good source for sizing info really, as I wear orthotics and have limited expectations for fit and comfort compared to most people on here I expect. I don't really care about differences between lasts etc, in most cases accommodating the orthotics will override anything else, and I don't expect dress shoes to feel like running shoes. However I can say that the Pimlicos feel pretty much the same as any of the other Loakes I've worn (most of which have been standard...
I have the Pimlicos and would recommend them, for what it's worth.
I am. I disagree that a jacket is essential with a tie. A casual wool or knit tie I think can work perfectly well without a jacket in the right context. I think the biggest challenge in teaming with a jumper is just avoiding the school uniform look.
Presumably tied with a Four in Foot.
Ha, almost saw you there Gerry, I was going to head up but talked to Tom and found they had no green Xavier jackets in stock (i was wanting to check the colour). Copped one online anyway as it's ridiculously cheap and sounds like it will be ok (sort of olive green according to Tom).Tom also mentioned at the time not to get the Tobias if I was looking for the same block as the suits, shorter and cut differently and he also said the pants were uber slim.
BTW has anyone used MJ Bale's online delivery lately? Have they improved the handling of jackets? My one and only experience was awful, with things woefully poorly packaged and arriving in a terrible state. They told me at the time that they were going to improve it.
I'm going to try and drop in there today and check out the Xavier for colour. Almost did so a while back when it was first reduced, so glad I waited :-)
Rhodes & Beckett sale has a bunch of pocket squares for $9 in case anyone's interested. Mostly pretty heinous but some are passable. Possibly some interesting belts too that I must go back and take a better look at.
Hmm. Well frankly while PJ are 'by appointment' they are also very popular and busy, so expecting to get an appointment the same day is a tad unrealistic. So even if they were open on Mondays your result probably would have been the same.
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