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On moustache skill you should be opening the batting in 1923.
No direct experience but based on their other stuff I'd expect it to be decent and good value for the money. If you're in Melb or Sydney you can probably see it first hand in their stores.
Happy friday again gents!Just letting you all know as promised that the Bond charity cocktail party and exhibition viewing event is locked in for February 6 2014 and is now live for ticket purchases!Please inundate the following link and go berserk with your credit card: http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=69089Those who sent me a PM earlier indicating their intent to go I will PM back with the link as well in case they don't see this.I'm also...
Belated tax return plus trying to get my shit together to fly to Singapore tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the suggestions by the way. Was really only looking for shopping stuff as there will be no time for any tourist stuff other than eating out in the evening, but hopefully I might at least get to pop in to Uniqlo and such.
Hi Gents, Singapore on business next week. Assuming I get any time to do so, any suggestions other than Uniqlo (and possibly Vanda) to check out? Thanks!
Happy friday Melbourne members! Just a heads up that a long mooted opportunity to drag out your black tie (if you wish) is approaching! In the new year the Wear for Success Expert Network will be hosting an exclusive fundraiser and launch of its 2014 event calendar in conjunction with the 'Designing 007' exhibition that just opened at the Melbourne Museum. This will most likely be in the first week of February. The event will be limited to 100 people and will include an...
A keen eyed bunch you are. I wasn't sure if the red tights were a bit OTT with that skirt but in the end I think I pulled it off.No other members in attendance. It was a relatively small and low-key affair, but interesting as a reflection of the changing landscape of menswear and the common trends (not in the fashion sense) that people are seeing. A long way to go, but the increasing prevalence of better fitting suits and people just generally making an effort is something...
I only found out about it by accident a couple of days ago. Looks like it was originally intended as an event for women about men's style, but they've since opened it up to guys as well as they had 'a lot' of enquiries from blokes about it. So I'm guess that means there will be considerably more women there than the average #menswear do (so at least 1).
Not really certain. A 'style workshop' of some sort. Info on their facebook page somewhere. Last I heard it was pretty full but anyone keen might still be able to email Kirsty and get a place.
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