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Can't really help wedding-wise but I'm liking that combination in general and will have to try something like it with the MJ Bale jacket I have in that sort of colour. In fact that looks a lot like it might be the MJ Bale jacket in the picture?
So first experience of ordering from Robinson's Shoes was looking great, with the shoes being delivered in under a week and 3 days ahead of estimate, despite being xmas. Unfortunately that went south when I opened the box. Instead of tobacco suede with a light coloured sole they've sent me a very dark brown suede with black soles. Not exactly the same thing... The model they've sent doesn't even seem to exist on either their nor the manufacturers website so I assume some...
Another thanks! I've been tossing up grabbing a pair of suede brogues for casual wear but didn't want to fork out $300 on a pair in case i decided it wasn't for me. Grabbed a pair of Anatomics from Robinson's for $140 delivered! Never had Anatomics but they look to be decently made, welted etc, so looking forward to getting them!
Not saying their goods are sub-standard, if you have no problems you'll have , er, no problems. But they grey import and offer their own 'warranty' for many items, hence the low prices. And good luck getting them to do anything about it if things do go wrong. They're cheap for a reason.
Buy nothing from Kogan, they might be cheap but if anything goes wrong you'll regret it. The very definition of no customer service.
Absolutely! Definitely not intended to be a blokes only event. The more 'Bond Girls' the better
Awesome, thanks Gerry! The wife too I hope, there will be plenty of girls there, it's not just a blokes event (the Yes! group are promoting it to their members as well).You can be a maniacal villian.
It is somewhat confusing, and I've been pushing for some clarification around branding etc. The simple (and reasonably accurate) answer is that Dress for Success is largely focused on women and Wear for Success is largely focused on men.The 'Expert Network' (about to be rebranded, reveal at the lunch I believe) is the networking group formed within and in support of WFS and the equivalent group for DFS is called 'Yes!'.Simple. And thanks for your support, see you at the...
If you mean the Wear for Success Expert Network Christmas lunch (there may well be functions on for Dress for Success too, I'm not sure) then I'll be there!Non-members are welcome too, but places are filling up fast so hurry if you're interested http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=69638
The dramatised 'Adventures in Space and Time' about the beginnings of the show was pretty interesting too.
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