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I see Jeffrey Yong has a guitar building course very similar to the one I did at Carson Crickmore. Nice looking guitars.
Have you looked at Tailor Store's MTM chinos? I have a couple of pairs and aside from some minor issues to be expected with getting MTM right they're pretty good. Certainly fit a lot better than any OTR ones I've tried. And if I recall only about $60 or so.
I have that one. Works well enough but it's a bit rickety.
I think that was my exact outfit at the Kimber launch :-) So, obviously, I agree. With the right pieces I believe it works, to me it's about the level of formality being consistent more than anything else.
That is pretty awesome. The only sad aspect is how hot Anne Wilson used to be..
I might be able to make it after all now, may see you guys there.Also, apparently business casual to some people now means removing the tie and jacket of your ill-fitting suit and adorning the remains with a hoody. This on a 60+ bloke on the tram.
Would have if I was in town and knew about it! Would have liked to get to the launch tomorrow evening too but am heading down to Lorne.
Exactly. My point was that there is no such thing as a 'made in China' quality, not that there is no such thing as quality from China
There is no such thing.
If anyone feels like paying full price for Sunspel stuff they have free shipping at the moment which appears to work to all destinations. Code 'august13' valid until Monday 26th.
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