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Thanks fxh, I'll see how I go. It was a Hawthorn lager I believe, so at least a light (colour) beer.
Ok, so too much hand talking results in beer all over the PJ suit, not happy. Is there any point in sponging it with water etc to either clean it entirely or prepare it better for dry cleaning, or should I just dry clean it and be done with it (assuming I can find one I trust with the suit..)? Thanks in advance for the collective wisdom!
Hi guys, I need to get numbers to the caterers by the end of the week, so anyone who wants to come along or who has mentioned this to friends or colleagues who'd like to attend, now is the time to jump on the ticketing site! Eat, drink, preen, Bond! Dressed to Kill
Thanks JM, I should have pointed out that I have a butterfly/thistle tie, and I've decided it really doesn't suit my face and need something much slimmer. It's a shame Lewin don't make one actually, as their sized butterfly ties are very good value.
I think I may have asked this before, but what with worrying about other aspects of Dressed to Kill I've left my run late on some personal aspects and I'm now getting desperate. So does anyone know where I can find a self-tie batwing bow tie in satin in Melbourne? It's looking increasingly like such a beast is unobtainable at any price, which is just ridiculous. Starting to wonder if I should ask Hober if they can do a rush order, and also wondering why I didn't think of...
Yet another waste of time entering DJs, I really don't know why I ever bother! Apparently in DJs' world, if I want to see their range of bow ties I have to walk up to every individual brand concession, one by one, and ask 'do you have any bowties'. If that is you can find anyone to ask. Honestly, it's pathetic. This isn't a department store, it's a glorified bazaar housing a bunch of micro stalls. Rant over for the week. Hope everyone has a great long...
Yes that was one of their better ones. Comes from asking people like Tom who actually know what they're talking about!
Hi all, Time is running out to get tickets for Dressed to Kill, the exclusive *private* cocktail party and viewing of 'Designing 007' at the Melbourne Museum on February 6th. Now's the time to dust off that dinner suit you don't get enough chances to wear, and grab some tickets. Black Tie is in no way required though, so everyone reading this will be more than well set up to come along in 'Bond style'! There will also be raffle prizes from supporters such as our friends...
Thanks GF. Will have some time Sunday afternoon I think while the girls see the Lion King, I'll PM if there's a chance of grabbing a coffee somewhere.
So, in Sydney this weekend, staying in Potts Point. Recommendations for good cafes both for coffee and breakfast? 6yo in tow. Thanks!
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