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Were Carson Crickmore there Matt?Edit: never mind, found the festival website
It's his photography skills. He looks like crap IRL
For Melbourne members the Wear for Success Expert Network has a partnership running with Brooks Restaurant this month that lets you eat at a newly-hatted restaurant, help the WFS charity as you do so, and have a chance to win a great prize. You don't need to be a WFSEN member to be involved (but go on, you know you want to be! ) but you do to be eligible to win the prize. Details in the attached invite. Hope to see some of you there over October!  
I didn't watch the football tournament either.
That's a real shame foxy. I had the experience once and I know it's awful, and I was a lot more fortunate than you've been.
Yeah not visually to my taste (as I said mine is completely unadorned) but they do look like they're very nicely made. I'll check out the clip.
Just a standard 6 string acoustic, he basically only offered that and a classical at the time I did it, with the possibility of minor customisations to the design. In my case all I did was use matching (rather than contrasting) timber bindings and no rosette, so that the result looked really plain and minimalist. Oh and added a piezo pickup in the bridge. Came out very nicely.
I see Jeffrey Yong has a guitar building course very similar to the one I did at Carson Crickmore. Nice looking guitars.
Have you looked at Tailor Store's MTM chinos? I have a couple of pairs and aside from some minor issues to be expected with getting MTM right they're pretty good. Certainly fit a lot better than any OTR ones I've tried. And if I recall only about $60 or so.
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