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If you're in Melbourne you're welcome to check out mine and see what you think.
I really like the one I have, the leather is soft and thick and the fittings and finish seem good. I'm no expert but I couldn't see anything out here that was close to the quality at that price.
It was a Mayfair, basically the same design as their current Coombe (which is what I'm getting as the replacement).
Just another shout out to the excellent service that Herring Shoes provide. I have a waxy leather bag I bought from them a while back, which came with a warning that prolonged contact with clothes could cause marking due to the waxy finish. Despite my efforts to avoid this I ended up with some staining on my trenchcoat so I emailed them asking if they had any advice on removing the stain. They didn't, but they did offer me their current equivalent non-waxy bag at 50% off...
Great big thanks to PInky, fxh, Appolyon, CHECKstar and coxaca (and anyone I didn't notice/meet) for supporting the Wear for Success Expert Network event last night and joining up. It was a good night - despite being roped in as a model of 'presenting well' without warning, lol.The Henry Carter ties were won by two non-SF attendees, which is great since that will give Jas more exposure than if one of the converted had walked off with them :-)The sockless guy was Michael,...
I have one, funnily enough wearing it today. I recently went looking to replace it with a navy one, as this was a pre-SF purchase and I wanted something that I thought would be more versatile. However as I didn't find anything that appealed to me I started re-evaluating the one I have and started experimenting with black and brown together, as wearing with some brown was the main thing driving me towards a navy coat instead.Net result is that I've decided I rather like...
In case anyone is interested, Aquascutum (the best trenchcoat makers IMHO) have a big sale on at the moment, 50% off. http://www.aquascutum.co.uk/Mens_Final_Reductions?pagesize=20&viewall=true No Oz delivery unfortunately so you'd need to use a proxy service.
Disgracefully is the only way to decline in to middle age.
And a membership, but still a bargain!
I think Appolyon and fxh are both attempting to be there.Anyone else who would like to go just a reminder that you need to rsvp to the emaiil in the invitation so that they have numbers for catering.Hope to see you there!
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