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Personally I find DB implies levels of formality incompatible with those materials, but maybe that's just me.
Thanks JM, I think that might be the same one I found in Henry Bucks (where it's slightly cheaper), which was the only one I could find locally. I think it's overpriced and I don't like it that much as it's very thick and bulky. Thanks for the heads up though. I've decided to stick with my current tie for the Bond event tomorrow and will look at getting something that I really like afterwards. Quite possibly I'll look at getting Sam Hober to make me one exactly as I want it.
Was going to check that out tomorrow perhaps, with the same expectation of knit ties and pocket squares. The only R&B stuff I own! They'll likely all be gone by then though, with the SF vultures descending upon it
That is rather unfortunate timing Checky!
Pretty much last chance for anyone that wants to help Wear for Success in their fantastic charity work by coming along to #DressedtoKill, ticket sales shut down tomorrow. If you need more incentive than food, drink, Bond, helping those less fortunate and an excuse to dress up we'll also have some Bond-esque door prizes. Henry Carter have kindly donated a couple of very Bond ties. Beggar Man Thief are supplying a lovely pair of Grensons. Very limited capacity to change...
Yeah not 100% sure, but if I get the meeting with Matthew Start that I'm chasing re WFS stuff then I might find out. He has a Cambridge email address but as I understand it heads up Joe Black in Australia so tends to indicate a close affiliation of some sort.
Joe Black is part of the Cambridge group. Also Dom Bagnato it seems:
They're probably best known here for Joe Black.
Thanks PS, I've heard mixed things about Bancrofts but I expect they're at least unlikely to ruin anything and presumably won't press the lapels flat particularly if I tell them explicitly not to! And they do have the advantage of the pickup etc which might help me.
This is my big fear, I've yet to find a definitive referral by anyone to a dry cleaner in Melbourne/South Melbourne who can be trusted to correctly clean and press a quality suit. Anyone got any new ideas on that? I've asked Tom at PJ several times and he's never had anyone, although the last time he did say he heard of one but hadn't yet tried it. He's still in Europe I think so can't check.
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