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Nice work Gerry!
Melbourne guys, I expect I'll see most of the regular faces at PJ for the Suitably Connected event next Thursday, and it would be fantastic if everyone could try to bring along one other person whom they think would be interested. And of course any of the Melbourne crew or interstaters who will be in town that day, please come along and help a wonderful cause. As usual, great networking opportunities accompanied by drinks, nibbles and that wonderful PJ...
Nice elevator :-)
And in case anyone missed it Sunspel are offering 10% off on any purchases on the night!
Melbourne gents, can I impose upon you to delve in to your networks and encourage some new faces to come along to the Suitably Connected event next Thursday night? Sunspel have been very supportive in sponsoring the event and we're keen to get them as much value as possible out of the event, in the form of bodies experiencing their new store. Plus of course more attendance equates to more assistance to Wear for Success, and more potential membership for Suitably...
Next Suitably Connected event is coming up soon! Check out the new Melbourne Sunspel store, eat, drink, network up a storm and do it all for a great cause. Hope to see some new faces there. Anyone who's been to a previous event and enjoyed it, see if you can drag along a mate!
Spotted any double monks yet? (more drinks may help if only single monks are visible).Edit: just noticed PS beat me to the joke, and had pictures. Doh.
Yep I think they're great for basics like t-shirts, polos and casual shirts. And depending on your proportions their jeans and unstructured jackets can be great too. They also tend not to gouge on local prices as much as some, which is a nice change.
Trolling or not, I find it baffling that LM - whom I've met IRL and who seemed a perfectly decent bloke - lately appears bent on cultivating a persona here that one would normally associate with, say, a total dick.
I'm potentially interested since the AA didn't work out for me (wife wasn't a fan! :-) )
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