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Trolling or not, I find it baffling that LM - whom I've met IRL and who seemed a perfectly decent bloke - lately appears bent on cultivating a persona here that one would normally associate with, say, a total dick.
I'm potentially interested since the AA didn't work out for me (wife wasn't a fan! :-) )
Copped a couple of linen shirts from Uniqlo the other day, hard to go past for $40 and generally decently cut. Their unstructured jackets tend to the short side but for people like me who aren't the tallest they tend to work out ok.
Speaking of AA, how crap are Australia Post. Still 'in transit' from Sydney to Melbourne after nearly 4 days.. (in no way a criticism of you btw PP, just amazes me that I can get things from the UK in less time than our venerable postal service here can get stuff between our two closest major cities!)
http://www.suitablyconnected.org/news/next-event:-paul-salmon-talks-at-henry-bucksHope to see you there TBM!
Doubt there'll be any in BT iSurg. These are primarily after work business networking events not SF meetups. That said there are usually a slightly higher concentration of well-dressed men in attendance than the CBD average, not in small part due to the number of SF members who are also Suitably Connected members :-)
What the hell, I'm in!
Sorry to be so out of the loop on the discussion PP, but how much is the decant again? I might take a punt on it 'sight unseen' :-)
Those in Melbourne who are already Suitably Connected members will have seen the invites by now, but for the rest of you our next networking event is coming up on November 20. This will be held at Henry Bucks and feature AFL legend Paul Salmon, the new ambassador for Suitably Connected's parent charity Wear for Success. Should be a great evening of networking and inspiration surrounded by clothes and scotch! Could members please encourage anyone you know who might be...
Ah, right. Well scratch that then, sorry.
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