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If you were happy to try Tyrwhitt then give TM Lewin a go. Their slim fit is slimmer than CT and they also have a fully fitted option which is slimmer again. Multiple sleeve lengths so a decent chance of getting a reasonable fit if you're tall and slim.
TM Lewin probably worth a look, they do some nice coats.
I did use Bancrofts once despite mixed recommendations and was happy with them. Expensive (compared to a regular drycleaner) but did a very good job in terms of pressing the jacket at least (the tricky bit for most).
It's not unheard of lol.
Tricky, it's a networking group :-) How much 'networking' you choose to do of course is entirely up to you. It's not like anyone gets forced to talk business!
Melbourne gents and those that will be in Melbourne on October 1: The first Suitably Connected event for this FY is on, and should be a cracker. Hope a lot of you can come along and enjoy a night a great networking, food and wine, surrounded by the finery in Henry Bucks all in aid of a great cause in Wear for Success. FY15 members make sure you renew before registering to get your free access to the event! We've gone all modern like now, and you can renew membership and...
J.Crew possibly.
I'd suggest TM Lewin over CT, but it depends how their cuts work for the individual, they are different. My one CT shirt I think isn't as nice as the Lewins but their fabrics are all variable. Particularly the unfused collars and cuffs give it to Lewin over CT (unless CT have changed, my one is all fused).
Yes I was more meaning ignored by the readers of said websites. #ambiguouswording
Yes, probably largely ignored amongst reporting on the latest Kardashian hijinks but the world is a poorer place.
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