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Either after a shave or shower. Ever since I've been doing this it's amazing how much I notice how tight my face feels immediately after if I don't moisturize.
Agreeing with the many others of Woodford's being one of the best all around.
Even though it's owned by LVMH, I think ADP is still a superb fragrance. It's one of my favorite citruses along with Eau de Rochas Homme.
I seem to be able to workout better around mid-afternoon. Barring that, evening.
Terre, today. This one always works.
Another vote for Yale.
Echoing comments of the first jacket being too tight around waist. Agreed, that haircut is horrible.
Yes, it's one of the most versatile items you can wear. As crazyquik noted, it goes with almost anything.
I agree that both have their respective places.
No pictures but a nice Christian Dior tie for $3.
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