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Gus you helped open Kitchen on Fire? We had a group cooking class there about 6ish years ago when I lived on Hearst & Spruce. Cool place.
Fok just sell me one of your leather jackets, we're about the same size. I promise to beat it up professionally.
The tie is a crunchy brown knit, and the shirt is a light blue bengal stripe. Now that I look at it again, everything is a different color.
That's not half bad.
I couldn't think of a better color to go with the other components than these burgundy St. Crispin's (except maybe color 8 Alden's). Dark, discreet, giving balance to the top half and not drawing attention to itself. I felt very AAAC that day.
I'd be interested in a trouser length, M.
I assure you they look great when I wear them, but that's only because I'm outrageously handsome.
The burgundy calf from St. Crispins is nice. Would look great with charcoal//greyt/navy suits. The ruby cordovan from Carmina, though, is outstanding, but only for tweed & corduroy.
Strictly speaking, those shoes have a lot of luminance compared with the rest of the outfit, even though it's all more or less in the same color family. More subdued tan shoes would stand out less.
Not in San Francisco Bay Area. NPR for many is the first and last word on everything. KCBS it's for traffic and weather, and that's it.
New Posts  All Forums: