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I wouldn't call brown stripes on a suit "good taste". YMMV
Silly question: how would you size these? 8uk = 9us?
Are all these on eBay, or also on Luxeswap?
I like (and wear) many things that don't fall in the category of this thread, and so post it in WAYWRN. One is not inherently better than the other. This thread has a pretty narrow window of taste; either a pic fits in here or it doesn't.
Monotone is rarely in poor taste, but it can be boring. Textures become paramount.
I would absolutely get this if it were my size. So sad. Beautiful jacket.
I do too. Just not six months of it. NYC is pretty special right after a snow, though.
I do too. I'd live in NYC if the weather didn't suck 80% of the time.
Should have clarified: the housing shortage has apparently existed for decades, but the recent economy boost, influx of jobs, and resultant insane price increases just made finding a decent place that much more difficult. It really is nuts: five years ago a studio in the Marina went for $1200. One just hit the market in our building for $2500 and was gone in 3 days. Over 20 people showed up, and at least a quarter of them were "transfer agents" looking for their clients...
This is the case, and apparently has been for decades. The middle class who can afford to live here sneak in when they can and stay, while the tech transplants come whenever they want & can either afford it outright or bunk with another 1-3 recent college grads to "experience" life in a big city.FWIW I just met a 26 year old who started working at Twitter immediately after college as a secretary. Fast forward 5 years later and she makes $150K and her stocks are valued at...
New Posts  All Forums: