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End of the work week. Ralph Lauren Wrangler Jungmaven Gustin Red Wings
SOLD Drakes and Panta ties I just don't wear. In fact, I've never even worn a couple of the Drakes. Selling as a lot, all eight, because I just want them gone. Note that the two raw silk striped Knottery ties are gone. $225 including shipping to CONUS. Outside US, I'll add shipping but deduct $10. Local San Francisco pickup OK. Left to right: Drakes pink silk/linen herringbone, 3" wide, 59" long Drakes pink/tan silk repp, 3.25" wide, 59" long Drakes blue/tan silk...
Hank Dye Pure Indigo Loomstate jeans, herringbone denim work shirt.
Ah, I missed this. Carry on, then.
What is this madness about not wearing wool trousers with a linen jacket?
The reversible jacket was his brainchild, and in my opinion the dopest piece of American/Japanese hybrid existing. He definitely skews that direction and if that's what you dig, he is about as legit as they come. A true one-man shop. His stuff isn't cheap but it's well thought out with a very particular aesthetic that he backs up. Case in point: after two years the buttons starting breaking so I asked what he thought about metal buttons. He agreed it was a good idea for my...
Gustin will be coming out with a fitted double rider soon. Oops.
What I wore to work today: Evan Kinori Gustin Merz B Gustin Docs
I'll swing by, though I may more casual, coming from work.
Here's a few from the archives:
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