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I will go on the record and wager than Mafoofan is probably a fun guy to hang out with. Matt, if you're in SF, beers are on me. I may be in workwear, though. Gus will buy you a martini; he's usually better dressed.
I mix patterns a little too often, but usually stick to muted colors. Here's five:
Technically yesterday. Seemed like a good day for Panta's odd vest.
Ah, the Minnis houndstooth
I normally think Chelsea's are more rock & roll (and go great with skinny suits), but I can see those brown suede chelseas sneaking into my fall wardrobe.
Tibor, everyone. TIBOR.
^ you would fit well here in San Francisco.
I'd like to thank Ed for dumping all his old clothes on me :love:
@ctp120 is that a long front dart I spy?
I like your tie & square personally, Stitch, but just for argument's sake: do you have any madder silk squares? They're less "wet" and go great with wooly ties.
New Posts  All Forums: