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Taking the Tailors Keep/NWMA/Fox oatmeal flannel out for a spin for the first time today. Erik wasn't satisfied until I was. It took several fittings but in the end the front-to-back rise is perfect.
Andy, I think the colors are fine. Do you have a bowtie in madder silk to go with the tweed?
I've worn pale blue with this fabric, but since the suit, tie, and hank all have light-colored and fuzzy elements, a white OCBD was the best choice to tie everything in. Pretty low-contrast.Yellow OCBDs are great.
If from NMWA it's 14oz woolen flannel, lambswool. Wonderful stuff.
No love for the white shirt?
Late-night iPhone shot.
I think there might be one in Rincon Center. I'll check this week.
Wait, what? Triple patch pockets are great because they can be worn without a square - the makeup is inherently more casual, generally in more rustic fabrics, and perfect worn with jeans and chukkas. Once jeans enter into the picture, the hank goes. Agree with @sugarbutch re: bulk in patch pockets. Smaller, lighter is better. Kent Wang & Robert Talbot have some nice ones.
I have more three patch sport coats than those with two. I love barchettas, but prefer having all pockets the same. Either set-in hip pockets with welted breast pocket, or triple patch. It's a definitive but subtle way to skew a jacket casual, as opposed to throat latches, action-backs, belts, elbow patches, etc. Not that I'm opposed to such things.
New Posts  All Forums: