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Their regular cafe racer fits me pretty good, and they have two cowhides RTW, one that is significantly softer than the other (I think Alan called it "naked"). The treated cowhide was only slightly thicker but ridiculously stiff. It would get those sweet arm ripples but man it'll take forever to get there.As far as cafe racer styles go - what companies have you seen than makes a more fashion-y one?
Beautiful in San Francisco today.
Hmmm. Have to check. I think I have an Armani suit somewhere.
I've been stopping by Johnson Leathers in Russian Hill where they make everything in-house. Pretty nice stuff with a huge choice of leathers, including a certain cafe racer jacket that fits great right off the rack. I'm wondering if I'm starting down an expensive road here... Fok, did you happen to stop by there when you were last in SF? Alan (the owner) is a really great guy. He showed me a varsity jacket they did for Comme de Garçon that was pretty amazing.
I love my double rider, but find it hard to wear without looking like a "Wild Ones" extra. It doesn't help that it's a old-school Schott, so maybe I should look into more modern fits. I end up just layering it.
So... As jeans reach their end point (I'll always love my bespoke Jack/Knife) I'm experimenting with slightly roomier fits. Not so much to break new ground; mostly just to facilitate movement. Although I haven't yet tried some of the higher rise jeans (which some swear by), I've ditched Gustin's "slim" for their "straight" and have sized up one to account for shrink. Same with shirts. Happy with the results. Still tailored, but not binding. YMMV.
Not this one.I see what you're saying about loud stripes, but would assert that goes for any loud tie. Sometimes it works, but not often. However I do like brightly colored ties with warm weather outfits. Seems cheery.
I have a block stripe tie I'll wear tomorrow evening. Maybe Saturday, with a blazer.
Have to agree with D.. Block stripes especially. I would choose stripes over neats every time with all but formal suits.
New Posts  All Forums: