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Will do. Next time when I'm on the jobsite.
Just when Labor Day happens, Indian Summer rolls around.
I just did my first hot soak of the Zimbabwe unsanforized hank-dyed organic indigo (man that's a mouthful) after about 20 wears. Had a 35 in the slim and it shrunk about 2 inches. I forgot to take a measurement of the leg but typically I just cut to a curtain length and then cuff. Amazed at the softness of this fabric. They've been comfy since day one, and after the soak they even better.
Arrigo's DB surprised me. Didn't think I would go for the 6x2 / 6x1 option but it's quite nice. Would do again.
How much does the green "pop" IRL? Subdued would be nice.
Thanks all. Shoes are from Carmina, I believe on the Forest last.
It's a grenadine from Petronius. It's texture-tastic.
New Posts  All Forums: