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sooooo...if i were to travel to Korea, how much would B&T run? Is cloth included?
He just called out your off the rack Hanes tshirts.
Shut up and get one made already.
Oh. Whoops. Charcoal. Yes. That definitely seems more pB. Still...a sportcoat?
Black turtleneck and black jeans is a good look, but blue barleycorn...? I picture you with a steel grey barleycorn sportcoat - or topcoat.
This. If you're going to look casual, why button your jacket? Flip your collar up if you're cold or put your hands in your (patch) pockets.
Sometimes I like to wear a polo coat to chat with Frank Chu on Market. If I get into a deep conversation about the twelve galaxies and get sucked into the black hole, it can get quite chilly.
I wear sport coats with jeans, but agree the SC has to be casual.
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