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35 lbs, but Insanity & running really melted it off. Doing t25 now.
Ha, just noticed that. The blue shirt is practically washed out in the second pic. First pic is accurate.
10449.4 + 6 = 10455.4
Actually warm in SF today.
HF, your collar roll is fantastic. Many articles of classic menswear are derived from sport. The OCBD is one of them. in the late 19th century, British polo players used buttons (among other things - pins, for instance) on the tips of their dress shirts of oxford cloth (itself invented in Scotland and named after the prestigious university) to prevent them from slapping their faces ruddy whilst in full gallop. Upon seeing this, John Brooks went back to the good ol' US...
Parking sucks in that area. Oops, wrong thread.
Closeup for Trini.
Can't multiquote in Tapatalk, so Houndstooth Napoli Su Misura Higher gorge because I'm barely 5'9"
The weather in SF has been quite nice as of late. Very sunny. During weekdays I wear overalls. The suit was worn at night, and was nice and comfy. That said, I do want to get some fresco suits, since I tend to run hot. I'm always peeling my jacket off.
I know, it was 11pm, so only hallway lighting...Shirt is ice blue. Suit fabric is houndstooth flannel.
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