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Checked with Luxire to see if they had any extra Minnis 14/15oz flannel hanging around and they don't but recommended EThomas 15oz flannel. Anyone have experience with it? I like the stiffer (relative for flannel, I know) construction of Minnis. Not a fan of Uber-soft flannels that can't hold a crease.
Very nice. I can't tell from the picture, does the jacket hug the shoulders, or is there a bit of extra width?
Yorkshire Fabrics has the top one. It's great. Seems to be Shetland. Harris Tweed has one similar to the second.
I'll ask him. He does accept wire transfers to Western Union (he has a relative that works there). When are you thinking of going?
I have the same problem, Six. A jacket that is too light for light grey trousers but too dark for mid grey. AFB looks great with it though.
The Mission was a bit chilly this AM, but I took the jacket off in the Marina. I heard it was in the 90s in South Bay.
Black and white with a very faint blue overcheck, from Fox.
Curious, did you get this made up? If so I'd love to see it IRL.
500g is fine 90% of the year in San Francisco. Weather that's good or bad is a personal preference, but I'm glad the weather supports heavier fabrics.
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