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Thanks fellas. I learned on here just like many others.
Yay Spring.
A different kind of classic casual.
I like that shirt.
They have several lines that range all over the place. Time was here on the forum you'd see them worn by Sator and others. They pump out garbage for sure, but make phenomenal stuff as well.The only other pair of loafers I have are unlined Alden's LSM. Quite blobby and heavy in comparison to these, but charming in their own way.
First linen & loafers of the season. Shirt sleeves riding up a bit, but eh... MAN 1924 Knottery tie & square L Cratico Sutor Mantellassi
You can't see them, but there's a pair of black shoes down there.
@jcmeyer these are pebblegrain gunboats but cordovan would be fine here too. I just prefer pebblegrain with flannel and cordovan with tweed.
Black cordovan gunboats with a barleycorn tweed suit.
It's a heavy looking leather. Even on a sleek last, waves will occur. Both of these factors skew it a bit casual. FWIW I wear them for all but the most formal occasions. Black boxcalf is what you'd wear for those events.
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