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Thanks, Fok; that'll make things easier. Regarding commentary of the pics, I think what has been said in the past merits revisiting, but can be condensed into the following: When taking pictures, either 1) put as much thought into the background and how you stand as has been put into your ensemble (something as simple as what Tira is doing, but if you want to get Victor-level artistic, go right ahead), or 2) just take a quick selfie where most of the photo is your fit,...
Volpe, courtesy of Ed.
Those are nice low-contrast colors, Elio.
Cold in San Francisco this morning.
After celery hearts puree and scallops last night, Murl & Fok convinced me to contribute more to the forum. I have far less time than I used to, so the best I can do is submit an aggregate list of fits that I liked this week from CM and the Casual thread. I may or may not have time to explain or post detailed reasons, so let's say those will be the exception rather than the rule. Also, there are many tastes on this forum; this thread reflects my own which may or may not...
I just picked up another pair of Gustin's black/black, this time in regular (not slim) fit. Will rotate them in next week & wear them for a solid month. A year ago the batch was crazy starchy. This time not so much, and it's all the better for it. Soaked them once to get a bit of shrink, but they usually break in / form nicely.
Ill be there for the show around 5. Gus, what's the cost of dinner? I'm too lazy to look for myself...
AAS, if you had a darker tie, it would help balance out the bottom half.
I slept on those St Crispins. I has so much sad.
RSVP...dibs on Bateman's couch for the night
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