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Excellent. Did he take you to get that huge fruit drink?
Someone answer the more important question of 12oz vs 14oz Minnis flannel.
How would you describe the 14oz woolen vs the 12oz worsted? Is it more/less stiff? The 12oz holds a decent crease for flannel.
That Solaro looks great. I keep bouncing between that, and "mixture sand" Minnis Fresco.
I give 1.75m to Tailors Keep and the remaining 2.25 to the coat maker. Neither has ever said they were short on fabric. I think I gave 2.5m of the gunclub to Palmisciano just to be sure he had enough for pattern matching.
No Man Walks Alone
When I was in Sicily last month I noted a lot of buttondown shirts, albeit with high(er) collars. Also, their oxford cloth is pretty light; from when I lived in Emiglia-Romagna I don't recall heavy, gnarly oxford cloth. A shame, really, because that stuff is great. Broadcloth buttondowns are pretty common there, and of course linen, as Greg mentions. Tonal/low contrast looks are awesome. Go for it.
Awesome. That is wonderful information.
Cool, good to know. Thanks.
By the way, is there an Italian word for "drape"? @carpu65 or @unbelragazzo
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