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Quick shot of the full suit, this time buttoned 6x2.
Someday. Possibly next year. It'd be a great excuse to get a real moto jacket.
It warmed up, but it was cold this morning at Hunters Point. Goorin/Jungmaven/PRL/Gustin/White's
Have you contacted him? Most tailors know how much they need, depending on your build.
I'm impressed with both tailors, and really excited to see how the jackets in particular will materialize. The suits are just basic 10oz fresco suits: flap hip pockets, barchetta chest pocket, pleated pents. The sportcoats are another story: one is a refined but heavy 15ish oz wool/cashmere gunclub, and the other is the beefy shetland.
Palmisciano sent me a jacket that had zero fittings, and fit perfect. Amazing that no fittings were necessary. If these arrive with no adjustments needed, I'll be pretty stoked, though I'm not expecting it.
Two packages arrived, one in Messina and one in Catania. Having both tailors make a sportcoat and suit each. Asked for adjustments: wider shoulder, lower gorge for Arrigo; fuller chest for Palimisicano. Should be ready in a couple months.
Denim and chinos usually work best with textured fabrics, but more important is: they're worn casually. Otherwise you're in Reevolving's universe.
Dunno, but I'll ask. I do know he needs 1.5 meters for pants, but he also has his own cloth. I should have an answer by tomorrow-ish.
I'm going to test it first before I can recommend it, but stay tuned.For those interested, I have several lengths of cloth up for sale.
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