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PRL, this season.
I prefer fina. Grossa skews casual to me, and at that point I'd rather choose a silk knit.
Not sure if it'll work elsewhere, but in San Francisco these PRL cotton/cashmere sweaters are perfect.
Dialing down the suit.
Technically yesterday. NSM, Petronius, Drake's
Light colored gunclubs are lovely but probably the hardest to accessorize. Tans or browns are much easier. Ive had success with either a really busy square (think madder paisley) or one with a lot of empty space.
What is this madness about button-down collars not going with Italianate jackets?
AAS, three piece tweed suits are really versatile, but since they are a rare bird I usually tone down the other elements. The shirt is fine - have you got a knit tie in burgundy or black? A white hank? Black or color 8 brogues? That might serve to mute the overall look while keeping it casual.
My 1490s are like that. Very irritating.
Wow. There is some serious hate in this thread recently.
New Posts  All Forums: