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I will, I swear...
Man I love that flannel.
Oh man. You shouldn't have told me that. There goes my Sicily sportcoat money.
Thanks everyone. I've worn them with the white low top CPs and it's not bad. I like the idea of side zip boots but prefer a rugged material. Combat boots sound cool. I had Docs but after one year on the jobsite they got thrashed and tossed them.
This is probably the wrong thread, but I just picked up this jacket, the men's version (which has black zips): What boots/shoes would you pair it with? Paging @notwithit and @Parker. All I have are workwear boots and white low top CP's.
I hear you. It's a look. Fashion; it's a silly business. Sometimes even I fall prey to it. In the 90s I did love me some Armani doh.
To be fair, I hear your argument, but I'd counter that most plebs that aren't fabric nerds like us don't notice coarseness; they notice color and pattern. Both can be outlandish or subdued, depending on your taste. Personally I prefer the tactile surface of tweed and so gravitate toward those with surface interest but with a soft hand. If you dig worsted tweeds, who am I to call you out as a poser? I live in the Marina district of San Francisco. No one is going to ask if I...
I think you think too much.
I actually am starting to dislike smooth faux tweeds because they have rustic designs but in fact smoother than many worsteds. I have one, and have a length of Hardy Riviera that will be made up next year, but at least for me they are strictly for shoulder seasons. With a few notable exceptions, that kind of fabric seems neither here nor there. I like the rustic look of tweed, but sometimes it can be a little dry to the touch, which is why I gravitate toward Shetland...
Andy, that jacket looks really great. Steed or Hermajani? Either way, I really like the shoulders. Man I wish I got a length of that fabric. I like your choice, Trini; the undyed plaid appeals to me too. When are thinking of getting that made up?
New Posts  All Forums: