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As long as the shirt has some white in it, a white hank will always be fine.
I've never seen a horizontal striped tie that looks good. Worse still is one with a vertical striped or checked shirt, or a striped or checked jacket. Diagonal stripes are unquestionably better. Building on this, I've found that diagonally-spaced neats are aesthetically more pleasing, at least to me, for the same reason. The cut on the diagonal appears softer, especially against vertically striped or checked shirts and jackets. Don't get me wrong; I have neat ties cut...
I don't mind a bit of matchy-ness, i.e. when a multicolored square has a bit of the tie. Emphasis on "bit".
A Sunday walk in the forest. It drizzled a bit, making the Fairfax woods lush, almost magical.
I wore this to my first fitting of Fox flannel trousers from @nomanwalksalone Evan Kinori Taylor Stitch Gustin Docs (UK)
No butt pleats, I'm afraid. First fitting went well - The back rise was lowered so that the trousers, although slim, could fall in a straight line in the back. I'm impressed with the finishing work done on the inside as well. After the back rise, seat and thigh adjustments are made, I come back again for the second fitting to check to see if any other tweaks are necessary, and then choose details, e.g. pocket styles, button closures, & etc.
I've known the guys for a while; first time getting bespoke from them. I wanted to see if there was a local solution to bespoke trousers. I can't say with complete certainty but I'm pretty sure those are not butt pleats. Will confirm soon.
Going to my first fitting for a pair of trousers from Tailors Keep in San Francisco. Cloth is the special run of Fox Bros. oatmeal flannel.
PRL, this season.
I prefer fina. Grossa skews casual to me, and at that point I'd rather choose a silk knit.
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