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The full fresco, in tobacco.
Yes, both Arrigo & Palmisciano took only a few measurements and needed very little adjustment (back tightness & sleeve pitch) at the first fitting.
If I had only three fabrics, it'd be 9/10oz fresco, 11/12oz flannel, and 7/8oz wool/linen/silk. That pretty much covers San Francisco weather (50-90 degrees F, mild humidity).
This is so great. Thanks for the inside scoop. @chobochobo did you take any pics of the fitting?
What's this drink Pippo is having (lower left corner)? It's full of chopped fresh fruit.
Ask Pippo where you can get granita di caffe; he'll walk you there.
That's a wonderful colorway Ed, and if I didn't have essentially the same cloth from you in wool/linen I'd be all over it.
Fragola. È tipica Messinese?
It's similar to the fruit cups you get in LA, but the juice is left in. Refreshing on a hot Sicilian day.
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