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This has got to be one of the best threads EVAR. My favs are Synthese and Zissou for their Jedi-level awesomeness, and Gnatty for his everyday beat-to-hell Americana.
Blazer by NSM Pants (part of a suit) by NSM Shirt by Jantzen Tie by Brooks Brothers Hank by Sam Hober
Purple, lemon yellow, and coral.Just kidding. Cream and charcoal, with faint navy and light blue overchecks.
Thought about a white or cream square, but ultimately decided against it. Also, sorry for the crappy lighting. Pents are charcoal.
The forum does recognize Phat Guido, if he ever resurfaces. Get off your bike and post.
I agree - green ties (and squares) are terribly underrated. Depending on the shade it goes with practically everything in all seasons, and adds the right amount of color interest, whereas a whole suit in that color might be too much.
It can sometimes read too saturated. I liked yours, though; it seemed muted.
Ok. So you like pink. Or the camera does. Either way your manly studliness is softened by the comely hues of your ensemble. Some say mixed message, I say Tenderloin. Both have their upside.
Spring is here, but it's still 58 in San Francisco. At least I still get to wear flannel. Lots of seasonal ensembles and colors for the first half of May, like the colors of @Spandexter here: and the sultriness of @Caustic Man Rawr. . On with the compilation. @Braddock There may be others, but the bengal/candy stripe is the only stripe for me. Or two. Whatever. Good mix of pattern scale, and colors that don't induce vomiting. Well done. @Cleav I shouldn't...
New Posts  All Forums: