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Yep, NSM. The drape is "built in." This particular suit has a bit of "rollino" as opposed to "spalla camicia". Not sure which I prefer; but generally I lean more toward the latter. Both are executed well.
I went today. Going for a super-light 9oz wool & mohair fresco in a mid grey-blue. Amazing stuff. Wrinkle proof. I wear hot, and all this flannel in San Francisco's indian summer has me sweltering.
Jeffery in vintage 70's silk & mohair fabric sourced from Japan.
Great fit, Nii. What made you jump to bespoke?
Prefer pic B.
Stitchy, your jacket fits really good. Made for you? Also, your shoes are dope. SB, digging the square.
Great writeup.
Mrs. Urban will be there as well. It's been over a year since SF10.
Got new clothes, mostly. Shoulders stayed the same.Canta, the pocket just looks squareish, iPhone closeup distortion I guess.Comrade, I was actually thinner at the SF10.
New Posts  All Forums: