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Turtlenecks and sportcoats look great together.
Whoops, I guess I should have said recent "pictures". The second one, the tweed, is one that I received a month or so ago.
Here are two recent ones from Arrigo:
Some nice looking pieces coming together, fellas. I have another suit on the way from Arrigo, and a suit & sportcoat from Palmisciano that should be arriving mid-February. And then a trip to Sicily in October.
I'm surprised no one has paged @Parker. If anyone has good ideas for a cool black jacket summer jacket, it's him.
When I feel like a bum i wear a cardigan over a t-shirt and jeans, and white Common Projects. If Im going somewhere that requires wallet and keys then I'll grab a field/moto/safari jacket. I think I have about five of them, and am always interested in more. Love the pockets. And they can run all across the casual spectrum. I recently picked up a pair of PRL charcoal wool cargo pants that looked better than I expected. They go great with pretty much everything.
I still don't understand exactly what gemming is.
This makes me happy
Doesn't everyone? No hate. BTW who do you use? Because I like the pics of yourself you've posted in the past year or so.
When in turtleneck, I forgo the pocket square. Otherwise, MOAR TURDLNEX PLEEZ
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