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Estitchy, I like the dotted tie and square, and the suit, but not together. One says fun, the other says sober. The other one, tho, is great all around. Arch, good stuff. Orange and grey is underrated. Is that donegal jacket part of a suit?
FWIW I think tattersall is underrated & really enjoy seeing it with tweed in most every iteration, especially as a rumpled button-down like Unbel's. Probably my favorite fall look.
Tattersall can be tricky even with tweeds. With donegal it's great, but harder with herringbone (patterns / weave can be too similar in scale). Greg and I both have a type of pick-and-pick (not fine like end-on-end) that lends itself to textured fabrics from flannel to barleycorn. Can't think of it for the life of me; maybe @gdl203 can name it...
I give you... Charcoal pents.
Are we talking specifics or generalities? If we were to take the idea of "be better than those before us" continuously to its logical conclusion, we must assume there is a "best" taste. Hence there can remain just one shoe color, one trouser color, one shirt color, one jacket color, one tie color, and one pocket square color, with nothing matching and with varying patterns; all based on the ideal that there is a "better" choice, and ending with only one "best"...
All you smart people make my head spin with fancy words like "ecumenical" and "the"
Great stuff, Kent. I'll be looking forward to a spring visit...
Can we just agree that charcoal pants are fine unless there's a better option (which there usually - but not always - is)?
I actually never had charcoal pents till I bought a charcoal flannel suit. I have a sport coat via Ed that's a similar GTFH black & white that look great with charcoal pents & a black knit tie.
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