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I didn't know Bill's Khakis until I saw them at Wingtip and thought I was in Gap Dad.
The tie arrived today @TweedyProf. It actually goes really well with a glen plaid summer suit I have. If it's warm enough this weekend I just may rock it.
Thanks. Other than it's a Loro Piana lambswool, I have no clue. A bit scratcher than flannel but not by much.
Flannel and suede for spring.
I like that, AAS.
I have the Fox Flannel POW. One of my favorites. Also have a wool/linen/silk oversized POW suit in a larger scale from PRL, in charcoal/cream. Not subtle, but still very wearable.
I have the hardest time with leather jackets. Too long or too short, too slim or too baggy. Found this vintage one on the Haight & fell in love. Sorry for the workwear vibe, but I am a construction worker, so... Black and white on Insta, here's color. No name vintage jacket JCrew turtleneck Gustin jeans White's Boots
Hopsack's weave has more of a casual vibe. Softer. Most can't hold a crease so it's best for sport coats. Fresco has texture too, but it's crisper. Can maintain a crease well, so can it can be used for suits. Nothing wrong with either, though I really love hopsack sport coats.
New Posts  All Forums: