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Nice square, Murl.
That's fantastic.
Polo Ralph Lauren, in a deliciously thick wool/flax blend.
Yesterday... ...and today.
Iso, unless you work in a specifically CBD environment, tweed is OK. It may be acknowledged or overtly noticed as a seasonal choice, but so will a linen suit. If your environment allows it, and those are your preferences, then go for it. Disclaimer: I say this as a dude from San Francisco, where individuality is encouraged. You may want to mitigate your fabric choices with muted colors like Clags and keep the patterns sober. Otherwise, the world is your oyster.
Thanks, AAC. Jacket is secondhand bespoke Volpe from Ed that I had tailored.
Taking the Tailors Keep/NWMA/Fox oatmeal flannel out for a spin for the first time today. Erik wasn't satisfied until I was. It took several fittings but in the end the front-to-back rise is perfect.
Andy, I think the colors are fine. Do you have a bowtie in madder silk to go with the tweed?
I've worn pale blue with this fabric, but since the suit, tie, and hank all have light-colored and fuzzy elements, a white OCBD was the best choice to tie everything in. Pretty low-contrast.Yellow OCBDs are great.
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