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Are we talking specifics or generalities? If we were to take the idea of "be better than those before us" continuously to its logical conclusion, we must assume there is a "best" taste. Hence there can remain just one shoe color, one trouser color, one shirt color, one jacket color, one tie color, and one pocket square color, with nothing matching and with varying patterns; all based on the ideal that there is a "better" choice, and ending with only one "best"...
All you smart people make my head spin with fancy words like "ecumenical" and "the"
Great stuff, Kent. I'll be looking forward to a spring visit...
Can we just agree that charcoal pants are fine unless there's a better option (which there usually - but not always - is)?
I actually never had charcoal pents till I bought a charcoal flannel suit. I have a sport coat via Ed that's a similar GTFH black & white that look great with charcoal pents & a black knit tie.
This has merit.
Agree with you there
I have at least one sport coat where charcoal trousers are clearly the better choice. In that instance, mid or light would therefore be "inappropriate". I don't see how decreased versatility = inappropriateness.
I'll concede that mid greys are more versatile, but charcoal flannel trou looking inappropriate?
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