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Dunno, but I'll ask. I do know he needs 1.5 meters for pants, but he also has his own cloth. I should have an answer by tomorrow-ish.
I'm going to test it first before I can recommend it, but stay tuned.For those interested, I have several lengths of cloth up for sale.
I initially thought DBs in summer cloths were ridiculous, but I have two cuts of 17oz linen that will most likely be DBs for next year's San Francisco summer
Things are starting to pile up, so time to make room. Letting these go at ridiculous prices. Short guys rejoice; most of these lengths are 2m for sportcoats. Up first is a long length of luxurious Holland and Sherry AFB flannel in 14/15oz weight. It's a 4.5m length, more than enough for a suit. About just after 3.5 yds in, there are two holes where something grabbed onto the fabric and made two holes. Then there is about another yard of good fabric. So I won't cut the...
A convertible 6x2 to 6x1 is nice.
That suit looks great on you, Cox. Flannel gives a bit, however if it's tight I'd mention it. If it's not too much trouble you could send it back with instructions; during fittings I've noticed letting out seams even a half centimeter can make a difference in comfort. I wear the 0656 trousers all the time with a navy sportcoat, and even though the jacket has patch pockets I'm with Lord Superb and prefer sportcoats to have bolder patters. It would work in a pinch, but...
Neither I nor Greg could tell a difference, if there was one. Should be fine. It's a fantastic fabric, heavy, and sumptuous.
Sweet Joseph that's a lot of fabric.
I will, I swear...
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