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Greg, you just had a suit made in a navy wool seersucker by Loro Piana, right? What's your take on it? Britex here in San Francisco is selling it for $45 a yard. Does it hang/drape well?
...and here we go. @in stitches Great stuff, Stitchy. Good use of scale in pattern. I'd like to see that square with a grey suit, too. @Braddock Big suit pattern, small tie pattern. Well done. The puntino is an interesting detail - did you specifically choose it with this fabric? @TobiasM Bright all around. Hooray for spring.
Thank you, sir.
Technically not today, but eh...
Cute couple right there
Hurro, Mista Wong. Been rong time.
Okee dokee. Let's see what StyFo goodies there have been these past 10 days...
Not often. If I do it's either gotta be a very small pattern or very large one. Color would be cream, navy, or black.
If it helps, this is the jacket TweedyProf referred to:
There are a couple things that prevent this jacket from standing on its own.1) fabric (smooth worsted)2) pattern (muted plaid)3) details (flap pockets)Casualise one or all three and you've got a winner.
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