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Nice submissions, @EliodA I like the second one particularly - the patterns, scales, and colors are different, but not too crazy. Harmonious. Nice.
Not all is perfect; these are just to give an idea of pattern mixing. Large scale / small scale, etc.
Here are some to give a loose idea:
Greetings all, I am one of many that have been helped by SF, so it's my turn to "give back". To be sure, there are many that are more qualified than me, but since this subject has received less than what its due (and since much is pure garbage) I've decided to open this up to those with discerning taste / are willing to learn said taste. To start: this is independent of fit. If your submission is within the confines of what constitutes "good fit" then you will be given...
Pretty sure Butler works for Rick von Slonecker.
I have the same tie as @sugarbutch and can confirm: anything Ed touches is pretty much
I'll be there, along with my lovely dame. Question: will they have jackets to try on? Fabrics as well?
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