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Brown is classic, but I think I might choose olive because it's one of the only suit fabrics that looks OK in that color, at least to my eye.
Awesome, thanks guys. IIRC @GusW went with cord with a bit of stretch since the cotton/cashmere blends were pricey. I could be misremembering, though.
Speaking of corduroy: who are some decent makers? Would really dig a cord suit but have no idea where to source the stuff.
I like both, but prefer the Caraceni. Would like to see a smidge more drape on it, though.
I had the P&H in a 3 piece. Super versatile colorway, but for a sportcoat I prefer a larger scale herringbone.
Not a bad idea. I'll have to search for some in 12oz.@Thin White Duke Both tailors seem to favor a higher roll, at least initially. With time they may roll a little lower. Either way, I like how the lapels are very three dimensional without being heavy or stiff.This shade of tobacco was supposed to be less red, amirite @dieworkwear? This pic was taken in the shade at 9:30am; although it has a bit of mottling it looks brighter in the midday sun.
Happy with the way it turned out. The jacket is beginning to roll to the third button, and the soft canvas is already starting to take shape. I think I'm going to have Tailors Keep do all my trousers; I just got the 520 fresco back and they fit great. Will pair them with the Arrigo jacket next week. Have a light blue/grey 14oz woolen flannel from Holland and Sherry. Since I'll be getting a mid-grey flannel made up as a DB, I was thinking of a three-piece with the...
Cross-post from the East Sicily tailors thread.
The full fresco, in tobacco.
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