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Probably in a month or so. The dollar to euro ratio is pretty good these days. I'll be going there next summer so if there's any fit issues, I can bring them along for tweaking.
I don't want to hijack my own thread, but let's be honest and say that Armani is a "look". I wouldn't call his style "classic tailoring", but he did a decent job in the Untouchables. Besides, on the right person, it's a good look. Helmut Lang is another example.
Props to those that actually live where it's cold. I remember having to bundle up in New York, and it sucked. Polo Ralph Lauren corduroy moto Gustin denim work shirt Taylor Stitch duck canvas chore pant
Navy suit in Minnis Fresco 516 by Vittorio. The first two jackets, the DWW tobacco fresco and Ed wool/linen gunclub, have a wool lining. Edwin from Steed commented that the lining is not unlike the one they use for their jackets. For this and the shetland jacket I asked for a softer lining, so he is here using linen instead.
I haven't seen 516 and 579 side by side, and - I don't want to appear to minimize, but - since it's usually a pretty dark color, navy is navy.
Vittorio sent a pic of the Moonbeam and fresco jackets:
Pippo shot a couple more pics of the gunclub and the navy fresco:
Went to see Tony Bennett. Left amazed. The guy still has it.
I hate knee rips so much. SO. MUCH. Especially on new jeans.
Work in progress from Pippo:
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