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I don't know what's up with bipolar chicks. I don't get their draw. Going all the way back to Breakfast at Tiffany's and including almost every Zooey character, the cutsey manic chick that doesn't know what she wants then sulks when she doesn't get her way is bad enough when a toddler does it, and inexcusable when an adult embodies it. Why make an entire show about it? Brooklyn 99 is indeed hilarious.
I will give Raising Hope a look since Chris' opinion on shoulder execution is above reproach.
I didn't get Seinfeld when I lived in San Diego. Then I moved to New York and met all the people they emulated. I've always felt Friends was generationally patronizing. Still, Arrested Development > all other sitcoms ever. Despite the suckiness of season 4.
Oh. My. Goodness.
Let's not forget the cultural significance of early 90s Martin.
Was never really into Friends. More of a Seinfeld guy I guess. I was living in New York during that time, and was the same generation as everyone in Friends, but Seinfeld seemed like the weird but funny uncle that insisted on wearing tennis shoes with his belt and jeans. Now that Friends is on Netflix though, I might give it a chance.
Needs moar saturation.
I really like Gennaro's jacket.
End-of-day iPhone pic. The smile is because bedtime is in 5 minutes.
Bravo, Gerry!
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