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I had the opportunity to see older pics of Arrigo's stuff at his sartoria, and the only thing that seemed to have changed over the years is the lapel gorge. Belly, sleeve style, jacket length, etc, have stayed the same for 30+ years. Perhaps southern Italian tailoring has recently seen interest in menswear communities, but those guys also do "spalla attaccata" and "rollino" so I'm not sure the soft shoulder style will necessarily go away.
I'm not opposed to cashmere per se, but what I like about the shetlands are their spongy, stretchy, and porous qualities. The Moon ones in particular are less scratchy then most tweeds, though nowhere near cashmere. To date I haven't seen a cashmere in a similar weight that has the same drape that breathes as well.
Sprout, your question about beards made me laugh, not so much because it's true (none of the guys I mentioned have beards), but because beards seem to be relegated to a different subset: the workwear aficionado. The dichotomy of what they do versus what they wear is a little more palpable to me, probably because I work in construction. But that's more of a style, as opposed to fabric. If a jacket in this fabric was styled after a real hunting jacket, like Andy's, I'd...
Oops. Seemed to miss the word patterned Tough to say, though. I feel most patterns look better in flannel, but I remember seeing a worsted POW and giving it a pass. Dotted pinstripes look ok in worsted. Would you consider other non-flannel fabrics?
I like sharkskin and nailhead worsted. Partial to fresco.
I'm not saying you should use this as a barometer, but at least five dudes I know in their 20s here in San Francisco rock this stuff all the time. At the end of the day, it's not the fabric that makes you look like a grandpa, it's a shapeless blob of a jacket that does. Also, smelling like pee.
Straight outta Catania. Abraham Moon shetland tweed. Soft, spongy, delicious stuff.
Hello all, I'm moving these re-spoke sport coats out of rotation as I'm getting my own bespoke coming in. The cut and finish on these is fantastic, with handwork galore. Pictures, descriptions, and measurements below. Prices include shipping in CONUS; international buyers can PM me for a quote. Here's a classic Ercole I got from NYIslander. Ercole's shoulder treatment must be seen to be fully appreciated; they are classic American with a wonderful line. Fabric is a...
Have you thought about a blazer suit in a patterned flannel? I've worn the Minnis 656 in a number of ways. Fairly versatile.
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