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Arrigo's DB surprised me. Didn't think I would go for the 6x2 / 6x1 option but it's quite nice. Would do again.
How much does the green "pop" IRL? Subdued would be nice.
Thanks all. Shoes are from Carmina, I believe on the Forest last.
It's a grenadine from Petronius. It's texture-tastic.
Got this from Ed, but the queue is so long...you know how that goes. Letting it go for what I paid. $150 including shipping to CONUS. International shipping at cost -$15. Local San Francisco pickup -$15. It's actually a 4.5m piece, however just after 3.5 yds in, there are two holes where something grabbed onto the fabric and made two holes. Then there is about another yard of good fabric. So I won't cut the part with the holes out as you can still use that yard.
Wonderful pents in a silky VBC tropical wool. Handwork galore. Button-through 2" cuffs. $265 including shipping to CONUS. International shipping at cost -$15. San Francisco pickup -$15.
Curious about the sameness of the cloth. Looks reeeeeealy close.
I'm curious; the gunclub from Yorkshire Fabrics looks incredibly similar. I'm getting mine with patch pockets; should be ready by November.
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