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Jack/Knife Outfitters 
 Shades Of Grey 
Red Wing
That reminds me, I have a black knit in cashmere that hasn't seen the light of day since spring...
Sorry for the blurry pics, it was after a long day at work. Jack/Knife Outfitters Barn Coat Vintage Sears shirt Mod Lang hoodie Jack/Knife Outfitters jeans in grey cast Japanese selvedge denim Red Wing GTs
They had some there in the office last week. They look great.
I hope my Gustin jeans are broken in by then.
11102.8 + 20 = 11122.8
Do not like p90x-2. Only because of Tony. Great workouts though.
Interesting explanation re: blue pents, Manton. And a good reminder to re-watch Brideshead Revisited; it's been at least 10 years. I agree that grey is clearly the superior choice for most rigs, but I still think a dark blue flannel would look better than grey in at least some instances - a grey herringbone tweed, for example. Boom. Pop on an open-collared OCBD and you're done. Black shoes for Pb.
There is nothing wrong with blue trousers. Come on. Just because they are easy to pair with a grey donegal/herringbone odd jacket? Please. Someone pairs a navy suit/light blue shirt/navy tie and no one bats an eye. Focus on fabric texture and fit can more than make up for (apparent) lack of color interest.
I'd be in for another tobacco run, since the only thing I got out of the last batch was a tie.
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