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Thank you for posting this, Newc.
Solid grenadine ties are pretty much as innocuous as you can get, guys. Depending on the weave/texture it works with pretty much everything. A knit tie might be more coherent, but let's not take the fun out of dressing.
Gus you helped open Kitchen on Fire? We had a group cooking class there about 6ish years ago when I lived on Hearst & Spruce. Cool place.
Fok just sell me one of your leather jackets, we're about the same size. I promise to beat it up professionally.
The tie is a crunchy brown knit, and the shirt is a light blue bengal stripe. Now that I look at it again, everything is a different color.
That's not half bad.
I couldn't think of a better color to go with the other components than these burgundy St. Crispin's (except maybe color 8 Alden's). Dark, discreet, giving balance to the top half and not drawing attention to itself. I felt very AAAC that day.
I'd be interested in a trouser length, M.
I assure you they look great when I wear them, but that's only because I'm outrageously handsome.
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