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Have to agree with D.. Block stripes especially. I would choose stripes over neats every time with all but formal suits.
Were you slightly buzzed when you wrote this? Because it's great.
Might be able to swing by, I'll try to make it.
From yesterday. NSM, Borrelli, Drakes.
Unfortunately PRL discontinued the Garrison cut a year or two ago. A shame really; it's a nice silhouette.
Sunny summertime fabrics from PRL, the Knottery, and Drake's.
Up to you of course, but I'd steer away from soft flannel for patterns - they look much better in heavier fabrics. I have a charcoal 7/8oz flannel suit that is super comfy but also super rumpley. Can't see a pattern looking good in that fabric.
Great suit here. Sad is too small for me
Thanks. Minnis 0325 GlenCheck.
Thanks, just checked, and they don't list weights on any of their fabrics.Of note is that they carry Dormuiel tonic in 48%wool 52% mohair, in a grey-blue similar to Minnis 502, and one that's more royal blue, but still subdued. Man that stuff is beautiful. Drapes wonderfully, dry hand, seems bulletproof. $195 a yard tho
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