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Pretty sure it was a single rider, and a really nice one at that. Seemed relatively new. I remember the zippered pocket on the sleeve.
Fok, I got a chance to handle that bison leather at Johnson's. Great stuff. How come the jacket never came to light?
A friend just sold me an AllSaints DR for $100 so I couldn't pass it up. Have no idea what the story is behind this brand but although it feels cheap it fits pretty amazing.
Checked shirts are tricky. I've only seen them done well with either solid ties or stripes with a lot of dead space.
Technically two days ago.
Yessir, PRL, but no suede elbow patches. Yet.
The red neat tie has a little bit of dead space between the pattern, and can allow for a fine micro stripe. The blue neat tie has almost no empty space, and even a fine stripe would look too busy.
Since San Francisco has weird weather (and weird everything else) I think more cold weather/warm weather than summer/winter. That said, I generally wear wool/silk hanks in the fall/winter, and cotton/linen in spring/summer. I only have one mogodor tie that goes great with a cotton suit, and choose my socks based on how cold/warm it is. Boots I only wear when it's cold or wet, and loafers rarely see the fog.
Hey RSS, how's Berkeley these days? Moved from the North Side 5 years ago and kinda miss Tilden & Cheese Board.
New Posts  All Forums: