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Too late
Bought these from jrd617 but they didn't work for me. Back up for the forum - same text & pics. Up for sale is a pair of new-without-tags, NEVER WORN Polo Ralph Lauren pants. Size 34. Slim, flat front "Regent" model. Made in Italy by Corneliani to very high standards The fabric is a very versatile 100% wool in tan twill. Medium weight. I prefer these pants to Incotex. Amazing construction They have been hemmed, and tried on, but are otherwise brand new. Waist:...
Got it. I'll see what the fox merchant says is their lightest gray in stock. Thanks for putting the oatmeal run together.
Now that I think about it: any possibility of doing a pale gray flannel run too, D?
I just emailed Fox to see if they have something similar in stock. An oatmeal and pale grey would be perfect.
I wear darker trousers with darker ties; this particular tie seemed better with light grey. I actually think it would look even better with winter white flannel, but hardly anyone sells them, and those that do have too light a weight (
Winter fabrics, spring colors. A bit rumply.
Thanks guys
Hey there, Haven't had experience yet, but a "bespoke" vacation to Sicily is in the works, partly based on Sleevehead's recommendations. From what I've seen and heard, Sicily is just like any other place, with good and mediocre sarti, only less expensive. Have fun in your search.
I have to admit, my eyes only see big pattern/little pattern; I don't really notice the smaller lines. Keen eye.
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