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You'll love it.
Not sure if Arrigo's DB has belly, or simply looks like it does due to simply following contours. I'll have to check later.
Ah, that makes sense. From what I've seen, I think patch pockets might be more your style, especially with that fabric.
Thanks for sharing the photos @Mr. Six. Looks awesome made up. @dieworkwear I thought you meant patch with flaps, which I prefer over just flapped pockets. That way you can either remove the flaps and still have patch pockets.
@heldentenorDonegals are about as muted as you can get, short of heathered tweeds. @dieworkwear I'd get flaps. It's a nice look. Besides, you can always take them off with a seam ripper.
Wow. That looks great. I prefer muted tweeds for myself, even though GTFO tweeds are cool to look at. Is it a soft or hard tweed?
Looks like it. Been also looking for the perfect green tweed, but the one you're getting made up may be it. I'd rather have a more solid-y dogstooth/gunclub. That one a couple swatches behind it looks nice.
Heading to Sicily
To be honest I have no idea. Got it from Yorkshire Fabrics, who AFAIK are simply merchants. Feels like shetland. It'll probably snag like crazy. Not dense at all. Been looking for years for the perfect brown tweed with green and red/orange, and went bonkers when I saw it. Should've ordered a sample but I'm glad I took a chance.
This just arrived. Two meters of fluffy 14oz goodness.
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