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I have a Porter & Harding SC from Ed that isn't too hot for San Francisco. Not sure I'd get a suit out of it, but it isn't overly heavy. It would hold a crease better than most flannels.
I like those, Tweedy Prof. If the pattern on the jacket is small like that one, it can support a nice variety of patterned ties. Houndstooth is similar in that respect.
Poorsod's posts always make me smile.
A few more fall/winter ideas from the archives. Sport coats: Suits:
Thank you. Got the square from Mr Porter. The cream bordered one is no longer there but this one is: http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/rubinacci/macchina-della-cuccagna-printed-silk-twill-pocket-square/674783?ppv=2
I did; figured I'd take advantage of all those pics. FWIW, the missus had a hand in the selection It's too bad solid ties are so rare - they're so useful. I've degraded almost-solid herringbone ties to flannel.Can we nominate Mr. Six to Official Bay Area Ambassador already?
Solid navy should be your first odd jacket.
I have black wholecuts. Sleek, formal, great with navy/grey suits and the occasional black tie. As long as they're not blobby or ugly, go for it. Although captoes are more versatile, wholecuts can be a nice secondary option.
Pale winter wooliness. Napolisumisura Tailors Keep Drakes Rubinacci NMWA x Fox Bros x Tailors Keep Saint Crispins
Thanks fellas. I have some other fall/winter pics from years past; I'll try to post them in the next day or so.
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