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I'm floored as well. No tweaks necessary.This is Palmisciano. I asked both for an extended shoulder, and Arrigo did one as well but the effect is different. If I'd hazard to guess I'd say Arrigo's sleeve is pressed flat whereas Palmisciano presses the seam "open". Also, Palmisciano's sleeves are very three dimensional, as if they are shaped. I should ask.Thanks. Mid-grey fresco.
Cross post from the East Sicily Tailors thread.
The default is no extension. I asked for a bit more, and couldn't be happier.
I know, the tie could be tightened
FWIW I've worn one with tropical wool, fresco, cotton, linen, and denim.
You're right on all counts. At the same time, I was drawn to it because it's relatively subdued, if a bit unconventional. It's one of those, "oh, that one again?" jackets.
Actually it's the one that resembles most one that I just recently sold. So, now that I think about it, you're right.
Here are my liabilities in the queue: Which should I make up first? Left to right: 8oz JGHardy Riviera glen check (sport coat) 8oz Zegna wool/silk/linen glen check (sport coat) 12/13oz no-name linen gunclub check (sport coat) 14oz no-name RAF linen (enough for a suit with single and double breasted jackets) 14oz wool (enough for a 3 piece) Everything will eventually be made, with the exception of the Riviera; I like it a lot but unsure if the color would jive with my...
I just received two fresco suits, will receive another in a couple months, bringing the total to five. I need to offset all that with some sumptuous flannel. Fortunately it can be worn mostly year round here.
Spring is almost here which means it's time to start thinking about flannel If anyone has some they're thinking of letting some 12oz+ go, PM me. Looking for solids, chalkstripes, or checks in mid-grey, dusty blue, or brown.
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