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You guys are crazy. If there was ever a "one tie", it'd be a navy repp.
It's the reason I keep exercising.
Not quite sure I'd classify any tweeds as business-y, however muted. A worsted birdseye is similar to barleycorn, though, and that might go relatively unnoticed. I prefer sharkskin for worsted textures.
Thanks fellas. Barleycorn tweed is sweet stuff, Newc; you'll love it. Here's a poor iPhone pic of the full suit: Regular old AE black cordovan gunboats for that boring American look:
A tweedy day in San Francisco.
@Sander @EFV @cezinho @Anden @Dennis Walter @Mr. Six @Sander @PCK1 Some good fits that caught my eye over the last few months. Good use of color, scale, and general well-put-togetherness. There was one from @kulata, but I had some technical difficulties finding it.
I wear that suit 7 months out of the year in SF no problem. Love that fabric.
Possibly completely arbitrary, but I've found pebble grain has a nice contrast with flannel. Same with tweed and cordovan. I'm sure they can be swapped, but the smooth/rough texture difference makes things interesting.
It's pretty solid until close. The black/white contrast is there, but the flannel mutes it a little.
Calf gunboats with suits just seem a bit...sad. Suede gunboats would look great with jeans though. Not challenging anyone, but I have yet to see suede gunboats put together with coat & tie that looks well.
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