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I won't wear a cravat until I'm 60 or own a yacht.
Will do. I'll be sure to wear duct taped shoes.
The tailor is Sig Arrigo in Messina, Sicily. His wife and daughter are involved in the shop. This was one of two jackets made, two fittings and almost two weeks before the final product.
The guys at Tailors Keep already have my trouser pattern and I quite like it. When I go back I'll have trousers made by Arrigo, I think with a single pleat.
It's his house style, which is great to begin with. He'll ask for lapel width, and details, but otherwise I let him do his thing. He is very proud that his style is classic but modern. His suggestions were a very small "rollino" on the sleevhead of the DB, along with a option to button either the middle or bottom, which I agreed with. The shape of the peak lapels looks great; very very slight belly with the points not too high. The sleeves on the single breasted have a...
@GBR, I opted to get trousers made locally in San Francisco, but Arrigo does make trousers. He said he either does them in house (his wife and daughter work with him) or outside if the workload requires it. Picked up the jackets a few days ago. Really satisfied with them, but noticed that the swelled seams on the AFB 520 are just extra pick stitching. If there is a separate, more specific/accurate term in Italian (besides puntini) I'm not aware of it. At any rate, I'm...
For those that are passing through Syracuse, I highly recommend Ortigia, the old part of town. Right on the water, the streets curve and carve myriad pathways that will make a pleasant afternoon's search. Eat away from the water and instead go to La Foglia on Via Capodieci 29. Charmingly eclectic decor and great food. Ask for the tonno "appena alla griglia, rosso dentro." You won't be disappointed.
Small world, @carpu65. Post some pictures when you get a chance. I need to iron my jackets once I get home to make them presentable.
Went back to Sig Arrigo yesterday for the second and final fitting, jackets should be ready by Friday. The amount of detail is amazing. On the double breasted jacket, for example, since either the middle or the bottom button can be used, the middle button is also finished on the underside. I tried to get a picture of it but wasn't very successful.
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