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You may be right, which means I need to buy more squares, which is always good.
Thanks guys. I think Greg recently mentioned that herringbone shirts are great, and I forgot I had one. Need to get moar.
I saw Raising Hope, Chris, and my wife and I laughed. Still think Arrested Development is better, but it's good. Anyone see "orange is the new black"? Looks interesting.
Srsly, is Rockridge cold? I can't imagine wearing pj's, let alone a robe. And I'm in the Marina.
White with tweed is OK.
I know, but then I'd feel so...dishonest.
Very nice Mr. Six.
From a while ago, but I'm wearing essentially the same thing today. Goorin Evan Kinori Taylor Stitch Jack Knife Red Wings
I'm in for $10.
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