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There must be others that have a gallery stashed....somewhere. I'd hate to be the only one playing.
Did you guys end up at karaoke Saturday night?
Soooo here's SW&D. Taken either at work or right after, so technically workwear, but eh... http://www.styleforum.net/g/a/625318/urbancompositions-workwear-album#
OK Murl, I'll play: Here's an album WIWT: http://www.styleforum.net/g/a/625317/urbancompositions-menswear-album/
No, but subsequent purchases did not have that detail
Thanks guys. Fabric is Fox flannel, part of a suit from NSM. Here it is in all its iPhone-distorted unglory:Black shoes, because like Monkeyface says, sometimes there is no better option.
Thanks, Fok; that'll make things easier. Regarding commentary of the pics, I think what has been said in the past merits revisiting, but can be condensed into the following: When taking pictures, either 1) put as much thought into the background and how you stand as has been put into your ensemble (something as simple as what Tira is doing, but if you want to get Victor-level artistic, go right ahead), or 2) just take a quick selfie where most of the photo is your fit,...
Volpe, courtesy of Ed.
Those are nice low-contrast colors, Elio.
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