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16oz is good for San Francisco at least 70% of the year, especially in an office. OTOH I'm especially interested in the houndstooth fresco, preferably in a lighter navy shade for the summer.
I'm actually starting to get into windowpanes as the spacing can accommodate all but the largest tie/shirt patterns. Just got one, a nice fuzzy triple forest green with white, light blue and pink windowpane. More subdued than it sounds.
What I wear when my wife goes shopping at Modcloth. PRL Hanes Dillon Montara Common Projects
My time on the forum became severely limited once work took me away from the internet. Which reminds me, I should probably update my old thread.
I wouldn't call you a regular guy.
Wow. That's heavy. Should drape nicely though.
I read this post in Middle Earth, where I own an Eidos Mearas-butt cape.
Wow. That looks really nice.
I know, it's ambiguous. All I can say is: the suit fabric and tie (like all neats) look formai, but the square looks playful (in a good way). Burgundy ties always are tough for me, personally, as far as choosing a square. Perhaps a muted green?
[[SPOILER]] The suit is amazing. Really. One of the best I've seen on you. Makes me want to commission a DB from Chan. Have you tried to cinch that tie knot? It might look a bit better. [[SPOILER]] I love you Shugs, but the square and tie don't work for me. Colors are good, but the patterns are...
New Posts  All Forums: