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That looks good, LB...except the shoulders seem a little sad; bowing down. Could just be just the camera distortion, though. Otherwise, looks great.
Yes - although I find myself wearing the pants more than the jacket, with a navy sport coat .God, I love navy sport coats.
jrafter, I feel burgundy adelaides are best with navy suits or jackets (mostly in heavier clloths, due to their brogueing). Otherwise they're pretty distracting, despite their loveliness. Have you tried that suit with any calfskin captoe kicks in a chestnut (or lighter) brown?
On a related note, I just finished watching Apocalypse Now Redux and am 99% sure Lawrence Fishburne is racist.
I only occasionally come here & appreciate the open critique and outright frankness, but OJSIMPSON, wtf?
Glen plaid flannel suits are your friend - the pants can always be used (in grey or even brown) as odd trousers blue blazers. For any other odd jacket, that's beyond my expertise & I usually go for solid flannel trousers.
If it means men wearing more suits, I guess it's a lesser evil then getting children to drink more soda at Taco Bell.
Mr Six is consistently very, very good.
Thanks guys. Have my eye on a pair but wanted to check sizing before taking the plunge.
Hello gents, I know that the modified last is "different" in the way it handles your foot, but more or less: if I'm a Barrie size 8, would I be a Modified size 8?
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