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It can sometimes read too saturated. I liked yours, though; it seemed muted.
Ok. So you like pink. Or the camera does. Either way your manly studliness is softened by the comely hues of your ensemble. Some say mixed message, I say Tenderloin. Both have their upside.
Spring is here, but it's still 58 in San Francisco. At least I still get to wear flannel. Lots of seasonal ensembles and colors for the first half of May, like the colors of @Spandexter here: and the sultriness of @Caustic Man Rawr. . On with the compilation. @Braddock There may be others, but the bengal/candy stripe is the only stripe for me. Or two. Whatever. Good mix of pattern scale, and colors that don't induce vomiting. Well done. @Cleav I shouldn't...
^ I agree, I think they are a great option, especially as textured solids & small scale neats. Good call on the lighter hank; it helps to tie everything together.
Thanks for the comments, guys. This is more or less my work outfit every day.
I'm glad you didn't
Yep, NSM via Ed. I believe the fabric is a Loro Piana wool/cashmere.
Denim...everything. Except the boots. Evan Kinori Gustin Dillon Montara
Not a bad idea. I'll do that next time.
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