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Oh man. Pippo just sent me pics of the forthcoming jackets. Should arrive in a couple weeks.
That was a great write up. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I agree with Derek that a first suit commission should fit perfectly, but I'll add that the idea of how something fits and feels gets fleshed out with time, and as the suit is worn in day to day activities (as opposed to standing at a fitting) I get a clearer idea of where I want changes. For example, my first suits with both Sicilian tailors fit quite well, but I found that I wanted more room in the back for...
I think what Arrigo does best is his shoulder and drape. A very soft English style. Can you take closer pictures of the jacket itself?
I haven't received mine yet, but have noticed on some Aldens the whole diagonal laces thing. I wouldn't worry about it. Chalk it up to how a made-for-everyone shoe lays on your unique foot. When you get into the four digit shoes (it's a slippery slope, believe me) you can then start to obsess over right angles and such.
You can use a credit card, but I believe the surcharge for this is about $40.
I may be mistaken, but I think Western Union requires the recipient to physically go to an office to receive payment. If they deposit directly into the recipient's account that would be convenient but the charge is much higher than Xoom.
With Xoom, as long as you have your account info and that of the other party, there's no need for the other party to have PayPal. Anyone who has tried explaining how to create a PayPal account to an older person who is already reluctant to to anything on the internet knows the pain. The struggle is real. Haven't tried Transferwise but if it's anything like Xoom, I'm all for it.
Sooooo back to the subject at hand, since many tailors don't take credit cards, and taking cash out can be a pain, I decided to try PayPal's Xoom service to transfer funds directly from my bank account to Palmisciano's bank account. The surcharge was only five dollars, as opposed to the $40 my bank charged when I did it through them. Just something to keep in mind the next time you go abroad, it's a pretty painless service, and the transfer time is several business days.
I'm surprised no one started a thread on this already, but the clothes in Netflix's series "The Crown" are quite nice. It can run slow at times (somehow they were able to stretch an entire episode to cover smog) but overall it's a great show. The designer estimates that 95% of the principal actors' 300+ costumes are tailor made (whatever that means) and whereas the women's costumes - particularly the Queen's, for obvious reasons - are given more screen time, the costumes...
Probably in a month or so. The dollar to euro ratio is pretty good these days. I'll be going there next summer so if there's any fit issues, I can bring them along for tweaking.
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