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Also: love medallion and paisley ties, when done right.
TBH, even if it is a suit, if all the other components are casual, I have no problem with loafers with suits. I've never done it myself, but some of the looks I've seen are OK. What I hate is a refined, worsted suit with business stripes, and loafers.
I thumbed you all, because that's how dirty I am.
^ that's OK. Still a great casual look.
A great deal of learning can be had by highlighting the good; such is the purpose of this thread. Also, a compendium of good outfits is an enjoyable thing.
Why are these great? Fit, balance, cohesiveness. No one's perfect; fewer "fits" are perfect. For example, I would have chosen a different square for @justinkapur, but it's still very nice; the colors still complement each other. @Newcomer has balance in contrast. Note how the shirt and trousers are light, whereas the jacket and tie are dark. This is a tried and true combination that every man should have at the ready. @justinkapur displays good tie/shirt pattern...
Newcomer JustinKapur Mossrocks EFV Butler
The ones that gather at your hips, not your waist; these are your friend. It's then a straight (or tapered) line down. No hip flare.
I like short casual jackets, even on on hippi-er dudes. Looks timeless. My Perfecto & G-1 are favorites that I grab all the time.
Next time, Karaoke. Fosho.
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