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Wonderful pents in a silky VBC tropical wool. Handwork galore. Button-through 2" cuffs. $265 including shipping to CONUS. International shipping at cost -$15. San Francisco pickup -$15.
Curious about the sameness of the cloth. Looks reeeeeealy close.
I'm curious; the gunclub from Yorkshire Fabrics looks incredibly similar. I'm getting mine with patch pockets; should be ready by November.
Low contrast is the bomb. When done well tonal outfits are generally easy on the eyes. I agree that it's difficult but would hesitate to say it looks contrived. It seems more incidental. Matching colors is also easy on the eyes, but because it obviously requires thought it stands out as looking more contrived.
You'll love it.
Not sure if Arrigo's DB has belly, or simply looks like it does due to simply following contours. I'll have to check later.
Ah, that makes sense. From what I've seen, I think patch pockets might be more your style, especially with that fabric.
Thanks for sharing the photos @Mr. Six. Looks awesome made up. @dieworkwear I thought you meant patch with flaps, which I prefer over just flapped pockets. That way you can either remove the flaps and still have patch pockets.
@heldentenorDonegals are about as muted as you can get, short of heathered tweeds. @dieworkwear I'd get flaps. It's a nice look. Besides, you can always take them off with a seam ripper.
Wow. That looks great. I prefer muted tweeds for myself, even though GTFO tweeds are cool to look at. Is it a soft or hard tweed?
New Posts  All Forums: