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How much space do you need?
Dig the jackets, Pliny & Stitch.
Too late
Bought these from jrd617 but they didn't work for me. Back up for the forum - same text & pics. Up for sale is a pair of new-without-tags, NEVER WORN Polo Ralph Lauren pants. Size 34. Slim, flat front "Regent" model. Made in Italy by Corneliani to very high standards The fabric is a very versatile 100% wool in tan twill. Medium weight. I prefer these pants to Incotex. Amazing construction They have been hemmed, and tried on, but are otherwise brand new. Waist:...
Got it. I'll see what the fox merchant says is their lightest gray in stock. Thanks for putting the oatmeal run together.
Now that I think about it: any possibility of doing a pale gray flannel run too, D?
I just emailed Fox to see if they have something similar in stock. An oatmeal and pale grey would be perfect.
I wear darker trousers with darker ties; this particular tie seemed better with light grey. I actually think it would look even better with winter white flannel, but hardly anyone sells them, and those that do have too light a weight (
Winter fabrics, spring colors. A bit rumply.
Thanks guys
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