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I have two purple hanks and one purple tie. All three are pretty muted. I'll try & find the pics.
That's because generally speaking, shoes should be darker than trou. Shoes can be lighter than trousers, but it doesn't stand out as much if there's something similarly light up on top besides the shirt. Some choose ties; I prefer jackets.
Rob offloaded it (Ercole) and I made slight adjustments. It really is a great cloth. A faux tweed from John G. Hardy.
Tie is a silk reppe. Sometimes I forget how great they are; they're a pleasant contrast to wooly hanks.
Right on time, a week after Labor Day, Karl the Fog returns to San Francisco. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks. My first "fashion" leather jacket. Definitely not my last.
This thread makes me happy.
Excuse the rest of the outfit; I just came from work in dirty jeans & Docs. Stopped by Fog City Leather on Union Street & talked to the owner (Jack). They also make jackets right there in-house. Tried on the Schott 626 there in a medium. Too tight in the shoulders & a bit long at 26". The 519 measures about the same in a medium. Jack said he was going to make one for himself at 25" length, no belt and stars, and darker hardware, all of which I like. The cost would...
Here's the All Saint's jacket. Seems about an inch or so long, but eh.
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