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Not incredibly noticeable but that's what forums and detail shots are for, right? In all fairness, this is the first time I've used either tailor, and a simple "next time can you do thus-and-so" should iron out most issues. I will say they both nailed the fit. BTW the gunclub fits exactly like the fresco. Uncanny.
The color of the stitching is not my favorite but it's interesting how it disappears over the brown part of the check. Meh, I asked for "sportivo" so I guess I got it As far as the evenness goes, I should take pics of the frescos side by side to compare the puntini of Arrigo (the RAF) and Palmisciano (the tobacco). Both are more pronounced than the subtle pick stitching of the DB, and are different in style so I won't use that as a comparison.
Need to give them a press, but this arrived today.
I might. I'll look around the site.
Blue skies and crisp 58 degree air in the Marina today, so flannel. All RTW today: Borrelli jacket & shirt, no-name wooly tie and silk square (purchased off eBay), PRL dark green pents, Alden shortwings. No filter, Sony A6000 2.8 50mm prime lens.
I wish it were sunny in San Francisco today, Gus. I wore flannel in the city.
I'd love to have that jacket remade as bespoke, but as an OTR Borrelli Sorento, it's pretty perfect. Too bad they ended that line. What makes this fabric different from suiting glen plaid is both the scale (bigger) and the fabric (thicker). So if you go to a tailor, look for jacketing heavier than 12oz.
As an man of average height, the only thing I really notice on less-than-average height people in real life is that their eyes are lower than mine. Sometimes I can see a birthmark on their scalp. I've never considered cuffs, sometimes I observe a jacket too long or too short, and shoulder pitch is not nearly as noticeable as shoulder width. Most often I notice a nice fabric, pleasing colors, or tasteful pattern matching. Fat/skinny/ugly/jacked grill/small shoulders are...
You'll have your chance: I had zero fittings for the gunclub. It was all based off the three fittings of the tobacco fresco. TBH I'm curious as well to see the finished product & how it compares to the fresco. If it's good, I'll strongly consider sending out fabric and going for one fitting for small adjustments.
I think I see what he means, but ASAIK fittings per se does not make bespoke what it is. MTM takes an existing pattern and modifies it. Fittings can be involved (I think Steed offers them for his MTM) but usually aren't. Bespoke is when a pattern is drafted from the start based off of the tailors measurements and notes on your stance, the way your arms hang, etc. In other words, you have a pattern with your name on it. One is not necessarily better; bespoke is simply...
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