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Needs moar saturation.
I really like Gennaro's jacket.
End-of-day iPhone pic. The smile is because bedtime is in 5 minutes.
Bravo, Gerry!
I started a thread on pattern mixing somewhere, but haven't touched it in awhile. I'm far from the best at it, but like to have fun once in a while. The guys at the Armoury and B&Tailor have a lot of fun with it too (as they are around a ton of items at arm's reach) and I like their tumblrs for that reason, among others.
Dylan & Son is based in Singapore, and based on their Instagram they seem to look quite nice.
Could have been Ed. It's not without reason I haven't worn any square with his checked sport coats - they do plenty of talking by themselves. Not saying there isn't a square out there that won't go, but it'd sure be tough to find.
I feel the same about checked jackets, and have found that silk madder paisley squares in muted colors work well. However, if I can't find one that does work, I go without. I believe it was foo who once said that no outfit was ever ruined for lack of a pocket square, and I agree.
It was sunny & crisp this morning.
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