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Yep. Two doors up the hill.
Building condos again. These start in the low $600,000 for a studio on Pine & Van Ness. Evan Kinori Gustin Jungmaven Taylor Stitch Alden
Sicilian Thing Pizza in North Park. The hood I grew up in. I'm a little biased, but don't take my word for it.
Here's a new suit from Arrigo in navy fresco. I didn't think I'd like the color all that much, but it's starting to grow on me. The shoulders were too narrow, so I had him extend them a bit. As you can see, not as much as Palmisciano. Also, whereas Arrigo cuts a sleevehead that drops relatively straight down from the seam, Palmisciano "builds it out", making it three-dimensional. I can appreciate both, but the latter is quite accommodating for anyone with round delts. I...
I asked for a linen canvas (as opposed to the thicker wool he used previously), so the lapels are much softer right out of the box. The first ones just take a little longer to "settle" to the middle button. Congrats on your trip. Feel free to PM me for tips / things to do in the area. I can't wait to go back myself.
They had a sale over President's Day. These ended up being about $50 a yard. I went in there looking for solids but I'm a sucker for plaid. I really like how these have a ridiculous scale (about 5x6") but in muted colors. Almost walked away with a really cool dark green wool nubby herringbone. Alllllmost like a bouclè, but more rustic. The herringbone was hardly noticeable.
Two Shetland tweed yoooge windowpane plaids from Britex.
Now that I think about it, I have a MAN1924 suit in wool/linen that's fairly heavy, I'd say at least 10oz, probably closer to 12oz. I'll rotate it out when I get another made up, but not because I didn't like it. Wrumples nicely.
I have one suit and a sport coat in wool/linen/silk. Performs fine in San Francisco (though I hear not so well in hotter, more humid environments). Keeps a crease much better than plain linen, with more body. The stuff 280g and less feels featherweight. Personally I dig it.
It's different than others, you're right. But I don't mind it. I have one from Mina that's too low, but eh...
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