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Very nice. I'm going to a wedding today and may break out a medallion tie. They get no love.
This was pretty much my outfit the entire work week. Jack/Knife Outfitters Some button-up shirt Gustin Red Wing Thermos
Love the cop-cut on those trou, Parker.
Jack/Knife Outfitters 
 Shades Of Grey 
Red Wing
That reminds me, I have a black knit in cashmere that hasn't seen the light of day since spring...
Sorry for the blurry pics, it was after a long day at work. Jack/Knife Outfitters Barn Coat Vintage Sears shirt Mod Lang hoodie Jack/Knife Outfitters jeans in grey cast Japanese selvedge denim Red Wing GTs
They had some there in the office last week. They look great.
I hope my Gustin jeans are broken in by then.
11102.8 + 20 = 11122.8
Do not like p90x-2. Only because of Tony. Great workouts though.
New Posts  All Forums: