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Chest has far less drape than Arrigo's. It's not tight, but it is very lean. I prefer somewhere in between the two.
Finally, a little warmth from the sun in San Francisco today. Closer:
Forgot to robo-pose, but here's a shot of the jacket from Palmisciano that had zero fittings, based solely on measurements and fittings from the brown fresco jacket.
I'll try to hit this tomorrow.
That place is open? Coffee sounds great but I'm there early, around 7:30am.
Pretty much the only place left to build in San Francisco. The views are actually pretty amazing - you've got the shipyard and the Bay immediately east, and the curve of the Bay south to SJ and the Bay Bridge/downtown to the north. They've already got chartered buses.
Mostly romex, with MC on the bottom concrete/metal stud floor. Luxury condos in Hunter's Point (!) starting at around a mil.
End of the work week. Ralph Lauren Wrangler Jungmaven Gustin Red Wings
SOLD Drakes and Panta ties I just don't wear. In fact, I've never even worn a couple of the Drakes. Selling as a lot, all eight, because I just want them gone. Note that the two raw silk striped Knottery ties are gone. $225 including shipping to CONUS. Outside US, I'll add shipping but deduct $10. Local San Francisco pickup OK. Left to right: Drakes pink silk/linen herringbone, 3" wide, 59" long Drakes pink/tan silk repp, 3.25" wide, 59" long Drakes blue/tan silk...
New Posts  All Forums: