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I was going to write something, but Kulata summed it up nicely. I'm wearing sneakers today.
No pic today, gents - got too caught up in Berkeley madness. Later this week will be a coastal trip to Jenner & I'll probably wear more or less the same thing then.
I'm actually wearing that today for brunch at La Note. Will post a pic later.
I wear khakis with white sneakers and a casual sportcoat (no tie) pretty often. But I live in California.
I have that summer plaid SC (from NSM) and I can guarantee it is THE summer jacket. Wore it last summer in NY and it felt like nothing. How's that linen? Does the open weave mean it wrinkles less/more? Also, I haven't been keeping up with this thread, but: any upcoming Eidos ideas for spring/summer?
Yes, alterations; sorry for the confusion. Andreas and his son are great and they have a keen eye for balance, etc. Actually I'm getting more extended shoulders so the sleeves fall straight(er) down, as opposed to round(er). I should post more here...Tumblr & Instagram gets all my love
AG does all my tailoring. He showed me an odd jacket they recently did in a Reid & Taylor gunclub. IIRC they don't make it themselves, though it did look nice.
ArmourySF would be cool.
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