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One standout item. Or the full FU. JPHardy's is the former, and looks great. Stitchy, you'll like the pleat. Personally I think it looks best on a three-piece, or at least a suit. Not sure if I'm ready for pleated odd trousers.
Bad quality, bad lighting, hands in pockets. But you get the idea.
I have a pic of the trousers/vest sans the jacket, but there are so many pics of them on teh interwebz that are far better examples. One thing I have noticed, and Will mentioned it once a few years back: the combination of heavier fabric/looser cut/pleats is often (though not always) more conducive to trousers hanging well. Add a sharp crease & a shivering cuff and the trousers don't appear baggy at all.
Let's talk pleats...and while we're at it: full-cut trousers. I took out an old 1940's flannel that I haven't worn in a while, and forgot how elegant high-waisted, full-cut, pleated trousers can be. The pleat gives a clean line, and the fuller cut lends balance to an otherwise top-heavy suit. Also, they are ridiculously comfortable. My old man diapers are completely hidden.
Unable to make it tonight guys. Let's do a post-SF SF meetup in another week or so.
I have a navy SB topcoat with peaked lapels, usually leave it open, but the quarters stay where they are just fine. It is rather heavy fabric, tho.
I have a 250cc scooter that's my daily commuter. Granted, I live and work in the city, so I don't have to worry too much about highway driving. But the times that I have gone over the Bay and Golden Gate bridges were pretty harrowing. I have a thick 60's Schott bomber that makes me feel safe but would probably rip to shreds if I ever fell.
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