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I think everyone should leave the blue trouser debate for a bit and just thank aportnoy for posting again.
Those are actually the new organic "flesh" wash. A little snug.
I'm in play clothes now, but the vest has 4 welt pockets.
Today. Peekaboo medallions.
I'm not sure I've ever seen a large print medallion tie with a sport coat. It'd have to be a herringbone or donegal; something opposite in scale to the tie. Not that it can't be done, and some people are wizards at pattern mixing, but I tend to subscribe to GDL's line of thought. A peek of medallion under a three piece suit looks just great.
Stitchy, Moo, GDL, NOBD and a couple others are wearing stuff I can totally see myself wearing. Spoo and EFV are just Supafly. Some of you really need to break in your jeans.
I chickened out and decided a medallion tie may not be best for a wedding. Chose a navy wool birdseye instead.
Very nice. I'm going to a wedding today and may break out a medallion tie. They get no love.
This was pretty much my outfit the entire work week. Jack/Knife Outfitters Some button-up shirt Gustin Red Wing Thermos
Love the cop-cut on those trou, Parker.
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