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I've finally come to terms that I no longer fit this suit. It is a sad day. So much win on this: Porter & Harding brown/black herringbone tweed and soft tailoring. On the jacket there is minimal padding, swelled seams, 3-roll-2, brachetta breast pocket, patch hip pockets, and working buttonholes. On the flat front fully lined trousers there side pulls, waist holders, split seam waistband, and heel guards. Selling for $450 which includes shipping to CONUS. ...
I'm letting this go because I finally have come to terms that this doesn't fit me anymore. It is a sad day. So much win on this suit: Porter & Harding brown/black herringbone tweed fabric, soft tailoring, minimal shoulder padding, swelled seams, patch hip pockets, barchetta breast pocket, working button holes. On the trousers there are side tabs, waist holders, split seam, fully lined trousers with heel guard. Whoever this goes to will be a happy person. $450 includes...
Birdseye is only for suits. Fresco is what you want for a blazersuit, not hopsack. I have one suit and three jackets in hopsack, and whereas jackets are fine, trousers never hold a crease.
Almost done with my first pair of bespoke trousers from Tailors Keep. Will bring them in next week so they can lower the front rise and clean them up a bit.
I wear my made in England Docs to the construction site alongside Red Wings, Alden's, and White's. They aren't the best quality and don't have the most support, but are immediately comfortable.
I really like that square, particularly with a white shirt. I have a couple Rubinacci squares with a light background that I love for that very reason.Not a fan of the tie, though. Swap it for navy
That is amazing
Digging the sweater, Parker.
Burgundy ties are fine. So are navy, but better. Either is OK.
Well done.
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