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I tried, but I don't wear black shoes. So these are up for sale. Black PTBs in alpine grain, minor wear. Plantation crepe soles with tons of life left. The perfect casual shoe. Barrie last, size 8.5. Know your size - no returns because you goofed PayPal accepted, but prefer Square Cash Thanks for looking!
What has been your experience with it? Sturdy? Keeps a crease?
What are the names of the flannel-esque fabric, pB?
I wear flannel trou with all my sportcoats and the ones I have are getting baggy. So sad. Would go up to 14oz; not sure if 17oz would make me sweat bullets in San Francisco. In another thread Despos mentioned a Zegna wool/cashmere blend - wondering if it's still available.
What has been your experience with different flannels holding a crease? I have Fox and Minnis which are decent - are there others that are better? Doesn't matter if it's worsted or woolen, and softness is irrelevant (flannel is soft enough as it is).
SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Two sport coats from Brooklyn's Ercole up for sale. All the usual detailing - fully canvassed, lots of handwork, soft American shoulders. Bought from New York Islander a bit ago, and passing it on at my cost. Prefer shipping within CONUS; int'l shipping please PM for a quote. Fantastic coats. Willing to make a deal for both coats together. First up is a gun club in John G Hardy fabric. Patch hip pockets, welt chest pocket. $200 About a 38...
Kent Wang had suits made up in that fabric for his trunk show, which made me want to order one for next year. That is the one cotton suit fabric I would love to have.
Well done, AAS.
Anyone can wear hoodies. I am the workwear / menswear / loungewear / California Coastwear / Not At All Boston Wear / arbiter of what is appropriate. Hoodies are fine. As long as you are recognized within a 3-mle radius.
Very nice first post, Newcomer.
New Posts  All Forums: