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Thanks guys
Hey there, Haven't had experience yet, but a "bespoke" vacation to Sicily is in the works, partly based on Sleevehead's recommendations. From what I've seen and heard, Sicily is just like any other place, with good and mediocre sarti, only less expensive. Have fun in your search.
I have to admit, my eyes only see big pattern/little pattern; I don't really notice the smaller lines. Keen eye.
Nice ^ there's still a month or so of winter left, so I have another opportunity to try other shirts. Interesting to see all the different accessories for POW check.
Scale is too similar? I tried a pale blue but the color was distracting. I have an off-white shirt that may work, though. Good idea.
I picked up a cotton gab recently for a song. I've always struggled with the wrinkles but decided to just accept it.
Tie is a lil askew, but it was 11pm, and it was a long day. Special thanks to Jeff & Zack at the Armoury for finding this square. Did anyone else score something from their NYC sale?
Since some have asked: shirt is Oxford cloth unfused semi-spread, about 4.5 inches, to have a nice roll. Tie is brushed flannel. Hank is silk/wool. Suit is brown/black herringbone tweed.
Congrats. Looks great. You've embarked down a path where there is no turning back - after bespoke all your other suits will seem (to yourself at least) inferior. That said: it's a pleasant path, for sure
I really like that pocket square, Elio.
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