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^ I tend to agree
Pretty sure they said loopwheeled. In fact I think it was labeled such (there were descriptions next to them on the table). They're still in the prototype process, but the ones they had on display had seams all over the body, rather than being seamless. There were three fabrics, super smooth like an old school sweatshirt, to slightly nubby, my favorite being the last. Great texture on that one.They mentioned it was more expensive than any of the denim they've used thus...
I think everyone should leave the blue trouser debate for a bit and just thank aportnoy for posting again.
Those are actually the new organic "flesh" wash. A little snug.
I'm in play clothes now, but the vest has 4 welt pockets.
Today. Peekaboo medallions.
I'm not sure I've ever seen a large print medallion tie with a sport coat. It'd have to be a herringbone or donegal; something opposite in scale to the tie. Not that it can't be done, and some people are wizards at pattern mixing, but I tend to subscribe to GDL's line of thought. A peek of medallion under a three piece suit looks just great.
Stitchy, Moo, GDL, NOBD and a couple others are wearing stuff I can totally see myself wearing. Spoo and EFV are just Supafly. Some of you really need to break in your jeans.
I chickened out and decided a medallion tie may not be best for a wedding. Chose a navy wool birdseye instead.
Very nice. I'm going to a wedding today and may break out a medallion tie. They get no love.
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