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Now that you mention it, my NSM jackets are cut a little leaner in the chest.
It warmed up this weekend so no flannel. I did wear the fresco jacket though. Here's a few pics. I know the quality of them isn't the best but it'll give you an idea of the lines and structure of the jacket.
When it gets cooler, yes. Summer temps in San Francisco can sometimes dip into the 60s.
Agreed. I do know where both guys live, though, and I can outrun them. Here's a few pics of the DB.
Good question. I assume so; he wants to make it legit and not a "take the money and run" operation. That's just the vibe I have so far; I'm sure once the business side of things is set up, the details will be clearly spelled out.
I agree. Panarea really felt like we were on vacation. We rented a boat from a fisherman and toured ourselves around the island till we found a bay. We anchored off the shore, had prosciutto and white wine, took an afternoon nap, and then dove in the sea to cool off. It was magical.
Just chatted with Sleevehead, and he's actually putting in a lot of work behind the scenes to create the Kickstarter and make it something continuously profitable. If successful, he'll get a cut (like most agents) but by far the majority is going to the tailor. Incidentally, both Sig Arrigo and Palmisciano set the US price at $3000 for a suit, which is pretty fair considering the quality, amount of handwork, and fit. Obviously more would be interested in the lower...
I don't know all the details, but if he's spending time to bring a tailor across the planet I can only assume that's it's monitarily beneficial to both parties. If there were no financial gain for either tailor or agent I'd be pleasantly surprised and appreciative.
Guys, if he comes to the US, of course there will be a translator. If he comes to SF, I'll offer my own services as such. BTW Sleevehead's early bird prices are pretty amazing. I'm hoping to have that for SF as well.
New Posts  All Forums: