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Is "ginger suede" a reference to EFV?
I love fur / faux fur lined parkas but it would be ridic in San Francisco.
All my nsm trousers have angled cuffed hems.
I'm with Greg as far as optimizing outfits. Sometimes I'll put stuff together, at the end of the day realize that something looks "off", and make a mental note. Otherwise, scale/contrast/balance/coherence are the things I strive for the most. Side note: I have decided that I don't like herringbone ties with most plaids/gunclubs. Despite the fact that it's just a weave & mostly resolves to a solid, the ones I have can be distracting. I prefer them with flannel, donegal, and...
I would do pB, but my one charcoal suit is in the cleaners. I do have black wholecuts, though. Strange that StyFo autocorrected wholecuts to holocaust.
Just burgundy. Specifically in that shade, which stands out too much for that particular outfit. A dark burgundy, dark brown or black would be fine.Love burgundy adelaides, but they're rather limiting. Not as much as spectators, tho
Worsted suits generally go well with plainer shoes; a bit of brogue is OK. More to the point: my eyes see only the tie and shoes. This is not always a bad thing, but in this case I think your outfit might be better with either lighter shoes or plain ol' black.
That looks good, LB...except the shoulders seem a little sad; bowing down. Could just be just the camera distortion, though. Otherwise, looks great.
Yes - although I find myself wearing the pants more than the jacket, with a navy sport coat .God, I love navy sport coats.
jrafter, I feel burgundy adelaides are best with navy suits or jackets (mostly in heavier clloths, due to their brogueing). Otherwise they're pretty distracting, despite their loveliness. Have you tried that suit with any calfskin captoe kicks in a chestnut (or lighter) brown?
New Posts  All Forums: