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Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Had to go back to work today myself. Breaking in a new jacket from Three, a local dude in San Francisco who's part of the Jack/Knife tribe. This one's reversible, of 12 oz Japanese selvedge on one side & heavyweight cavalry twill wool on the other. All single needle stitching & reinforced to death. Looking forward to beating it up.
Goorin Bros Gustin oxford Taylor Stitch tradesman's shirt Gustin jeans Red Wing GTs
I will gladly put your pants through the construction test.
I have 3.25 to 3.5" ties, and rarely think about proper width. Also, I despise tiny knots and err toward the phatniss.I'll take a pic with a 3.25 & 3.5" tie side by side, as soon as I take off my tool belt.Almost forgot - 38 jacket.
3.5" is wide?
Do you do straight razor shaves?
AAS, I'm not purposefully trying to be disingenuous, but that is the first great fit I have seen from you in a long time. Very very very very good.
Vasssshhh cap toes in dark chestnut. I love them so much, it pains me that they are the world's most beautiful captoes, and my wife doesn't recognize it
I wore this rig last night, but I can pop a picture up this evening.Basketweave is unnoticeable except when very close. What's more interesting is the brown & black melange of color, but also visible only when close. From afar it looks very plain & reads a slightly textured solid. Perfectly fine with thick wintry suits/jackets.www.urbancomposition.tumblr.com
New Posts  All Forums: