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AAS, I'm not purposefully trying to be disingenuous, but that is the first great fit I have seen from you in a long time. Very very very very good.
Vasssshhh cap toes in dark chestnut. I love them so much, it pains me that they are the world's most beautiful captoes, and my wife doesn't recognize it
I wore this rig last night, but I can pop a picture up this evening.Basketweave is unnoticeable except when very close. What's more interesting is the brown & black melange of color, but also visible only when close. From afar it looks very plain & reads a slightly textured solid. Perfectly fine with thick wintry suits/jackets.www.urbancomposition.tumblr.com
In for the meetup, gotta skip dinner.
I wore a straight collar last night. I forget how much I like them. www.urbancomposition.tumblr.com
Last night. Bad light. Shirt is pale pink.
I'm struggling to think if there's a way I can wear a scarf to the jobsite...
^ I tend to agree
Pretty sure they said loopwheeled. In fact I think it was labeled such (there were descriptions next to them on the table). They're still in the prototype process, but the ones they had on display had seams all over the body, rather than being seamless. There were three fabrics, super smooth like an old school sweatshirt, to slightly nubby, my favorite being the last. Great texture on that one.They mentioned it was more expensive than any of the denim they've used thus...
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