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AAS, if you had a darker tie, it would help balance out the bottom half.
I slept on those St Crispins. I has so much sad.
RSVP...dibs on Bateman's couch for the night
Shhhhhhhhhhh I was going to bid on that.
To bad this isn't my size. Somebody really needs to jump on this. Great suit at a bargain.
Inseam length?
Ditto Gus' assessment
Ed says he doesn't have my size right now I've rarely seen a bad pic from you. Can't say that about myself. Threads like these are great because they can serve as benchmarks for fit, color, texture, and coherence. Kinda like an inspiration board. I miss GDLs & Vox's finely curated threads.
I peruse this thread more than others, and whereas it's always full of "win", I have to praise two dudes: My fellow Bay Area Bro Justin, who has, for better in this instance, utilized StyFo for his benefit, looking great at the Ring Jacket / Khakis of Carmel meetup, and Kulata, who consistently dresses way better than I ever will. Srsly. BTW, what shoes are those? Been looking for some nice Budapesters recently.
New Posts  All Forums: