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Sheepskin + shearling can look really good but is mostly terrible. The one in the link is definitively in the latter camp. I don't know why there are so many terrible designs out there, but here's a few that look good.
Woooooo got the chocolate & tan
Man that sleeve looks great.
Yes. Larger scale please.
Not very - but I have a light tan suede safari jacket that is screaming for them, and will probably buy them just for that very reason.Keep light colored shoes strictly in the "palewave" group of clothing and you'll do fine.
Soooooooo Ian contacted me too, and since I drive through downtown SF everyday I stopped by after work. I will echo Jon's sentiments that the last is shapely enough for odd jackets yet not incongruous with jeans - no small feat. This is from someone who hates dress shoes with jeans. HATES. Also will say that those who are familiar with Alden's Aberdeen will find the toe box more accommodating. No need to size up if you fit their longwing.
My dad would like that jacket.
Thanks fellas. It was actually pretty nice, in the 60s all day.
Quick shot of the full suit, this time buttoned 6x2.
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