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TL;DR version - Color coordination, balance and harmony trumps color seasonality.
Fortunately, most colors generally seen in classic menswear are appropriate for all seasons: blue, brown, and gray. There are definitely bright pastels for spring and summer, and muted, dusty hues for fall and winter, but I would focus on the ones that are obviously seasonal, and integrate one or two with classic menswear colors.
Could be because it's summer, but I really like that muted, light earth tone look. ^
Come on guys, flowers bloom in spring even in the desert I grew up in San Diego, but even there I'd say seasonality of colors (though probably not fabric) exists. Roping in @GusW for color discussion.
Dusty greens work with dusty browns/tans. It's a nice low-contrast (or palewave) look for summer. Spring, not so much; pastels are more seasonally appropriate then.
Thanks. Tie is Drakes from NMWA.
I certainly thought so, but those pictures will never again see the light of day. Didn't CK go somewhat minimalist in the 90s? I remember their ads being mostly black and white.
I wore Jive, Fuct, thrift store leather jackets, and suede Pumas in the 90s, so I'd be a terrible gauge for how cool Calvin Klein was at that time. Then again, Kate Moss is pretty unassailable.
I didn't get a chance to change ties for the last two jackets, and I've still got 3 more to go...
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