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I like that, AAS.
I have the Fox Flannel POW. One of my favorites. Also have a wool/linen/silk oversized POW suit in a larger scale from PRL, in charcoal/cream. Not subtle, but still very wearable.
I have the hardest time with leather jackets. Too long or too short, too slim or too baggy. Found this vintage one on the Haight & fell in love. Sorry for the workwear vibe, but I am a construction worker, so... Black and white on Insta, here's color. No name vintage jacket JCrew turtleneck Gustin jeans White's Boots
Hopsack's weave has more of a casual vibe. Softer. Most can't hold a crease so it's best for sport coats. Fresco has texture too, but it's crisper. Can maintain a crease well, so can it can be used for suits. Nothing wrong with either, though I really love hopsack sport coats.
Thanks fellas. I learned on here just like many others.
Yay Spring.
A different kind of classic casual.
I like that shirt.
They have several lines that range all over the place. Time was here on the forum you'd see them worn by Sator and others. They pump out garbage for sure, but make phenomenal stuff as well.The only other pair of loafers I have are unlined Alden's LSM. Quite blobby and heavy in comparison to these, but charming in their own way.
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