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Glen plaid flannel suits are your friend - the pants can always be used (in grey or even brown) as odd trousers blue blazers. For any other odd jacket, that's beyond my expertise & I usually go for solid flannel trousers.
If it means men wearing more suits, I guess it's a lesser evil then getting children to drink more soda at Taco Bell.
Mr Six is consistently very, very good.
Thanks guys. Have my eye on a pair but wanted to check sizing before taking the plunge.
Hello gents, I know that the modified last is "different" in the way it handles your foot, but more or less: if I'm a Barrie size 8, would I be a Modified size 8?
I'm just sad I can never have hair like Brad. Although if I really think about it, at my age, it would be sad if I did.
As it turns out, the trip will have to wait till next year, but I'd like to go to Giuseppe Arrigo. Sleevehead (from LL) wrote a book (available online) that documents his Sicily sartorial tour, and out of all of them, I like Arrigo's cut the best.
O hai gaiz As far as burgundy/dark red ties go, I like how they can "warm" up an outfit, and they play well with brown shoes (of which I have...probably too many). Similarly, I find that I if I pull out a brown tie I go for burgundy shoes. It's not always this way, but more often than not. Strangely, I get many comments on brown ties along the lines of "oh, wow, a brown tie. Never seen one of those."
Thank you, Pete and Rob, for showing your boots being used for what they were intended. Newcomer, how would you say the warmth of IM bull's wool sweaters compares to their merino/cashmere?
Herringbone? Worsted?
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