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Thanks. Evan - and everyone involved in the whole Jack/Knife tribe, for that matter - are brilliant, creative people who make great stuff. There's a barleycorn tweed jacket coming out soon with indigo-dyed wood buttons...
Thanks. Tie is more of a gingham like pB mentioned, and it seemed casual enough alongside everything else. I don't think I own any silk wedding ties.As far as the jobsite, I get razzed less than I get asked where I got something. Nothing's out of place, surprisingly enough - everything's just more wrinkled and dirty. The only "casual" thing you don't see are khakis; they are considered too nice.
End of the work day at SF General. Building the new trauma center. Shades of Grey Marine Layer Evan Kinori Gustin Red Wing
I'm in, plus 1. Not sure about dinner yet.
True story: The first time I met Will at at my first SFSFMU, he said cream shirts unilaterally look better than white shirts. Then he looked at me and said, "Except on those naturally more tan than your typical San Francisco Caucasian."
Thanks. What would you wear with it? I'm sure there's a million outer options but I typically keep reaching for chambray or flannels.
Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Had to go back to work today myself. Breaking in a new jacket from Three, a local dude in San Francisco who's part of the Jack/Knife tribe. This one's reversible, of 12 oz Japanese selvedge on one side & heavyweight cavalry twill wool on the other. All single needle stitching & reinforced to death. Looking forward to beating it up.
Goorin Bros Gustin oxford Taylor Stitch tradesman's shirt Gustin jeans Red Wing GTs
I will gladly put your pants through the construction test.
I have 3.25 to 3.5" ties, and rarely think about proper width. Also, I despise tiny knots and err toward the phatniss.I'll take a pic with a 3.25 & 3.5" tie side by side, as soon as I take off my tool belt.Almost forgot - 38 jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: