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There are safari jackets, and then there are safari jackets. By and large I'd say they skew casual, but some can play with ties and loafers whereas others go better with jeans and boots. Eidos makes a field jacket that I'd wear with (and without) a tie; so does the Armoury.
A suede-y spring day. Close-er up.
I wanted to wear linen today, but the weather kinda sucked.
I'll post a pick of the wool/linen/silk suit tomorrow, if it doesn't rain. Maybe Sunday. It's a larger scale than the wool jacket in the linked pic.
I have a PRL wool/silk/linen in a cream/black oversized glen plaid that's about 10 ounces. Nice and slubby, not cheesy at all. Surprisingly tame.
Cotton Dockers, I dig your creativity because you wear stuff I would but in a way I never would. That's said, I'd swap those tassel loafers for a LHS or chunky Heschung.
Strictly speaking, cut = style and should not reflect how casual something appears. Primarily the fabric does. British tailors do country tweed suits with sporty elements such as an action back, hacking/patch pockets, etc but the cut is more or less the same. The eye may see the softer lines of an southern Italian jacket as more casual, and should be considered, but it's not the determining factor.
Good stuff recently, Anden.
I didn't know Bill's Khakis until I saw them at Wingtip and thought I was in Gap Dad.
The tie arrived today @TweedyProf. It actually goes really well with a glen plaid summer suit I have. If it's warm enough this weekend I just may rock it.
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