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Greg, what was the size of the corduroy that was brought to SF? Also, am I the only one who thinks that was a dope suit?
Did anyone end up with the green hopsack Formosa?
Thanks you. Pants are black & tan herringbone tweed from Porter & Harding, part of a three-piece suit from WW Chan.
Watched The House on Telegraph Hill last night. Made in '51 but meant to take place right after WWII. Great examples of 3-piece single breasted suits.
I love black shoes with grey flannel suits and a navy or black knit.
My wallet is thankful I'm not into long sleeve polos.
What makes a fabric old mannish is more the cut than the color. Also, having a saggy body.
Yesterday at Lake Tahoe Evan Kinori / PRL / Gustin / Alden
I would wear all items, just not together. I tend to mix patterns so that there are no redundancies e.g. if the suit is striped, I'll throw in a neat tie and large scale print hank. That said, I think it looks nice. It would probably look great IRL.
New Posts  All Forums: