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@Leaves do you have specific shoes for when the temps drop near the Arctic Circle? Or just thicker socks/insoles?
Looking good, J.
The shoes arrived today. I purchased the brown and the tan, and both are fantastic colors. The shape is sleeker than the Barrie but a little less pointy than the Aberdeen; juuuuuuuust right. Now I have something to pair with my safari jackets and sport coats, flannels and jeans.
Those look nice. I dunno how practical they'd be with dress shoes, though. My feet have been icicles this whole winter
I wear my Polo coat in downtown SF when it's around 45 deg F and I'm outside for any length of time. Theee past month has been perfect polo coat weather for just that. Trouble is, my feet are freezing to the point where I'm seriously considering shearling lined boots, even if only for 10% of the year #firstworldproblems
That looks quite nice. Is it all cotton, or is it a wool/cotton blend?
I prefer a bit more shoulder extension as well. Subsequent commissions should reflect that. This jacket feels like it has the same amount of drape as the fresco, but it could be the difference in weight that affects how it lays (10oz vs 15oz).
So, I got a package yesterday... No square to show the pattern matching.
That looks nice. Is it blue, or grey?
As long as it's not raining... PRL Wrangler Taylor Stitch Alden
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