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Curious, did you get this made up? If so I'd love to see it IRL.
500g is fine 90% of the year in San Francisco. Weather that's good or bad is a personal preference, but I'm glad the weather supports heavier fabrics.
Anyone have an opinion on Opening Ceremony leather jackets? I just picked one up that seemed bulletproof. Was tempted to get a small but it's supposed to be oversized so I went with medium.
Did you get matching trousers for these jackets?
Have your items arrived?
Nice samples, Trini. Is the last one grey and charcoal?
@TRINI what did you order from Yorkshire fabrics? Thinking of picking up a jacket length of the gunclub.
Every now and again, when I think the weather in Coastal California could be better, I remember when I lived in New York, and then shudder.
I'll definitely post something by Saturday...
New Posts  All Forums: