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Navy suit in Minnis Fresco 516 by Vittorio. The first two jackets, the DWW tobacco fresco and Ed wool/linen gunclub, have a wool lining. Edwin from Steed commented that the lining is not unlike the one they use for their jackets. For this and the shetland jacket I asked for a softer lining, so he is here using linen instead.
I haven't seen 516 and 579 side by side, and - I don't want to appear to minimize, but - since it's usually a pretty dark color, navy is navy.
Vittorio sent a pic of the Moonbeam and fresco jackets:
Pippo shot a couple more pics of the gunclub and the navy fresco:
Went to see Tony Bennett. Left amazed. The guy still has it.
I hate knee rips so much. SO. MUCH. Especially on new jeans.
Work in progress from Pippo:
Really depends on the jacket; horsehide can be treated a variety of ways before it hits the shelf. My gut tells me to apply oil/conditioner only when needed and let time/riding in it do most of the work. If you got the jacket from Self Edge you can always reach out to Kiya on Twitter. He's pretty responsive and a wealth of knowledge.
It'll stretch a tiny bit in the upper back and elbows when worn riding a couple times in the rain. Nothing visibly noticeable, but you can definitely feel the difference.
Horsehide doesn't stretch much compared to steerhide, but it'll form to you if your wear it in the rain. I like the look of beat up leather; your jacket should age beautifully.
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