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While not tight, it does feel very close to the back. I still have plenty of mobility. I was very aware of it at first, but by the end of the day I had forgotten about it. Next time I'll ask for slight shoulder extension and a touch more room in the upper back. The more I wear it, the more I prefer the drape of Arrigo's jackets. I asked Palmisciano if he knew about drape (drappeggio, piega, etc) and he replied that if I'd like more room in the chest he'd be happy to do so....
End of the day. Closeup. Robopose in the East Sicily Tailors thread.
Picture is out of focus, sleeves are wonky, and it was the end of an entire day being in this suit. Oh well; here it is anyway, for posterity.
Have to agree with Gus; because of my complexion I avoid colors that are too close to the wheat, close to my face.
This is the construction side of me thinking aloud, but menswear items that originated from workwear, military, or sport are tan because it appears less dirty. This is why most dudes, regardless of complexion, wear tan clothing on the jobsite. The exception are plumbers/mechanics, who tend to wear black or dark brown. No idea why
Thin wale seems too close to velvet for me. Those pink pants are horrendous. There's gotta be a classic middle ground.
I like teh wide wale
Brown is classic, but I think I might choose olive because it's one of the only suit fabrics that looks OK in that color, at least to my eye.
Awesome, thanks guys. IIRC @GusW went with cord with a bit of stretch since the cotton/cashmere blends were pricey. I could be misremembering, though.
Speaking of corduroy: who are some decent makers? Would really dig a cord suit but have no idea where to source the stuff.
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