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Strictly speaking, cut = style and should not reflect how casual something appears. Primarily the fabric does. British tailors do country tweed suits with sporty elements such as an action back, hacking/patch pockets, etc but the cut is more or less the same. The eye may see the softer lines of an southern Italian jacket as more casual, and should be considered, but it's not the determining factor.
Good stuff recently, Anden.
I didn't know Bill's Khakis until I saw them at Wingtip and thought I was in Gap Dad.
The tie arrived today @TweedyProf. It actually goes really well with a glen plaid summer suit I have. If it's warm enough this weekend I just may rock it.
Thanks. Other than it's a Loro Piana lambswool, I have no clue. A bit scratcher than flannel but not by much.
Flannel and suede for spring.
I like that, AAS.
I have the Fox Flannel POW. One of my favorites. Also have a wool/linen/silk oversized POW suit in a larger scale from PRL, in charcoal/cream. Not subtle, but still very wearable.
I have the hardest time with leather jackets. Too long or too short, too slim or too baggy. Found this vintage one on the Haight & fell in love. Sorry for the workwear vibe, but I am a construction worker, so... Black and white on Insta, here's color. No name vintage jacket JCrew turtleneck Gustin jeans White's Boots
New Posts  All Forums: