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Unable to make it tonight guys. Let's do a post-SF SF meetup in another week or so.
I have a navy SB topcoat with peaked lapels, usually leave it open, but the quarters stay where they are just fine. It is rather heavy fabric, tho.
I have a 250cc scooter that's my daily commuter. Granted, I live and work in the city, so I don't have to worry too much about highway driving. But the times that I have gone over the Bay and Golden Gate bridges were pretty harrowing. I have a thick 60's Schott bomber that makes me feel safe but would probably rip to shreds if I ever fell.
Nice submissions, @EliodA I like the second one particularly - the patterns, scales, and colors are different, but not too crazy. Harmonious. Nice.
Not all is perfect; these are just to give an idea of pattern mixing. Large scale / small scale, etc.
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