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Work clothes. Jack/Knife Outfitters (RIP) shirt & jacket Gustin super heavy slub
Thanks @gnatty8
Have to say, pretty stoked to see the rerun of the Fox oatmeal flannel. Thanks for putting it together @gdl203 and @unbelragazzo. It's a heavenly beast of a fabric.
Take notes, n00bz - balance bright with bling.
San Francisco union electrician, in new construction (commercial buildings) and tenant improvement (existing buildings). My last job was a buildout for Google (one of three recently acquired buildings), currently finishing a floor in the Transamerica Pyramid for a different company. Lots of new construction (from the ground up) in San Francisco, which is what most people think of when they hear "construction worker". It's dirtier and you're exposed to the elements, but it...
I'm a construction worker who sometimes wears coat and tie. Where do I start my sartorial journey?
This news makes me very happy.
Nice square, Murl.
That's fantastic.
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