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Can we just agree that charcoal pants are fine unless there's a better option (which there usually - but not always - is)?
I actually never had charcoal pents till I bought a charcoal flannel suit. I have a sport coat via Ed that's a similar GTFH black & white that look great with charcoal pents & a black knit tie.
This has merit.
Agree with you there
I have at least one sport coat where charcoal trousers are clearly the better choice. In that instance, mid or light would therefore be "inappropriate". I don't see how decreased versatility = inappropriateness.
I'll concede that mid greys are more versatile, but charcoal flannel trou looking inappropriate?
As it happens, I'll be seeing Kent Wang tomorrow to pick up some knit ties
Here's a close up for reference;
Thanks Stitchy - jacket is hopsack with 3 patch pockets, shirt is tattersall, pents are cotton. Tie is grenadine - maybe a knit would be better?
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