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I know. Can't wait to get them. At least it'll be the season, unlike the flannel. Although flannel can be worn year round in San Francisco.
Got a couple pics from Palmisciano, he'll ship these out in the next day or so:
Any experience with Minnis fresco 577? It's an interesting midweight wool/mohair. The picture on their website aren't really that compelling, though. The 549 mixture sand looks nice and mottled.
Stopped by Tailors Keep this afternoon after work, and I have to say, they pretty much nailed my pattern. Here's some quick & dirty iPhone shots: Forgot to take a pick of the inside cuff to see the stitching but when I pick them up next week (along with the AFB fresco trousers) I'll snap a pic of it. Tobacco jacket should arrive in 2-3 weeks from Palmisciano.
I'm going to Tailors Keep this afternoon for the first fitting of the tobacco fresco; I'll post pics from that. Later on I'll grab the fox flannel pents and take a photo of the hem.
Ah, well there you have it.
Link not working? Try this: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5PRQ3Y3 The survey is to provide Arrigo with stats, so Sleevehead can show him "X amount of people are willing to pay X amount for a suit/jacket".
Those pics are great.
Different bolt, but no difference in shade.
Palmisciano is finishing the sleeves on the gunclub and just sent me this photo with the question "two buttons or three?" I've already decided two, because why not. It's sportivo.
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