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When I feel like a bum i wear a cardigan over a t-shirt and jeans, and white Common Projects. If Im going somewhere that requires wallet and keys then I'll grab a field/moto/safari jacket. I think I have about five of them, and am always interested in more. Love the pockets. And they can run all across the casual spectrum. I recently picked up a pair of PRL charcoal wool cargo pants that looked better than I expected. They go great with pretty much everything.
I still don't understand exactly what gemming is.
This makes me happy
Doesn't everyone? No hate. BTW who do you use? Because I like the pics of yourself you've posted in the past year or so.
When in turtleneck, I forgo the pocket square. Otherwise, MOAR TURDLNEX PLEEZ
The trouble with having discussion is twofold: having people that are available to discuss, and having people that are sane enough to discuss.
I think @emptym can comment on the differences between Fresco & Finmeresco...
I can picture a barathea blazer with gold buttons. That'd look very smart. Is that what you were thinking of, @bourbonbasted ? Hopsack would look a touch more casual, but the wrinkle-shedding frequent-flyer workhorse award would go to 10oz fresco.
Twill is the blazer standard, and berathea is similar buuuuuuuuut It wouldn't be my first choice. Hopsack for Cali summer blazers and heavy twill for our 40 degree winters
Technically last night at the SF Ballet. I need to find more opportunities for black tie.
New Posts  All Forums: