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Dylan & Son is based in Singapore, and based on their Instagram they seem to look quite nice.
Could have been Ed. It's not without reason I haven't worn any square with his checked sport coats - they do plenty of talking by themselves. Not saying there isn't a square out there that won't go, but it'd sure be tough to find.
I feel the same about checked jackets, and have found that silk madder paisley squares in muted colors work well. However, if I can't find one that does work, I go without. I believe it was foo who once said that no outfit was ever ruined for lack of a pocket square, and I agree.
It was sunny & crisp this morning.
Embrace the S collar. Borrelli shirts have the best.
Is it 8 in UK or US size?
That particular jacket is from Volpe, but NSM does come to SF at least once a year. I'll be traveling to Sicily in the spring - going to try out a tailor in Messina.
I actually may go to Seoul in 2015. If so I'll have to get a suit...or two.
Euros or dollars? At dollars, that's a steal. Have you gotten a suit from them yet?
Guys... Classic mens' clothing in the form of a suit has been virtually unchanged for well nigh 100 years, thanks to the elimination of the morning coat / stroller / etc . All other iterations of classic mens' clothing for the past 100 years have been from outside the formal setting, e.g. military, workman, bohemian, artist, sportsman, huntsman (let's not exclude fair isle sweaters) etc. If you are speaking within the confines of coat and tie, then yes, there are...
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