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That would make a great suit.
"Visually taxing on the eye" would be a great how-to.
The jobsite's on the corner of 10th & Mission, across from Cumaica.
Excuse the expression(less)ness. Goorin Schott Gap Gustin Red Wing
Pete, Murl, nice sweaters.
Boo. Elitist.
I actually had to, once, on a flight from SF to NY, because my carry-on was stuffed to the max. Faded jeans, beat-up loafers, linen-silk sport coat, blue OCBD, and brown knit tie. My wife liked it, so
I'd rather not do a tie with jeans, but if I had to, it'd be a knit. But then, why?
Vintage Liberty of London.
You may be right, which means I need to buy more squares, which is always good.
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