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I have the same tie as @sugarbutch and can confirm: anything Ed touches is pretty much
I'll be there, along with my lovely dame. Question: will they have jackets to try on? Fabrics as well?
That looks great, Arno. I love the way silk/linen/wool blends feel so lightweight. Is that the case with your jacket?
The Italian in me thinks this is hilarious.
Pretty much everything @tchoy posts is better than 99% of everything else here. You guys are crazy.
I like the square.
Are we really discussing whether or not white shirts are in good taste? I'm with the Doc - they are always in good taste. Are there better options, depending on the rest of the "fit"? Possibly. But the white shirt will always be in good taste. Period. Even though I prefer cream.
Hai gaiz.
Is the length from the bottom of the collar?
Tie is terrible. Shiny, and not at all congruent with the suit - it contrasts too much both in color & fabric. A more muted, matte tie would have been better.
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