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I give you a pass since you can't grow a beard.
Technically yesterday: [[SPOILER]]
Andreas Gorgas in the city will do slanted cuffs if you request it.
As much as it makes me sigh when I see Twitter hordes go to lunch in lumberjack costumes, I've come to accept that they are so embedded in the American lifestyle that it's useless to fight against the overwhelming tide of carefully trimmed beards and severely parted hair. Doesn't mean it can't be made fun of, though.
Wait, what? Dark selvedge denim, t shirts, and chore coats are pretty much what laborers have worn every day for 100 years. They will never be "in" or "out".
I have a 9oz wool/silk/linen blend sport coat from Mina and it's lovely. I'd get that cloth again in a heartbeat. Doesn't drape like a heavier cloth, but wears like a feather.
Well, I guess all that money saved by moving out of SF will be better spent.
I see wrinkles. Your suit is invalid.
All right, since this is a Saturday, I can definitely make it. +1
The nice thing about this forum, books, etc. is that you can quickly learn the basics, i.e. jacket length, sleeve length, and so on. All these guidelines together are all you need to look OK, even great - to the point that if there is one thing ever so slightly off, such as a tie with an off-center dimple (gasp!) or a misbehaving pocket square that has fallen too low or creeped up too high (shameful!), they are overlooked. I understand the point of this thread, and I...
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