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I would wear all items, just not together. I tend to mix patterns so that there are no redundancies e.g. if the suit is striped, I'll throw in a neat tie and large scale print hank. That said, I think it looks nice. It would probably look great IRL.
I could see that with balmoral boots. I've always wanted a pair in black.
I don't know why, but I shy away from boots in general, unless the outfit is decidedly country. For example, I could see myself wearing those boots with the same tweed suit I wore the other day, but nothing else in my wardrobe. Now that I think about it, my reasoning could be because I work in construction.
I confess I picked up the suit from @Parker, so perhaps he can drop in & share his thought process. Were it my commission I'd probably ask for the same treatment; I've worn this jacket with jeans & a turtleneck many times.
I've worn these museum calf Vass with cooler weather outfits, possibly because they are galosh brogues. I like the subtlety of this pair, but others I've seen are quite gaudy. To those of you who have museum calf: how do you wear them? Theorists can posit too
Thanks Newc. Suit is made by WW Chan.
Days of tweed have arrived.
Looks great.
Looks good to me.
It's been awhile. Sundays give me a bit of free time so here's my favorites from the past month or so. Can't provide commentary for now but questions are welcome.
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